Sean Paul

Bueno pues aki esta una colección  de sean paúl con algunos extras no todos espero les agrade.. en lo personal me gusta mucho su música... Saludos

singles 2013


2000 Stage One

1.Mental Prelude 
2.She Want It 
4.Nicky (Skit) 
5.Haffi Get De Gal Ya (Hot Gal Today) 
6.Real Man 
7.Dutty Techniques (Skit) 
8.Check It Deeply 
9.Mek It Go So Den 
10.Examples Of Things Not To Do In Bed (Skit) 
11.Deport Them 
12.Tiger Bone 
15.Shineface (Skit) 
17.Sound The Alarm 
18.Uptowners (Skit) 
19.No Bligh 
20.Slap Trap 
22.A Word From The Honorable Minister (Skit) 
23.Next Generation 
24.You Must Lose 

2003 Dutty Rock

1.Dutty Rock Intro

2.Shout (Street Respect)

3.Gimme The Light

4.Like Glue

5.Get Busy

6.Top Of The Game

7.Police Skit

8.Ganja Breed


10.I'm Still In Love With You (featuring Sasha)

11.International Affair (featuring Debbie Nova)

12.Can You Do The Work (featuring Ce'Cile)


14.My Name

15.Junkin' Punny

16.Uptown Haters Skit

17.Gimme The Light Remix (featuring Busta Rhymes)

18.Bubble (featuring Farenheit)

19.Shake That Thing 

20.Esa Loca (featuring Tony Touch & R.O.B.B.)

21.It's On

22.Punkie [Espanol]

1.Fire Links (Intro)
2.Head In The Zone (AlbumVersion)
3.We Be Burnin? (Recognize It)
4.Send It On
5.Ever Blazin
6.Eye Deh A Mi Knee
7.Give It Up To Me
8.Yardie Bone
9.Never Gonna Be The Same
10.I'll Take You There
13.Head To Toe
15.Straight Up
16.All On Me
17.Change The Game (Feat Looga Man & Kid Kurup)
18.The Trinity

2009 Imperial Blaze

2.Lace It
3.So Fine
4.Now That I've Got Your Love
5.Birthday Suit
6.Press It Up
7.Evening Ride
8.Hold My Hand
9.She Want Me
10.Daddy's Home
11.Bruk Out
13.Wine Baby Wine
14.Running Out of Time
15.Don't Tease Me
17.She Wanna Be Down
18.Straight from My Heart
19.Private Party
20.I Know U Like It

2012 Tomahawk Technique

1.Got 2 Luv U - con Alexis Jordan
2.She Doesn't Mind
4.What I Want
5.Won't Stop (Turn Me Out)
6.Dream Girl
7.Hold On
8.How Deep Is Your Love - con Kelly Rowland
9.Put It On You
10.Roll Wid Di Don
11.Touch The Sky
12.Wedding Crashers

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