Human Body : Pushing The Limits [3-4] 720p dual

Episode 3 ? Sensation
Less than one-twentieth of an inch below the surface of the skin are the ?antennae? that allow us to sense the world around us. This vital layer is the gateway to the original information superhighway ? the nervous system. Millions of nerves carry sensations across the body and up to the brain at hundreds of miles an hour. But our nervous system also has abilities almost beyond imagining. Here is the story of the human body?s crucial communications network as never seen before.,flo5c2tdp8jlfc3,7btcu9sd4cdain1,440phr29m9h717q,72d203q3934g0zu,s03vmp3ex4b6anv

Episode 4 ? BrainPower
The driving force behind every one of us is the most powerful organ in the natural world: the human brain. Our central processing unit generates as many electrical impulses in a single day as all the telephones in the world combined. With new state-of-the-art imagery of this complex, mysterious machine, we reveal how our brain accelerates when faced with intense stress or danger, and taps into its deepest layers to unlock prehistoric survival instincts.

parte 4 : el poder del cerebro
Human Body : Pushing The Limits [3-4] 720p dual

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]Human Body : Pushing The Limits [3-4] 720p dual
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