Helcaraxe - Red Dragon (2012) [Death Metal]

Genre: Death Metal
Origin:  USA
Lyrics: Norse Themes, Tolkien, Anti-Religion
Year Of Creation: 2003
Bill Henderson Guitars (2003-present) See also: Open Grave, ex-Aborted Jesus, ex-Humanicide, ex-Minas Tirith
 Jesse Traynor Vocals (2003-present) See also: Open Grave, ex-Aborted Jesus, ex-Humanicide, ex-Oak Coffin, ex-Minas Tirith, ex-Krieg (live)
 Pat Henry Bass (2007-present) See also: BigRig, Swashbuckle, ex-Ash & Elm, ex-Lack There Of, ex-Ex Dementia (live)
 Jon Tarella Guitars (2008-present) See also: Open Grave Mike Donatelli Drums (2009-present) See also: ex-Aborted Jesus
01. The Thief 02:37
02. Circle of Firelight 03:29
03. Orcrist 03:33
04. A Fortune in Riddles 01:37  instrumental
05. Into the Fire and the Sky 04:47
06.   Skin Changer   03:09
07. The Old Forest Road 03:51
08. Dungeons 06:09
09. Red Dragon 08:35
10. The Arkenstone 04:54
11. Oakenshield Lament 01:38  instrumental  
Total Time: 44:19
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