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 Door Kickers - Updates (Actualizable)

Door Kickers es un juego de estrategia en tiempo real con pausa táctica, en el que tendremos que dar órdenes a un grupo de asalto SWAT especializado en encuentros a corto alcance. Nuestro objetivo: neutralizar a todos los sospechosos y rescatar a los rehenes.

La mecánica de Door Kickers es tan sencilla de aprender como difícil de dominar. Pese a que el juego se desarrolla en tiempo real, podremos utilizar la pausa en cualquier momento, desde la que podremos (y tendremos) que dar las órdenes a nuestras unidades.

Con tan solo arrastrar el ratón en una dirección haremos que una unidad se mueva, y haciendo clic derecho por su ruta, podremos indicarle que lleve a cabo acciones. Los disparos, eso sí, los hará automáticamente cuando tenga un enemigo en la línea de visión. 

Una vez quitemos la pausa táctica, nuestras unidades se moverán trazando el camino que le hemos indicado y llevando a cabo las órdenes que hemos establecido. Si todo sale bien, posiblemente eliminemos a algún sospechoso. Si sale mal... bueno, tendremos que volver a empezar.

Esta versión alpha/lite del juego incluye un buen puñado de misiones individuales en las que podremos entrar en muchas localizaciones diferentes para acabar con la resistencia. La versión de pago del juego, sin embargo, ofrece incluso un modo historia.

Door Kickers es un juego que combina perfectamente la estrategia y la acción, para ofrecer una experiencia que está a medio camino entre la franquicia SWAT y el excelente Frozen Synapse.

Door Kickers is an innovative realtime strategy game that puts you in charge of a SWAT team and lets you command them during a tactical intervention. 

Analyze the situation, plan team routes, choose equipment and breach points and coordinate multiple troopers to reach the hostage room before the bad guys get to press that trigger. 

It may sound daunting, and like real world CQB combat, it sure is. But most levels can be completed in minutes and on the fly improvisation works. Achieving the perfect planning, getting the mission done with no false steps, that?s a skill harder to master. 

Quick Points:
2D, Top Down for optimal tactical analysis 
Real Time With Free Pause 
No turns, no hexes, no action points or awkward interfaces 
Realistic but action packed 
Non-linear levels, freeform gameplay 
Mission editor and modability 
Unlimited gameplay via mission and campaign generators 
Single Player (but MP might come later)

Door Kickers is currently in Alpha, playable but not finished yet. But our users and the press think its already very fun and addictive! And there's a lot of gameplay in 57 handcrafted levels + the mission generator, as of Alpha 9. 

What can you actually expect? Obviously some features are not yet implemented. There are also small bugs or gameplay tuning issues and you can say the experience is not yet final quality. We are releasing regular updates to the game and will continue to do so, with an Estimated release of the final game in Q3 2014. Each update comes with new stuff, new toys, new levels. 

By buying the game in Early Access you will also receive the full game, upon its release. 

Planned Key Features of Door Kickers:

6 controllable unit types, each with pros and cons 
over 10 enemy bad guy types, giving distinct challenges in firepower and behaviour 
customizable unit loadouts affecting their behaviour and abilities in the field 
level locations of all sizes and shapes, with infinite scenarios generated over them 
natural, easy to use context-sensitive interface 
clever AI that needs no babysitting 
Location and Mission Builder at your fingertips, with missions easy to share between players 
freeform gameplay supported by reactive AI, open structures and multiple gameplay options 
realistic tactical options such as door breaching, flash bangs, coordinated entries and sniper support

Read more about the game at


OS: Windows XP SP3 
Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.6 GHz or equivalent 
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Graphics: An OpenGL 2.0 graphics adapter. NOT SUPPORTED: Intel GMA, Intel HD Graphics 1 or older. 
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space 
Additional Notes: 1366x768 minimum display resolution


OS: Windows 7 
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: NVidia Geforce 9xxx / AMD Radeon HD / IntelHD 3000 series or better 
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space 
Additional Notes: A resolution of 1920x1080

Door Kickers Alpha V0.0.70

Changelog Versiones hasta el momento

- Replays
- Six (6) new maps
- Major improvement to enemy AI
- New animations for troopers/enemies (replaced old ones entirely)
- Added "Delete" option to final waypoint: deletes path up to the previous waypoint or the entire path otherwise
- Replaced dead troopers now spawn with the dead troopers' inventory
- Added personalized portrets for the Stuff of Legends price tier
- Editor improvements
- Improvements to the random mission generator
- Various gameplay/control/graphics improvements
- Can use secondary weapons for beaching (modding request)

- Moved game files on Linux from ~home/DoorKickers to ~home/.local/share/DoorKicker
- Game should run smoother on older hardware
- Fixed a crash from 0.0.60
- Fixed accuracy being incorrectly calculated for shotguns
- Fixed a bug where troopers' names were not visible

- Breacher class and Shotguns added
- Shotgun breaching now possible - repreaches Mechanical breaching where appropriate
- Stealth class and Suppressed firearms added
- Lock picking. Can be heard by enemies at short range. 
- Mission Editor
- 3 new pistols
- 7 new Semi-Auto/Auto weapons
- 3 shotguns
- 4 new single mission maps
- 2 new random maps
- Improvements to old maps
- Improved the random mission generator
- Improved enemy AI
- New enemy AI: Sawn Off shotgunner
- Troopers now holster the current weapon while operating devices (defusing bombs, lockpicking etc.)
- Smoother path drawing around corners
- Enemy Stun/reload icons are no longer visible in fog of war
- Tooltips are now flipped when cut-off by the edge of the map
- Improved visual effects (debris, burn marks, muzzle flash lights etc.)

Modding / Structure changes:
- Simplified new map creation; Background Entity no longer needed, texture directly referenced in mission file
- changed location of single mission and RMG repositories
- Differentiated Speed Reload vs Tactical Reload times for weapons

- Fixed flashbang trajectory showing different path that the actual one
- Can no longer operate devices from behind walls/doors
- You must now have LOS with an object in order to be able to interact with it
- Fixed sometimes losing rclick orientation tracking
- Fixed a bug where the path would not be highlighter while dragging it
- Fixed some crashes

- Inventory customization.
- Random mission generator (first version).
- Persistent trooper roster.
- Cover system: now visible with graphical indicators for the direction of the cover, also works as intended (as opposed to previous versions).
- Can now switch between primary/secondary weapons.
- New ambiental music tracks and win/lose jingles.
- Improved AI targeting, where now partially-covered enemies will be correctly targeted only on their visible body part.
- Better enemy AI.
- New maps.
- Many improvements/fixes on the firearms' shooting methods.
- Improved deploy screen usability.
- Choosing "Delete" from the rclick menu on a trooper now deletes the current action plus the entire path.
- "Reload" and "Switch weapon" waypoints now block movement until they are completed.
- Various improvements on the in-game editor.
- Added more "How to Play" slides.
- Firearms are now fully moddable (can add more weapons at will).
- Added the in-game news section to the Linux version as well.
- Keys are now shown in the options menu, however they cannot be edited yet.

- Many fixes that would be seen as significant delays in the AI's targeting.
- Can no longer rotate trooper while disarming bomb, placing a breaching charge or using the spy camera. They will now face the action at hand.
- Damage was sometimes incorrectly calculated, which resulted in a much more than intended perceived randomness.
- Fixed game not starting on some Windows XP versions (normaliz.dll error).
- When playing in a resolution below 1366x768, the game no longer crashes and burns.
- Fixed OpenGL-related crash on older hardware.
- Fixed AI going through walls.
- Fixed Linux multi-monitor bug.
- Fixed resolution not changing after switching monitors or changing desktop resolution.
- No more impossible-to-kill enemies on the airplane level.
- Friendly fire is now disabled.


- fixed an OpenGL crash that would happen on some hardware configurations
- fixed Steam SHIFT+TAB locking in-game input

- added one more ambiental music track

- fixed crash when MSI Afterburner was turned on (or other third-party apps tinkering with the game's display)
- fixed crash/"minimum requirements fail" on some video cards
- fixed troopers getting stuck after defusing a bomb
- fixed infinite weapon shuffle (the trooper would no longer equip his weapon when taking damage while throwing a flashbang)
- fixed a bug where the grenade trajectory would remain on-screen forever
- fixed interaction waypoint showing up for already rescued hostages
- number of deployed troopers text moved to the HUD bar for better visibility
- changed waypoints' tooltips for more clarity
- fixed waypoint showing up in lower left corner when cursor was blocked

- Added realistic shooting methods.
- SWAT now wait for flashbangs to explode before proceeding on their path.
- SWAT now wait on doors if there is a flashbang being thrown through that door.
- SWAT better stacking at doors.
- Added an in-game "News" panel where you will be notified of new updates and/or community news.
- Greatly improved FPS on older video cards (and newer ones as well).
- Distance is now shown when rclick-dragging.
- Game loads fasters now.
- Added new ambiental music.

Bugs & Fixes:
- Fixed corners bug (again): when close to a corner, an enemy could shoot you but you could not see him (and viceversa).
- Fixed flashbang trajectory not being correctly calculated in some situations.
- Fixed some old video drivers compatibility problems.
- Fixed an enemy AI going through walls.
- Fixed tooltips still showing after mission ending.

- fixed an issue in the Linux build where the deploy screen would not work correctly
- fixed a crash when restarting the game with a contextual menu opened
- fixed a crash when alt+f4 from the logo screen

- Deploy screen.
- Go Codes can now be combined with actions: detonate doors on gocode, throw grenades on gocode etc.
- New maps, including the first House Call map.
- Added global statistics in the main menu.
- Added ambiental sounds.
- Persistent orientation waypoint/side-stepping: Ctrl+RClick drag on a trooper or on a waypoint and he will keep looking in that direction until ordered otherwise.
- Friendly AI: troopers will now investigate the direction they are attack from.
- Enemy AI improvements: new patrol/investigation strategies.
- Added graphical representation for the flashbang grenade's effect falloff.
- Modified grenade physics (explosion time will be adjusted dynamically depending on distance to target). A minimum explosion time still remains.
- It is now much easier to distinguish between overlapping paths.
- When drawing a path, a potential action waypoint will be shown on the objects you can interact with, letting you know the position from which you can interact with them.
- Dragging an existing path from any point on it will delete the path from that point onwards and allow you to recreate it.
- When selecting a trooper, his field of view bounds will be displayed.
- GoCodes can be triggered with 1/2/3 keys as well as the a/b/c keys.
- Trackpad-friendly controls: the SHIFT key is converted to right-click (feedback is appreciated)
- New HUD + many other graphical improvements.
- Detailed statistics are now displayed on the mission failed screen as well.
- Door camera can now be moved while in paused mode.
- Detonation button is now CLEARLY a button (also changed tooltip).
- Multiple graphics optimizations, FPS increase on older GPUs.
- The detailed statistics for a completed map are now saved and displayed when clicking on the stars button.
- An "improved result" message is now displayed when doing better than your previous result.

Bugs Fixes:
- Corners bug: when close to a corner, an enemy could shoot you but you could not see him (and viceversa).
- Fixed a bug where the enemy AI would just stand there and do nothing while getting shot at.
- Fixed cover objects (furniture/cars etc.) stopping bullets even though you were not near them.
- Improved/fixed interaction with doors.
- Fixed a bug with incorrect data shown in the detailed statistics screen.
- Trooper no longer stops walking when changing his path.
- Editor: added snap to grid (+/-) and 90 degree rotation (ctrl+lclick+rclick).
- MacOSX: fixed a bug where pressing any key would result in a system "ding" sound.
- Fixed a crash.
- Multiple other fixes.

- MacOSX and Linux support
- Mission results (Stars) are now stored and displayed for each level
- Detailed statistics after each mission
- Can now delete portions of the path by right-clicking anywhere on it and selecting "Delete"
- Added in-game epic music
- Added options menu (only Sound/Gore are configurable for now)
- Multiple improvements for Menus/Hud
- Better looking graphics for maps
- Fixed some crashes that were very common in the previous version (thanks for the crash reports!)
- Fixed a bug where troopers would not respond to commands
- Added shortcut for FPS display - F8

- Action waypoints: can add waypoints anywhere on the path, Right Click on the path
- Aim Points: Can order troopers to "look this direction" at specific points, Right Click + Drag on waypoints
- Go Codes: you can now synchronize your team using "Hold for Go Code" waypoint action
- Door breaching: Locked doors - blow them up (needs setup) or use manual breaching (instant but noisy)
- Trooper status: ammo/inventory/injuries are now displayed on each trooper's tooltip
- RollCall trooper names: bought the game with the Roll Call (or above) tier? Your name is now in the game! Feature to be improved in next versions with persistent squads!
- Limited number of flashbangs/breaching charges, you'll have to think more strategically from now on.
- New maps
- Gameplay and visual improvements to existing maps
- New game mode - Stop Imminent Execution - you have a very limited time to reach the key hostage and save him
- New enemy - AK47 baddie - deadly rifle, but semi-auto only and handicapped by poor sight system
- New voices/sounds with more variations
- Many other technical and gameplay improvements and fixes

- fixed a bug where the game would not start event though the minimum requirements were met
- fixed a rare crash

Alpha Released

365.6 MB

Door Kickers Alpha V0.0.80

Changelog de ésta versión:

- Shield trooper class
- Snipers (off map asset available in select missions)
- Windows
- Troopers gain XP and advance in rank (though nothing to do with that, yet!)
- Better enemy AI + pathfinding
- Added ?open replays folder? option + replays file name
- Improvements on trooper control
- Trooper statistics are no longer updated after watching a replay
- Less sounds overlapping in replays
- Stealth Class no longer kicks doors
- Silenced weapons are no longer heard through walls
- Flashbang target no longer resets to default when setting a gocode
- Fixed a bug where a dead trooper would not be replaced
- Fixed a bug where completing HostageRescue on a mission with more than 1 rescue zone would not end mission
- Fixed playing ?Aborting? sound after shotgun-breaching a locked door
- Fixed a couple of crashes, tweaked some stuff and in general improved the game in too many ways to mention here.

399 MB

DoorKickers Alpha v9.1 06/03/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

- New scenario type: Arrest Warrant.
- Body Armor added to the game. Select it from the inventory menu.
- Stinger Less-Lethal grenades added
- Tazer Less Lethal gun
- New shield models + improved shield mechanics
- 1/2 playback speed option for viewing replays
- New trooper skins + better animations
- Graphics improvements
- Improvements to enemy/swat AI
- Troopers now properly remember the weapon they had in hand before breaching a door.
- Fixed some issues with snipers
- Fixed unable to breach with shotgun as secondary weapon when activating potential waypoint
- Trooper stats are no longer updated and XP is no longer reset when viewing replays
- Fixed invisible walls on very large screen resolutions
- Fixed immortal troopers
- Sniper bullets ignore cover now

416.7 MB

DoorKickers Alpha v10.1 20/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

- Bigger maps (zoom/scroll enabled for all maps)
- New scenario type: Protect the VIP
- Three new enemy types (Operator Orville, Juggernaut Emil, Assassins)
- Three new maps
- Improved enemy/SWAT AI
- Export replays to video
- Modding support + in-game mods menu
- Steam Workshop support
- Can resume a game anytime during a replay
- Added enemy ghosts for last visible location

- Added maxFPS and vertical-sync in options.xml
- Improved FPS / loading time
- Game size reduced significantly (due to compressed textures)
- Can now hide the HUD while playing; not yet in replay mode
- Multiple graphics improvements
- rebalanced armor types
- rebalanced 9mm and .40 caliber vs .45 caliber pistols
- New sounds
- game now loads .dds files in addition to .tga and .png
- new door types added ? elevator and bus doors

- Can no longer be heard through walls when picking locks
- Fixed a couple of replay-desync bugs
- Fixed some ambient sounds that were too loud
(plus bugs, crashes, etc)

Modding / Structure changes:
- changed location of single mission and RMG repositories
- the distance at which shots are heard is now specific to each weapon
- the noise distances for stealthily opening a door vs kicking it down are now configured separately.
Have fun, wear your plates, and don?t forget to hit the feedback button  
Your DevTeam @ KillHouse Games

428.1 MB

DoorKickers Alpha v10.3 25/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Modding / Structure changes: 
- Can update mods on Steam Workshop 
- Mods will try to auto-activate the first time they're downloaded from Steam Workshop 
- Mod file conflicts are shown in log.txt 
- The individual sounds/entities/firearms/firearmattacktypes/abilities are now overwritten when found in another mod with the same name 
- Mouse scroll for mods menu 
- Game now reads mods from a local mods/ subfolder 
- Fixed editor saving maps/thumbnails in the wrong folder 
- Auto delete local mod when unsubscribed/deleted from Steam Workshop 
- Steam Workshop loading is done on the loading screen so that you get some feedback 

- Can no longer scroll farther than the map's borders 
- Added backwards compatibility versions for replays: replays still work for minor version changes 

- Fixed missing windows/doors on some video cards (OpenGL issue) 
- Fixed sometimes losing unused skill points when quitting the game 
- Fixed a crash that would happen when a bullet would go through more than 4 windows 

423 MB

Nuevo! Door Kickers Beta v0.1.1 28/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

0.1.1 (Beta)
- Fixed single-man challenge not working

0.1.0 (Beta)
- Innate abilities + trooper ranking: each new trooper is assigned a random set of abilities. These are leveled up each time the trooper gets promoted.
- Challenges: in addition to the 3-star system, you can now complete challenges for each level.
- Plan saving: all paths up to the first "Play" command are saved and restored when restarting the map, also called the Daimaju feature (
- New gocode: "Wait for clear". Trooper will not advance on the path until all visible enemies are dealt with.
- Potential waypoints: can now trigger actions from a distance.
- Unlockable items: items are now unlocked using the Stars currency.
- Unlockable classes: trooper classes (assaulter/breacher/etc.) are now unlocked by leveling up your roster.
- Doctrine points are now gained by leveling up your entire roster, instead of trooper promotions.
- 8 new firearms.
- 3 new armor types.
- 8 new maps.
- Many improvements to enemy AI.
- Line of sight preview when drawing a path.
- Proper feedback indicators for enemies that are about to execute a hostage + added countdown timers for executioners.
- Feedback for the range of all sounds.
- Added indicators for shield area of cover.
- Added enemy tooltips that show their equipment and intentions.
- When the line of fire is blocked by a friendly unit, a proper graphical indicator is rendered.
- Added curious/alerted indicators for enemies in relation to the sounds you make.
- The VIPs in "Protect the VIP" scenarios must be activated by proximity in order to be able to control them.
- Can customize the name/appearance of your troopers (wip, for now you can only loop through all the troopers in the database).
- Can now change resolution from the in-game video options.
- Support for more .wav formats. Previously an unknown format would crash the game.
- Added reverb sound effects (wip).
- Added new graphics/sounds effects (ejecting bullet shells, rain, fire etc.).
- Graphical updates to many maps, including the training ones.
- Improved overall graphics.
- Can now disable map zooming/panning from the options menu.
- Arrested enemies auto-move outside the line of fire between a swat and a fellow enemy.
- Selecting between paths that are over-imposed is now much easier.
- It is now possible to switch between pages in the Single Mission selection screen, via the small buttons on the bottom.

- Fixed the 50 mods limit downloaded from Steam.
- The "Export replay to movie" feature now works correctly on more (all?) hardware configurations (and faster).
- A crash that would sometimes happen after enabling/disabling mods and playing a game.
- Mods are no longer deleted after starting the game in offline mode.
- Deploy slots no longer look weird on very large screen resolutions.
- Flashbangs that could sometimes kill an enemy if they hit him.
- Too many trooper radio sounds in replays.
- A bug where shields would not stop bullets coming from grazing angles.
- Snipers can no longer target VIPs.
- A bug where modded weapons would show up more than one time in the equipment menu.

Modding / Structure changes:
- When updating a mod, the mod.xml "description" field is no longer updated on Steam Workshop.
- Can now use additional breaching charge types on a door.
- Maximum map size is no longer hardcoded at 4096x4096, though it's still limited by the maximum texture size supported by the GPU. Recommended 8192x8192.
- Added more rendering layers (can now control which item renders on top of what item with more precision).
- All weapon mods that use bullet_trace.tga + bullet_trace_shotgun.tga should now use the .dds versions. Will remove the .tga ones in the next update.
- All weapon mods should update the firearms flare rendering layers to mimic the ones in the new equipment.xml version.
- All weapon mods should add bullet-shell-on-the-ground sounds like in equipment.xml. If your mod already added such sounds (e.g. SiC), make sure to take them out or add them using the new fields in equipment.xml.
- Graphics / Explosion sounds for flashbangs/breaching charges are now moddable. Mods that modify the flashbangs/breaching charges should modify them according to the new equipment.xml (added the explosion sounds and graphics).
- Crowbar/lock-picks added to the equipment items and can now be modded.

423 MB




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