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OmniPage 18 converts paper, picture, and PDF files into editable documents to save you considerable time and money by eliminating retyping. Your documents look just like the original ? complete with text, tables, and graphics. OmniPage uses superior character accuracy to precisely format your documents so you can easily make changes.

Save Time and Money with Superior Accuracy

Don?t retype your documents ? convert them! OmniPage® 18 is the fastest and most precise way to convert paper, PDF files, and even digital camera pictures into documents you can edit in your favorite PC applications. OmniPage 18 delivers unrivaled accuracy, speed, and innovative features.

As the industry-leading solution, OmniPage 18 delivers the most accurate document conversion available, turning paper and PDF files into electronic files you can edit, search, and share. In addition, OmniPage 18 ensures that your converted electronic documents look exactly like the original ? complete with text, graphics, columns, and tables.

All of this means OmniPage 18 will significantly reduce the amount of time spent converting important files, so you can focus on more important business goals.



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Descargando, muchas gracias.
Hace un tiempo descargu?
@jerogache no tengo ni idea. yo uso el xp colossus. most recomended.
Que bien, gracias
Gracias, me salvaste de una, en todos lados solo hay links caidos, de nuevo muchas gracias  
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