Breaking Bad Sound Track Mega

Una de las mejores series de todos los tiempos está por llegar a su fin, y algo que ayudó a considerarla como tal fue su muy bien elegido soundtrack, asi que aqui se los dejo, en MEGA. 

Episode 1: Pilot 
Stonewall Jackson, "Come on Home and Have Your Next Affair With Me" 
Carolina Slim, "Dirty South Hustla" 
Rodrigo y Gabriela, "Tamacun" 
The In-Crowd, "Mango Walk" 
Working for a Nuclear Free City, "Dead Fingers" 
SDK (feat. Tori Papa), "A Gosar" 
Pudge, "Get Low" 
Molotov, "Apocalypsh*t" 
Mick Harvey, "Out of Time Man" 

Episode 2: Cat's in the Bag... 
Clyde McPhatter, "You're Movin' Me" 
Trump, "Keep Ballin'" 
Ticklah, "Nine Years" 
Glen Phillips, "The Hole" 

Episode 3: ...And the Bag's in the River 
Sasha Dobson, "Without You" 

Episode 4: Cancer Man 
Black Feather, "Etienne de Silhouette" 
The Pack, "Fly" 
Say Anything, "Baby Girl, I'm A Blur" 
Franz Joseph Haydn, "String Quartet in D Major, Op. 64, No. 5, 'The Lark'" 
Darondo, "Didn't I" 

Episode 5: Gray Matter 
Bronx River Parkway, "Deixa Pra La" 
Bronx River Parkway, "Mas y Mas" 
Fujiya & Miyagi, "Uh" 
Koop, "Koop Island Blues (feat. Ane Brun)" 

Episode 6: Crazy Handful of Nothin' 
Paul Rothman, "Scoobidoo Love" 
That Click Gang, "Good Times" 
Max One, "Te Rompo" 
Bernie Leadon, "Suntan Lotion" 
Jonaty Garcia "Los Pistoleros" 
The Silver Seas "Catch Yer Own Train" 

Episode 7: A No Rough Stuff Type Deal 
Hurricane Chris, "The Hand Clap" 
10,000 Maniacs, "Candy Everybody Wants" 
The Motels, "Suddenly Last Summer" 
Bettine Clemen, "Double Concerto in D minor, Largo Flute" 
Keziah Jones, "Beautiful Emile" 
Gnarls Barkley, "Who's Gonna Save My Soul"!QU9TSTTS!KjX8ugMqPag_22pzNsHVvC3rCitl2xuyUKhDShmcsh4

Episode 1: Seven Thirty-Seven 
J.J. Cale, "Any Way the Wind Blows" 
Holy Fuck, "They're Going to Take My Thumbs" 

Episode 2: Grilled 
The Walkmen, "Red Moon" 

Episode 3: Bit by a Dead Bee 
Bob James, "Feel Like Making Love" (made famous by Bad Company) 
The Be Good Tanyas, "Waiting Around to Die" 

Episode 4: Down 
Benny Mardones, "Into the Night" 
Spokesmen, "Let Your Love Flow" 
Nancy Sinatra, "It's Such a Pretty World Today" 

Episode 5: Breakage 
Johnny Ringo, "Hook 'Em Horns" 
Big Jack Johnson & The Oilers, "By Myself" 
Alvin "Red" Tyler, "Peanut Vendor" 

Episode 6: Peekaboo 
John Coltrane, "By the Numbers" 

Episode 7: Negro Y Azul 
Los Cuates de Sinaloa, "Negro Y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg" 
Federal Civil Defense Administration, "Duck and Cover" 
Miguel Enriquez y Sus Torrenciales, "Nariz Inquieta" 

Episode 8: Better Call Saul 
F.Cavalos & Leo Rodriguez, "El Ruso" 
Far East Movement, "Holla Hey" 
APM Artist "Island Bounce" 
Lions, "Thin Man Skank" 
Pat Boone, "Oh Beautiful" 
Non-Stop Music, "Star Spangled Banner" 
Calexico, "Banderilla" 

Episode 9: 4 Days Out 
Blue Mink, "Good Morning Freedom" 
The Black Seeds, "One by One" 

Episode 10: Over 
Wang Chung, "Dance Hall Days" (re-record) 
The Marshall Tucker Band, "Heard It in a Love Song" 
Robert Palmer, "Every Kinda People" 
Yellow Man, "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng" (12"Mix) 
Chops "My Rims," 
TV On The Radio, "DMZ" 

Episode 11: Mandala 
The High Planes Drifters, "Electricity in my Bones" 
The Platters, "Enchanted" 

Episode 12: Phoenix 
Susie Boehm, "Desperate Time, Desperate Measures" 
The Outlaws, "Green Grass & High Tides" 

Episode 13: ABQ 
Steve Gorn, "Afterglow" 
Chocolate Genius, "Life"!0d9XgAbS!D8HMaCtM-V_7iHS14sGggQYed8YxIP9_8VLzVqiJz5I

Episode 1: No Mas 
Original Score by Dave Porter 

Episode 2: Caballo Sin Nombre 
America, "Horse With No Name" 
Tight Phantomz, "Black Seas at the Crib" 
Pat Boone, "Oh Beautiful 
Ambros Seelos, "Morning Sun" 
Timber Timbre, "Magic Arrow" 

Episode 3: I.F.T. 
The Amboy Dukes, "Loaded for Bear" 
ZZ Top, "Tush" 

Episode 4: Green Light 
Pat Boone, "Battle Hymn of the Republic" 
U.S. Marine Band, "America the Beautiful" 
Buddy Stuart, "In The Valley of the Sun" 

Episode 5: Mas 
Luke Walker and DJ Loki, "Alpaca" 
Teddy Bears, "Rocket Scientist" 
APM BES, "Satin Lover A" 
Pedro, "Timetakesthetimetimetakes" 

Episode 6: Sunset 
Buddy Stuart, "Sun Shine On Me" 
Vince Guaraldi, "Ginza" 
Los Zafiros, "He Venido" 

Episode 7: One Minute 
Bader Ali Khan, "Black Night" 

Episode 8: I See You 
Left Lane Cruiser, "Waynedale" 
Prince Fatty, "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" 

Episode 9: Kafkaesque 
Chuy Flores, "Veneno" 
Jimmy Dunn Band, "Bossa For Laura" 
Howard Jones, "New Song" 
Rod Taylor, "Mr. Money Man" 

Episode 10: Fly 
Cumbre Nortena, "Simplemente Amame" 

Episode 11: Abiquiu 
Son of Dave, "Shake A Bone" 
The American Military Band, "America The Beautiful" 
Grupo Fantasmo, "Sabado En El Parque" 
Stan Getz, "Lee" 
Zoraida Beato, "Tus Ojos" 

Episode 12: Half Measures 
The Association, "Windy" 
Red Garland, "Softly Baby" 
Primrose Music, "Waltz Trio Session" 

Episode 13: Full Measure 
Beastie Boys, "Shambala" 
Quartetto Cetro, "Crapa Pelada" 
??, "Man Chang Fei"!dN8GiIpB!cbkNOEusUtpOtoQ8VvHdNHGhhDNYIxWRU2pImgjBsOQ

Episode 1: Box Cutter 
Tee Double, "Bringing It Back" 
Alexander, "Truth" 

Episode 2: Thirty-Eight Snub 
D/R Period, "Money" 
The Trak Kartel, "Up in the Club" 
2 Live Crew, "Hoochie Mama" 
Public Enemy, "Unga Bunga Bunga" 
Mash Out Posse (M.O.P.), "Raise Hell" 
Dub-Boro, "I'm Down" 
Honey Claws, "Digital Animal" 

Episode 3: Open House 
Dave's True Story, "Spasm" 
Fever Ray, "If I Had a Heart" 

Episode 4: Bullet Points 
Melani L. Skybell, "Days Like This" 
"Major Tom" as performed by David Costabile (as Gale Boetticher) 
EL-P, "Flyentology (Cassettes Won't Listen Remix)" 
Crown City Rockers, "Break" 
Bassnectar, "The 808 Track" 

Episode 5: Shotgun 
Ana Tijoux, "1977" 
Arturo Salas, "Corrido de Tiburcio Calderon" 

Episode 6: Cornered 
Conway Twitty, "I Can't Believe She Gives it all to Me" 
Tinie Tempah, "Till I'm Gone" 
James Hand, "Here Lies A Good Old Boy" 

Episode 7: Problem Dog 
Pretty Poison, "Catch Me I'm Falling" 
Pretenders, "Boots of Chinese Plastic" 
The Fixx, "Saved By Zero" 

Episode 8: Hermanos 
W. A. Mozart, "Concerto in C For Flute & Harp, K-299 Andantino" 
Walter Wanderley, "Crickets Sing for Ana Maria (Os Grilos)" 
Fritz's Polka Band, "Grandparents Polka" 

Episode 9: Bug 
"Eye of the Tiger" performed by Dean Norris (as Hank Schrader) 
Thomas Dolby, "Hyperactive!" 
Nat Adderley, "Scrambled Eggs" 
Patrick Prouty, "Remembering Section 403" 

Episode 10: Salud 
Bang Data, "Bang Data" 
Thee Oh Sees, "Tidal Wave" 

Episode 11: Crawl Space 
No music in this episode 

Episode 12: End Times 
Apollo Sunshine, "We Are Born When We Die" 
Pistolera, "Nuevos Ojos" 

Episode 13: Face Off 
Fritz Ritz and His Polka Band, "Here is Fritz's Polka Band" 
APM Music Library, "Monaco" 
Crucial Music Library, "I Wonder" 
APM Music Library, "Dreams of You" 
Apparat, "Goodbye (instrumental)" 
Firstcom Music Library, "Fourth Floor: Ladies Shoes" 
The Taalbi Brothers, "Freestyle" 
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, "Black (featuring Norah Jones)"!0Yl3gLwB!fqtYgE73ERLLaWgmsKFiMhiE9D9hPcuy8rs829aDAuQ

Episode 1: Live Free or Die 
David Castle, "Conversations" 
Frank Shelley and Ian West, "Running Through Me" 

Episode 2: Madrigal 
Whitey, "Stay on the Outside" 
The Coachmen, "I Can't Hide It" 
Mack Owen, "Somebody Just Like You" 

Episode 3: Hazard Pay 
Alarm Music Library, "You Got the Guts" 
Alarm Music Library, "The Galvez's & the Contrera's" 
The Peddlers, "On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)" 

Episode 4: Fifty-One 
Easterling & Gildersleeve, "Good and Lonely" 
Pier Branch, "My Good Thing's Gone" 
Knife Party, "Bonfire" 

Episode 5: Dead Freight 
No Source Music 

Episode 6: Buyout 
No Source Music 

Episode 7: Say My Name 
Paul Abler, "Clear Waters" 
Duke Ellington, "Overture" 
The Monkees, "Goin' Down" 
Southern Library, "Return to Summer" 

Episode 8: Gliding Over All 
Apple Trax, "Night in the City" 
Apple Trax, "Clear Skies" 
Alexander McCabe, "Spin Drift" 
Nat King Cole, "Pick Yourself Up" 
Tommy James & The Shondells, "Crystal Blue Persuasion" 
Squeeze, "Up the Junction"!BZtHyKCR!ET64KhUuxs44mudxBb4b6UDlsEJCx53AKdGTciCc4xw

*Esperen proximamente el soundtrack de la segunda mitad de la 5° temporada* 

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