Stevie Ray Vaughan-All You Can Get About Him. mp3

Stevie Ray Vaughan & The Double Trouble - All You Can Get About Him #Live]#

Lista de temas (CD 1):
01- Testify.
02- Schoolgirl.
03- Pride and joy.
04- Tell me.
05- Love struck baby.
06- I'm leaving you.
07- Voodoo chile.
08- Honey bee.
09- Could't stand the water.
10- Cold shot.
11- Little wind.
12- 3rd. stone from the sun.
13- The things thet I used to do.
14- Wham.
15- Mary had a little lamb.

Lista de temas (CD 2):
01- Shuffle.
02- You'll be mine.
03- The house is rockin'.
04- Tightrope.
05- Look out little sister.
06- Let me love you babe.
07- Willie the wimp.
08- Leave my girl alone.
09- Riviera paradise.
10- Wall of denial.
11- Superstition.
12- Crossfire.
13- Flood down in texas.
14- Rude mood.


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