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Third Day Discografia Completa (4s)

  • Categoría: Reciclaje
  • Publicado hace más de 5 años

Hola Amigos Les Dejo La Discografia De Esta Excelenta Banda De Rock Cristiano (EE.UU) Llamada Third Day (Tercer Dia). Espero Que Les Guste. 

Third Day-Third Day-1996

01.Nothing At All
04.Love Song
07.Consuming Fire
08.Did You Mean It
09.Holy Spirit
10.Livin' For Jesus
11.Take My Life
12.Praise Song

Third Day-Alien (Single)-1997


2.You Are Not Alone
3.Nothing At All (rock remix)

Third Day-Conspiracy No. 5-1997

02.You Make Me Mad 
03.How's Your Head 
05.I Deserve? 
06.Have Mercy 
07.My Hope is You 
08.More to This 
09.This Song was Meant for You 
10.Who I Am 
11.Give Me a Reason 
12.Gomer's Theme 
13.Your Love Endures 

Third Day-Time-1999

01.I've Always Loved You 
03.Took My Place 
04.Never Bow Down 
05.Your Love, Oh Lord 
06.Don't Say Goodbye 
07.What Good 
08.Can't Take the Pain 
09.Sky Falls Down 

Third Day-Offerings-A Worship Album-2000

01.King of Glory 
02.These Thousand Hills 
03.Your Love Oh Lord (live) 
04.Agnus Dei/Worthy (live) 
06.My Hope is In You (live) 
07.You're Everywhere 
08.Thief (live) 
09.Consuming Fire (live) 
10.All the Heavens 
11.Love Song (live) 

Third Day--Come Together-2001

01.Come Together 
02.40 Days 
03.Show Me Your Glory 
04.Get On 
05.My Heart 
06.It's Alright 
07.Still Listening 
08.I Got You 
09.I Don't Know 
10.When the Rain Comes 
11.Sing Praises 
12.Nothing Compares 

Third Day-The Offerings Experience-Live-2001

01.Took My Place
02.Sky Falls Down
03.I've Always Loved You
04.I Remember You
05.You're Everyhere
06.King of Glory
08.Your Love Oh Lord
09.Consuming Fire
10.My Hope Is You
11.Agnus Dei

Third Day-Offerings II-All I Have To Give-2003

01.Sing A Song 
02.You Are So Good To Me
05.Show Me Your Glory 
06.Nothing Compares 
08.May Your Wonders Never Cease
09.God of Wonders 
10.The Everlasting*
11.MEDLEY: Give/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/With Or Without You/Your Love Oh Lord 
12.Take My Life 

Third Day-Live Wire-2004

01.Til The Day I Die 
02.Come On Back To Me 
05.I Believe 
06.It's A Shame 
08.I Got A Feeling 
09.You Are Mine 
11.Billy Brown 
12.San Angelo 
13.I Will Hold My Head High 

Third Day-Wire-2004

01.Til The Day I Die 
02.Come On Back To Me 
05.I Believe 
06.It's A Shame 
08.I Got A Feeling 
09.You Are Mine 
11.Billy Brown 
12.San Angelo 
13.I Will Hold My Head High 

Third Day-Wherever You Are-2005

03.Cry Out To Jesus 
04.I Can Feel It 
05.Keep On Shinin' 
07.Carry My Cross 
08.How Do You Know 
09.Mountain of God 
10.Love Heals Your Heart 
11.The Sun Is Shining 
12.Rise Up 

Third Day-Christmas Offerings-2006

01.O Come All Ye Faithful 
02.Do You Hear What I Hear (live) 
03.Born In Bethlehem 
04.O Holy NIght 
05.Angels We Have Heard On High 
06.Silent Night (live) 
07.Jesus Light of the World 
08.Joy To The World 
09.What Child Is This? 
10.The First Noel (live) 
11.Christmas Like A Child (live) 
12.Away In A Manger (live) 
13.Merry Christmas 

Third Day-Chronology, Volume One-2007

01.Nothing At All (new mix) 

02.Forever (new mix) 
03.Consuming Fire (new mix) 
04.Thief 2006 (new recording) 
05.Love Song (new mix) 
06.Who I Am (new mix) 
07.My Hope Is You 2006 (new recording) 
08.I've Always Loved You ("steel" mix) 
09.Sky Falls Down 
10.Your Love Oh Lord 
11.King Of Glory 
12.Agnus Dei / Worthy 
Bonus Tracks: 
13.Blackbird (live in St. Louis, Missouri 1998) 
14.Alien (live in Columbus, Ohio 1999) 
15.Have Mercy (new mix) 
16.Long Time Comin' (from rare 1999 EP) 
17.She Sings In Riddles (from rare 1999 EP)

Third Day-Chronology, Volume Two-2007

01.Come On Back To Me 
02.Show Me Your Glory 
03.You Are So Good To Me (Live In Atlanta, GA 2006) *NEW 
05.Mountain Of God 
06.Sing A Song 
07.Come Together 
08.God Of Wonders (Live In Philadelphia, PA 2002) 
09.Cry Out To Jesus (Live In Mobile, AL 2006) *NEW 
10.Creed (Live In Portland, ME 2002) 
12.I Believe 
13.Nothing Compares 
Bonus Tracks: 
14.Blessed Assurance (Live In Atlanta, GA 2006) *NEW 
15.Movin' On Up (From The Second Chance) 
16.I See Love (From Passion Of The Christ: Songs) 
17.I Can Feel It (Live In Atlanta, GA 2006) *NEW 
18.Carry Me Home (From Rare 2001 EP)

Third Day-Revelation-2008

01.This Is Who I Am 
02.Slow Down 
03.Call My Name 
04.Run to You 
07.Let Me Love You 
08.I Will Always be True 
09.Born Again 
010.Give Love 
011.Caught Up in Yourself 
013.Take It All 

Third Day-Live Revelations-2009

1.Run to You (Atlanta, GA) 
2.This is Who I Am (Raleigh, NC) 
3.Slow Down (Nashville, TN) 
4.I Will Always Be True (Atlanta, GA) 
5.Cry Out to Jesus (Houston, TX) 
6.Call My Name (Nashville, TN) 
7.Otherside (featuring Robert Randolph, Atlanta, GA) 
8.When Love Comes to Town (with Robert Randolph, Jars of Clay, and Switchfoot, Atlanta, GA) 
9.Revelation/Honeysuckle Blue (Atlanta, GA) 

Third Day-Move-2010

01.Lift Up Your Face 
02.Make Your Move 
03.Children of God 
05.Trust in Jesus
06.Follow Me There 
08.What Have You Got To Lose? 
09.Everywhere You Go 
010.I'll Be Your Miracle 
11.Sound Of Your Voice 

Third Day?Miracle -2012

01. Hit Me Like A Bomb 

02. Kicking And Screaming 
03. Love Is Like A River 
04. I Need A Miracle 
05. You Are My Everything 
06. For The Rest Of My Life 
07. I Want To Believe In You 
08. The Victory 
09. Take Me Back 
10. Forever Yours 
11. Time?s Running Out On Me 
12. Morning Has Broken 


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