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FL Studio XXL v9.0.0 + Vsti Instrumentos [Mediafir

  • Categoría: Reciclaje
  • Publicado hace más de 7 años
FL Studio XXL v9.0.0 +UN-LOCKER +UN-LOCKED VSTi [Mediafire]

Info ingles:


100% Clean! From [P.r.t CreW!] ----- on D.e.m.o.n.o.i.d.com!

Introducing FL Studio 9

FL Studio 9 is a complete software music production environment, representing the
culmination of more than 10 years of sustained & focused development. FL9 is the
fastest way from your brain to your speakers.

What is FL9?

FL Studio is a full-featured, open architecture, music production environment
capable of audio recording, composing,sequencing and mixing, for the creation of
professional quality music. The FL Studio philosophy is creative freedom:

Free your audio - Route any instrument to any mixer track. Each mixer track can
receive audio from any number of instruments, any number of other mixer tracks and
a soundcard input. Mixer tracks, in turn, can send audio to any
number of other mixer tracks and a soundcard output. Create sub-mixes, effects
chains or complex mixes. FL studioâ??s flexible architecture sets audio free.

Free your mind - Choose your preferred workflow, compose using the step-sequencer
or piano roll. Create in pattern or track mode, then arrange your ideas in the
free â??paletteâ?? Playlist. The Playlist presents timeline as a virtual â??canvasâ??
where each Playlist track can simultaneously hold any number of score, audio and
automation events. Now thatâ??s freedom.



Audio Recording & Editing
Mixing & Mastering
Key new features and changes:

Over 370 additions, changes & bugfixes featuring:

Sidechaining - The FL Studio Mixer 'Track Send' now has an
additional 'Sidechain' mode to support multiple-input mixer plugins.

Multi-core CPU (Hyperthreading) - Improved multithreaded generator & added multithreaded effects processing.

Multiple controllers - Can now control multiple independent instrument channels, assigned by MIDI number.

New volatile linking feature.

Wrapper - Aligned tick lengths checkbox for greater plugin compatibility.

Revised Playlist

Playlist track naming & icon - Tools for better song organization.
Playlist track mute controls and more!

New plugins:

Ogun: synthesizer specialized in metallic timbres.
Gross Beat: beat rearranger effect.
New Autogun synthesizer based on Ogun.

Vocodex: vocoder effect.

Heavy weaponry for the loudness war

Maximus will deliver transparent peak limiting and volume maximization without
coloration of the processed sound. However, Maximus is much more than a pristine
quality Mastering Maximizer, it's also a Compressor,
Limiter, Noise Gate, Expander, Ducker and De-esser. Maximus excels equally well as
a final mastering plugin or as a per-track effect. Lock and load.

Implemented & removed:

Right-clicking playlist items no longer deletes them (hold halt to do so). (thrown, user complaints)
Can now middle-click working area to "pan" plugin windows (ONLY plugins, as it's designed for oversized VST's).

Note: This is the real file from image-line.

Published: Sep 9, 2009

Published by:www.flstudio.com

OS:7 / 98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003 / Windows / Vista

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