Epic Score Vol. 28-31 (2014)

Les traigo lo más reciente de Epic Score son 4 álbumes lanzados el 5/02/2014 exclusivo para Identi

Descripcion de la página oficial:

"We are pleased to announce the release of 4 new Action & Adventure albums on Feb. 5, 2014.
The music on these four albums continues the Epic Action & Adventure line of music, but we?ve decided to start giving albums their own personality. Each album now gets a unique name and identity beyond ?Vol. 15, 16, etc.? This allows us to experiment a bit within these albums beyond just the endless insanity of Action Action Action! Along with that, we are excited to work with a new graphic artist for our album covers. Fabian Lacey is a pre-concept artist for major Hollywood films. We are honored to work with him and hope fans of Epic Score like the new artwork. We?re eager to do more albums just so we can see what the artwork will look like! Plus, we?re expanding beyond iTunes and Amazon onto several streaming services as well.

ES028: ?Journey Beyond the Sky? features music from Aaron Sapp and Gabriel Shadid. Aaron brings strong themes and powerful brass writing to the table. His brash style delivers a lot of punch. Gabriel Shadid?s tracks smooth things out just a bit from Aaron?s brass, and here?s a first for Epic Score?-wait?-is that an uplifting track?! ?Hope Rises?, at the end of the disc, brings the usual Epic Score power and volume, but in a proud uplifting feel.

ES029: ?Strength to Believe? is Daniel James? first solo album outing for Epic Score. Daniel went all out on this one, and the end result is an album that grabs your collar from the first moment of the first track, and doesn?t let go until the last track is over. We think you?ll be on the edge of your seats and have fun with this album?-lots of emotion, power, slick sounds and great percussion.

ES030 and ES031: ?Blaze of Glory? and ?Ravaged World? bring fresh music from Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Alex Pfeffer, Ed Bradshaw and Tarek Mansur. There?s all kinds of good stuff in these two albums. Tarek brings his huge, dark feel back. ?Scars and Bruises? from Alex Pfeffer features an electric cello solo by Tina Guo. Ed Bradshaw brings his unique style back in full force. And Alex Dimitrijevic?s hard hitting, brooding, attacking style of music never fails.
We hope you enjoy these new releases!"

Epic Score - Journey Beyond The Sky (ES028) - 24 tracks

Epic Score - Strength To Believe (ES029) - 27 tracks

Epic Score - Blaze Of Glory (ES030) - 30 tracks

Epic Score - Ravaged World (ES031) - 28 tracks

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