Disponible Thunderbird 16

Ya se encuentra disponible la versión 16 de este gestor de correo mail de Mozilla.

Novedades en Thunderbird 16

Cambios más importantes realizados en la versión 16 de Thunderbird.

El proveedor Box Storage añadido a Filelink

La funcionalidad Thunderbird Filelink (que te permite subir archivos adjuntos de gran tamaño a un proveedor de servicios de almacenamiento en línea) ahora funciona con el proveedor de servicios de almacenamiento Box. Puedes ver el artículo FileLink para obtener más información sobre como enviar archivos adjuntos de gran tamaño vía Box.

Bug ID Sumario de Bugs Reparados

Bug Fixes

778246 issueCommandOnMsgs causes syntax error when server response is FETCH
681735 Account central is too tall to fit into a small window (600px high) because of too large fixed space?
795707 Selecting multiple PGP/MIME encrypted messages crashes Thunderbird
758803 Enhance wording of compacting option
762901 Remove references to chrome://mozapps/content/preferences/preferences.css
243480 previous/next buttons should be up/down instead of left/right
762393 merge junkLog.* files in /mailnews and /mail
770330 Allow import module to compile with external linkage
790234 [10.6] crash in libunwind::UnwindCursor
740639 Outlook import module should be rewritten with nsIWindowsRegKey
761889 Update mail.cloud_files.learn_more_url pref
748066 The attachment part of the preferences pane is very tall
270373 Thunderbird needs smooth scrolling
763143 Exception: Missing option: -o expandlibs_gen.py nsAutoComplete.o > libxpautocomplete.a.desc
763437 Do you want to send messages now [no] [yes] uses no and yes
727598 Create icons for new Next and Previous message buttons created in bug 235666
769588 Port bug 722872 - call the Init method after creating nsITransferable
719413 Paste Disabled After Copy from a Source That Is Not a Thunderbird Compose Window (context menu probl?
758326 Port bug 481815 - Provide a Windows service to update applications without asking Administrator pass?
784797 Excessive left margin in conversation pane
718139 From tags dropdown, no easy way to edit/rename/change tag caption or delete tag from list of tags (i?
768317 Don't try to save a reference to the internal buffer of NS_ConvertUTF16toUTF8 in DirPrefObserver
760126 Reduce amount of preprocessing of content files - don't pre-process out license headers
764469 Make c-c build system compatible with OS X 10.8
124486 Enable Outlook Express importing when OE is not in default location or not installed (select files/f?
783947 gloda should listen for folderAdded events and folder flag changes to avoid erroneously filthy folde?
740946 Port Firefox's profiler to Thunderbird
782947 Add referral codes to Box Filelink component
770133 duplicated DOM IDs dummycontenttoolbox and dummycontenttoolbar in specialTabs.xul
180312 nsMsgFilterList::nsMsgFilterList() should not call NS_NewISupportsArray in constructor
767323 Ampersands don't appear in the windows biff icon tooltip
751965 Remove leftover 'mailnews/mime/cthandlers/calendar/Makefile' reference
761518 Should clean up dummyMsgWindow in xpcshell tests
761443 "End User Rights" Should Be "End-User Rights"
740453 Thunderbird downloads the entire message for each part in a multipart message
670566 Spotlight on Mac not finding ANY messages
742503 in Junk Settings, disable addressbook white list if adaptive junk mail control is not activated
413544 add null-arg checks in nsMsgMailSession.cpp, nsMimeBaseEmitter.cpp, nsMsgCompose.cpp and nsMsgAccoun?
761961 Typing 8 when a message is selected produces an error in the console
686959 improve multiple selection colors on windows theme; fix focused vs. unfocused selection colors
770416 memory leak on some IMAP operations
766577 fix "octal literals and octal escape sequences are deprecated" in c-c
772072 Add warning to Filelink about URL guessing
783479 Bug 560793 causes crash in nsNNTPProtocol::ProcessProtocolState
752768 Ubuntu startup crash in nsMsgMailSession::OnItemAdded (sig: NS_ReadLine)
758914 client.py always pulls from http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/
758915 convert mailnews/base/content/*.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
753000 Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) unit test builders have inconsistent display resolution to other windows bui?
771207 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_temporaryFilesRemoved.js | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | xpcs?
780425 Add Aero theming to attachment lists
762508 Remove defunct abCardViewOverlay.dtd file
145293 Import in text format (txt,csv,tab): Should support non-ascii display names and email addresses
764306 When trying to scroll some folders or switch some folders the application beachballs
761747 Thunderbird builds are broken due to nsIDOMHTMLElement update
793749 Add support for the PLAINTEXT signature method to oauth.jsm
764312 Filelink UbuntuOne: cannot upload file with filenames containing '(' or ')'
793455 DB cache is closing databases too frequently
790554 feed-parser.js raises an error with buggy RSS feeds; Error: linkElements is null
768928 PGP/MIME proxy implementation for mimelib
323747 Clarify font prefs - Outgoing Mail as UTF-8 (Unicode) results in strange font behaviour (rename "Oth?
710056 Earlybird doesn't remember columns change in the message list after restart (only after restart of T?
766380 test_imapHdrChunking.js should use nsIFolderListener instead of nsIMsgFolderListener and nsIStreamLi?
767150 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-cloudfile-attachment-item.js | test-cloudfile-attachme?
738991 convert msgHdrViewOverlay.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
751544 Random orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_imapPump.js | PROCESS-CRASH (Using observer service off t?
783267 Box.com auth window spinner is misaligned
761790 make import not depend on nsIDOMNode and nsIDOMHTMLImageElement for importing messages with images.
745919 TB 11.0.forwarding plain-text (non-MIME) emails creates empty "Attached Message Part" even when forw?
758979 convert mailnews/base/src/*.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
703175 nsImportTextAddress::DetermineDelim seems wrong
757448 Make Thunderbird update in the background
774090 Implement Bug 686959 on IM
766412 mailTestUtils.js has two firstMsgHdr().
771277 Fix XPCShell password authentication tests so that they don't pass around fake docShells
758478 TestMailCookie is linked with C compiler instead of C++ compiler
485839 Refactoring need into nsMsgAccountManager::getUniqueAccountKey to avoid that newly created account t?
671440 Cannot inline ANY image in ANY way (since nsmail-N.tmp files pile up until nsmail-9999.tmp)
763857 Stop printing chat debug messages by default on debug builds
767327 Add box.com to file link services
786595 Deleted template displays incorrect message body once deleted
759758 Thunderbird sometimes switches back to inbox tab after opening the Account Provisioner tab
695255 Replace uses of NS_ARRAY_LENGTH with mozilla::ArrayLength and mozilla::ArrayEnd in MailNews
763866 JavaScript strict warning: reference to undefined property this._displayedLog
92111 IMAP: Attachments not fully downloaded (due to incorrect/smaller RFC822.SIZE by MS Exchange, gmail, ?
731877 Import module of Outlook Express should be rewritten with nsIWindowsRegKey
772070 Increase Filelink offer threshold to 5MB
764113 Port Bug 736689 - Disable tearing on OS X to TB
738792 fix strict Javascript warnings in Thunderbird addressbook (found in Error console)
741865 Disable Test Pilot Logging by default
762631 Enhance support for feed enclosures

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