Soldier Of Fortune 2 Doble Helix+patch+blood

Soldier Of Fortune 2 Doble Helix+Shooter Clàsico

.:. Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (C) ActiVision .:.

                 includind da BLOOD PATCH !!!


logo-Animations,Music,Speech (there are subtitles),and some textures


Reprise the role of John Mullins: Weapons Specialist,
Anti-Terrorist Mercenary, and "Military Consultant."
A new and insidious threat has arisenin the form of a
bio-terrorist organization and their two-pronged Gemini
Virus. Now, you're off on a transcontinental mission to
stop the terrorists and destroy the virus before it's
unleashed on humanity.

Full frontal assaults, stealth and subterfuge are your
tactics. Sub-machine guns, assault rifles and grenades
are your tools. The world is on the brink of disaster.
Get ready for one of the most realistic military shooter
gameplay experiences ever.

Game Features

   - 10 Single Player Missions Spanning 70 Levels
   - Random Scenario Generator
   - DM, Team DM, CTF, Infiltration and
     Elimination Multiplayer modes, featuring the RMG
     Random Map Generation technology
   - Quake III: Team Arena Engine Enhanced With:
     - GHOUL 2 Rendering System
     - TORR Terrain System
     - LICH AI System
     - ICARUS2 Scripting System
     - Dynamic Sound and Music System
   - 14 Real-World Weapons and 10 Grenades
     - Multiple Fire Modes Per Weapon
     - Location/Region Specific Weaponry
     - Weapons Carry Authentic Military Designations
   - Real-World Locations/Environments Including:
     - Colombia
     - Kamchatka
     - Hong Kong
     - Prague
   - Extremely Detailed Characters and Weapons:
     - Motion-Captured Character Animations
     - 3000 Polygon Enemy Models
     - 1500 Polygon Weapon Models
     - Photo-Realistic Textures and Skins
     - Professional Voice Acting
   - Environmental Effects: Snow, Rain, Fog
   - Parental Lockout and Violence Level Controls
   - Real-World, Cinematic Quality Action Story  

Minimum Requirements: Win9X/2K/XP    


1) UnRaR Archive and Launch "Toed.exe"

2) After Installation has been finnished Install Bloodpatch or
   Start Game.(Install takes time and needs about 1.5gb free)

3a) Double Click "SoF2.exe" for SINGLE PLAYER MODE

3b) Double Click "SoF2MP.exe" for MULTI PLAYER MODE

Special Note:

This is one of many many Releases Uploaded a few moons ago to
"" they all got DELETED, because , i had a  few
descent discussions with certain "PAY MEMBERS". about complainings.

once again the lame Site staff showed us (dope+me) their lameness!
whatta crock of shit...

Greets to Dopeman! and to all who appreciate the shit i do lately!


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8 Comentarios Soldier Of Fortune 2 Doble Helix+patch+blood
copy paste fail
Por lo que dice ah?
se ve interesante
No le ripearon una ***** espt?
Ahi esta tambien el parche oficial corrige todos los bugs y demas.. para el contenido bloqueado de Sangre y violencia extrema, lo  deben desbloquear sin codigo ni nada.
Una vez instalada la actualizacion copien nuevamente y peguen el crack que viene con la descompresion original.
Muy bueno che!!! alto recuerdo, asi que, bajandooooooooooo!!  
lo baje. lo probe..... lo borre .. pero anda bien ..  
probado  en win 7 .. por si sirve la info
suerte .. gracias por el aporte.
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