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Biografia: (no encontre biografia en español, asi que los que no sepan me perdonaran)

Arthemesia is a Finnish symphonic black metal band formed in 1994.The band derives their name from Artemisia absinthium, Latin forwormwood, thought to have many spiritual qualities. Their music mainlyconcerns a projection of the band's philosophy, namely glorification ofthe occult and Satanism, but also nature and Shamanism.

The band was formed in 1994, originally under the name CelestialAgony, by vocalist Valtias Mustatuuli and guitarist Routa, but did notrecord their first demo until 1998, by which time the band includedJari "Arbaal" Mäenpää (guitar), Jukka-Pekka Miettinen (bass), andOliver Fokin (drums). The band's first album, Devs Iratvs was compiledfrom several demos they had recorded prior to its release in 2001. Afirst proper studio album, ShamaNatahs, was released in 2004. Mäenpäaleft to form a new band named Wintersun.

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1. Devs Iratvs 2001

Track List:
1. Blade Circle
2. Universal Black
3. The Breeze of Grief
4. Draconis Infernvs
5. Ancestor of Magick
6. Lifemocker
7. Heaven Ablaze
8. Celebration of the Heaven Lost
9. Whore of the Satan's Night

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?wyniidibrnd

2. a.O.a 2009

Track List:
1. Of The Owls, Of The Wolves And Of The Nature
2. Valkoinen Susi
3. Patheme
4. a.O.a.
5. The Noble Elements
6. Liber Omega

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jmmxezzd0zw

espero que disfruten de esta gran banda
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