Depeche Mode-The Butterfly Effect 4 [MEGA]

Existen muchos discos de remixes de Depeche Mode, pero los que llamaron mi atencion son la seria The Butterfly Effect, hecho por fans, por lo pronto les dejo el numero 4


01-Just Can't Get Enough (The Dark Kiss Remix)
02-The Sun And The Rainfall (Reaps Spring Time Mix)
03-Everything Counts (DreamTime Mix)
04 Stories Of Old (NerWraK Remix)
05 Fly On The Windscreen (Axis Draws First Blood Mix)
06 I Want You Now (Jerry Jay's Synthoromantic Love Dub)
07 Blue Dress (Apathy In Motion Mix)
08 Rush (And A Push And The Mix Is N-I's)
09 The Love Thieves (Instrumentalium)
10 I Feel Loved (Car Dealer Version)
11 The Darkest Star (DFEG's White Dwarf Mix)

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