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Maxim DL 5 + Crack

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El Maxim DL es un completo programa para el manejo de c?maras CCD y c?maras digitales. Este programa contiene pr?cticamente todas las herramientas y utilidades que nos pueden ser de gran ayuda para la realizaci?n de im?genes astron?micas, tanto para uso cient?fico como art?stico.
Algunas caracter?sticas son procesamiento de AVI, gesti?n de memoria para las im?genes ampliadas, r?flex digital opcional y soporte para archivos crudos. Popular caracter?sticas incluyen el procesamiento de im?genes por lotes, flor de eliminaci?n, los grupos de calibraci?n, la plena imagen de vista previa, gu?a gr?fica de los troncos, las alarmas, Lucy Richardson-deconvoluci?n, y mucho, mucho m?s.
Otras caracter?sticas:
? Completa integraci?n observatorio - el control de su c?mara CCD, rueda de filtros, autoguider, telescopio, focuser, y la c?pula. Incluye auto-centro, auto-foco, y enlace a programa de planetario.
? Apoya tu equipo - trabaja con el equipo m?s modelos que cualquier otro paquete.
? Completa de herramientas de tratamiento de imagen - de decenas de filtros y opciones de procesamiento, la plena imagen de vista previa, filtro de nivel de brillo.
? Imagen herramientas de an?lisis - incluye el an?lisis fotom?trico, astrom?tricas reducci?n, supernova caza de la partida / zona de perfil, las estad?sticas, y mucho m?s. S.O. 98/2000/xp/vista 32

Lo nuevo de la versi?n 5

Imaging Features
Complete integration of all your observatory hardware in a single package. 
Supports your equipment - compatible with more equipment than any competing package. Supports ASCOM equipment plus a huge variety of cameras and filter wheels.
Improved camera controls for faster and smoother operation. 
Instant presets for quicking changing between find, focus, LRGB sequence, etc. 
Save and load all program settings - instantly reconfigure for different hardware setups. 
Built-in mini-planetarium provides full "situational awareness" with advanced features such as instant image overlays, FOV indicator with rotator control, extensive catalog search capabilities, and much more.
Advanced imaging techniques such as dither, automatic per-filter focus offsets, AO control, graphical track logs, audible alarms.
Highly flexible sequence capability, auto-LRGB, auto-mosaic, auto-dither. 
Autoguider support operates built-in and separate autoguiders. Mix and match hardware from different vendors. 
AO support. 
TDI (drift scanning) support. 
Full ASCOM compatibility. 
Compatible with ACP

This screenshot shows a typical arrangement of windows during an imaging session. Upper right are the observatory controls, including the mini-planetarium. Lower right are the CCD camera controls and center left is the current CCD image that has just been acquired. Click on the screenshot for a more detailed view.

New Processing Features
New image file thumbnails and both XP and Vista style open/save dialog boxes 
Load and save complete program configures 
Processing log window 
Star profile graph 
New Stack command 
Automatically or manually generate multiple stack groups, including complete LRGB groups 
Automatically grade all images for quality, and only include images meeting your criteria 
View grading information for individual images, with manual override 
Export image grading information 
Pre-measure alignment for all images prior to stacking 
Calibrate on-the-fly during stacking; saves time and disk space - New Drizzle capability 
Automatically perform LRGB stack after combine 
All images in LRGB set are aligned to single reference image 
Load up hundreds or thousands of images with multiple different targets, click Go, and MaxIm DL will automatically assemble all of your LRGB sets ready for final processing
Wavelet filters for image enhancement 
Easier to use Color Convert (debayer), with presets for many popular camera models 
Remove Background Color 

North American Nebula
This image of NGC 7000, the North American Nebula, was taken by Douglas George from his observatory near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

New Program Levels
MaxIm DL Basic: webcams, DSI-style cameras, image processing 
MaxIm DSLR: Basic plus DSLR support, focuser control, telescope control, astrometry, enhanced image processing 
MaxIm DL Pro: all features including DSLR and CCD control, mini planetarium, AO, filter wheels, rotator, dome, photometry 
MaxIm DL Pro Suite: Pro with MaxPoint telescope mount modelling and pointing refinement 
MaxIm DL IP: all image processing and analysis features, no equipment control, reads DSLR Raw frames 

Eta Carinae
By Australian astrophotographer Luke Dodd... "Despite being new to CCD photography, I am very impressed with the ease of stacking and colour manipulation of images with your program. My first ever tricolor photo, a shot of Eta Carinae, was taken with the ST11000 through a 5" refractor. Considering I spent no time learning to use the program, I cannot believe how quickly I combined the RGB images to produce such a nice image, all because your program is so intuitive!"

New Equipment Control Features
Built-in Rotator control 
Built-in Dome control with slaving, shutter operation 
Support for second focuser and filter wheel for autoguider 
Built-in mini planetarium with All Sky view and Zoom view 
Instantly overlay camera images 
Search extensive catalog database by multiple criteria 
FOV indicator with Rotator control via mouse 
Resizable display 
See all equipment status at a glance 
Autocenter now accepts PinPoint calibration 
Automatic pier flip tracking 
Autofocus V-curve display 
Improved camera setup 
Larger camera control window with most camera settings in one view 
Camera control presets let you quickly change between your favorite settings for find, focus, center, and acquisition sequences 
Instantly swap cameras 
Improved focus information displays with trend graphs 
User-configurable camera, guider, and focus status displays 
Virtual keyboard for number entry in the dark

Galaxy M31
This image of Messier 31, the Andromeda Galaxy, was taken by Douglas George from his observatory near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Processing Features
Intelligent Calibration (tm) automatically selects the best bias, dark, and flat-field frames for each individual image. 
Powerful new image stacking tool automatically identifies and groups image by target object and filter, automatically rejects poor quality images, and includes multiple automatic and manual alignment modes. Automatically stack and LRGB combine multiple images at once!
Includes a host of image enhancement filters including: 
Kernel Filters including sharpen, smooth, Guassian blur, median, dilation, erosion, custom. 
FFT filters 
Unsharp Mask 
Wavelet filters 
Digital Development Processing 
Rank filter 
Local Adaptive filter 
Rotational Gradient filter 
Deconvolution filters 
Background and Gradient Removal 
Easy-to-use Batch processing and advanced scripting capability. 
Color tools include stacking, balance, saturation adjustment, pseudo color, color filter, remove background, realign planes. 
Complete photometry and astrometry capabilties. 
Other functions include: 
Remove Bad Pixels 
Add Noise 
Remove Bloom 
Remove Pedestal 
Histogram Specification 
Pixel Math 
Clone, Edit, and Annotation tools 
Preserves the dynamic range of your image with high bit depth processing for both monochrome and color images. 


This screenshot shows the stacking window which provides access to a wide variety of processing features.

?C?mo Hacer?

Lo bajan, lo descomprimen, instalan el software (MaxImDL500.exe). Luego, copian el ejecutable (MaxIm_DL.exe) al directorio donde lo instalaron.

Ejecutan el programa. Les va a tirar un error que el soft expir?. Le dan OK, y va a aparecer la ventana de registro. Ponen todos sus datos si quieren. En la fecha de expire le ponen 2012 - 12 - 30, y como serial le mandan "HAX0R".

Lo prob? y funciona de maravilla.


Link de descarga MediaFire: (32 MB)

Ac? pueden ver el manual (est? en Ingl?s)


Learn how to view and save images in MaxIm DL. Includes important information on CCD image bit depth, and how this affects the screen display and file formats.

Learn the basics of autoguiding with MaxIm DL. Includes focusing, calibrating, guiding, and graphical track logs.

Learn how fast and convenient it is to perform image calibration with MaxIm DL.
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