Hot Licks Learn Rock Bass With 6 Great Masters

Hot Licks Learn Rock Bass With 6 Great Masters (2006) Sub-Español

    Hot Licks Learn Rock Bass With 6 Great Masters (2006) | 2.4 GB
English | 32mins | 720 x 480 | NTSC (29fps) | DVDR | Audio: AC3 2.0 CBR Stereo
Genre: eLearning | Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
Six great lessons from the masters (Chuck Rainey, Glenn Letsch, John Entwistle, Beaver Felton, Allen Woody, and Stu Hamm) of Rock Bass. Covers rock and r & b patterns, 2, 3 & 4 note bass chords and scales, dynamic right hand techniques, popping and slapping, funk techniques, working with a drummer, and more!. Hot Licks classic video titles have been made available on DVD, making it even easier to learn with the world's top players right in your own home!. These new transfers make them look better than ever while DVD technology makes navigating each lesson even easier!.
* See the music and tablature on screen as it's being played
* All right- and left-hand techniques are shown in close-up and with helpful split-screen effects to make learning easy
* Slow motion segments with standard pitch sound
* Artist biographies
* Suggested listening
Hot Licks Learn Rock Bass with 6 Great Masters DVD
Music editor for Guitar World, Guitar World Acoustic, and Bass Guitar magazines, Matt Scharfglass, will provide a new introduction. He is also leader of the rock band Mrs. Grundy. A bassist and multi-instrumentalist, he has written over a dozen music books.
Six great lessons from the masters of rock bass
Lesson 1: Chuck Rainey will discuss basic rock and R&B patters, 12-bar blues phrases, and major and minor positions.
Lesson 2: Gleen Letsch will cover 2-, 3-, and 4-note bass chords plus basic scales.
Lesson 3: John Entwistle, The Who's legendary bassist, will demonstrate dynamic right-hand techniques, tapping and chords.
Lesson 4: Beaver Felton will discuss popping and slapping with octaves, slurs, patterns, and much more.
Lesson 5: Allen Woody covers funk techniques and working with the drummer.
Lesson 6: Solo artist and bassist Stu Hamm, along with Joe Satriani, will demonstrate his unique style.

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