Prince Of Persia - Sands Of Time - OST [GAME]

Album name: Prince of Persia Sands of Time Original Sound Track
Number of Files: 36
Total Filesize: 73.53 MB

01-welcome to persia.mp3
02-introducing the prince.mp3
03-call to arms.mp3
04-prelude fight.mp3
05-a dagger is found.mp3
06-a princess is stolen.mp3
07-behold the sands of time.mp3
08-start running.mp3
09-discover the royal chambers.mp3
11-a question of trust.mp3
12-father is that you.mp3
13-attack of the sand griffins.mp3
14-don't enter the light.mp3
15-enter the royal palace.mp3
16-a long way up.mp3
17-a vision.mp3
18-the royal baths.mp3
19-a bad dream.mp3
20-chaos in the zoo.mp3
21-lost in the crypts.mp3
22-farah enlightens the prince.mp3
23-a brief oasis.mp3
25-trouble in the barracks.mp3
26-the library.mp3
27-the prince hesitates....mp3
28-the tower of dawn.mp3
29-farah perishes.mp3
30-at what cost.mp3
31-reverse the sands of time.mp3
33-the vizier must die.mp3
34-finish the vizier.mp3
35-farewell princess.mp3

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