Pixel Piracy - Updates (Actualizable)

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Pixel Piracy - Updates (Actualizable)

Ahoy!  Arrr!

Pixel Piracy es un combinación de juego de estrategia, simulación y roguelike en dos dimensiones, en el que los jugadores podrán controlar al capitán de un barco pirata, teniendo que llevar a cabo todas las acciones que alguien con dicho puesto debería llevar. 

Al principio del juego, por ejemplo, tendremos que crear nuestro barco pirata construyéndolo a partir de una serie de bloques que tendremos en nuestro inventario. Es decir, podremos dar rienda suelta a nuestra imaginación, y crear el barco que queramos. 

Pero un capitán pirata necesita algo más que un barco. También tendremos que contratar una tripulación. Para ello tendremos que pasar por las tabernas del juego y contratar a los piratas que más nos convenzan. Eso sí, tendremos que tener en cuenta que cada pirata tienen unos honorarios y debemos pagarlos.

En las ciudades también podremos comprar equipo variado para nuestro pirata, que irá desde nuevas espadas y armas más fuertes, hasta ganchos para abordar otros barcos.

Una vez tengamos barco y tripulación podremos viajar por el mundo en nuestro barco para intentar saquear playas, enemigos, pueblos, o lo que podamos. Pero hay que tener mucho cuidado, porque si nuestro protagonista muere, tendremos que empezar desde el principio.

Pixel Piracy es un juego independiente muy divertido, que combina varios géneros de una forma exquisita, y los mezcla con una ambientación de piratas que nunca debería pasar de moda.

Requisitos mínimos:

Sistema Operativo: Windows XP/Vista/7
Procesador: Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.6 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1600+
RAM: 1 Gb
Espacio en Disco: 200 Mb free
Tarjeta Gráfica RAM: 128 Mb
Tarjeta Gráfica: nVidia GeForce FX 5500 / ATI Radeon 9500
Tarjeta de Sonido: DirectX Compatible
Direct X: 9.0c

Pixel Piracy v0.4.6.1 Descarga opcional

Changelog de ésta versión:

Bug Fixes

Fixed some labels that had translation system attached to them causing weird stuff.. like Jack Blackbeard
Fixed bug where Elephants would spawn on your boat


Added more information to the worldmap.. can see town population and shops that this island have, only works for explored islands
Added ability to turn on v-sync

71.6 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.4.8.0 16/02/2014 Descarga opcional

Changelog de ésta versión:


Improved Visuals for blood effect!
Grapple speed increased
Some collider changes again, some problems with clipping might occur.
Improved Escape mechanism when you are fighting 1vs1, should be easier to give commands to your captain.

Bug Fixes

Fixed BUG where your captain would drink all rum on the ship!

76.5 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.5.0.0 13/03/2014 Descarga opcional

Changelog de ésta versión:

Bug Fixes

Improved Creature creator, should not give weapons to the animals sometimes.
Fixed BUGS in a simulation engine where pirates sometimes didnt do any their tasks if there was enemies that they couldnt reach


Added 3 new items: Hobo Rags,Cigar, Salted Fish
Added New Weapon from Terraria called Starfury


Hobos are now hostile
Food value increased from 25% to 30%.

165.4 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.5.0.2 14/03/2014 Descarga opcional

Changelog de ésta versión:


Added 25 New Male Pirate Voices!
Added 7 New Passive Items: Baby Oil, Sugar Cube, Love Letter, Boar Hearth, Bread, Talisman of Hate and White Flag
Added 4 New Ultimate Abilities: Falcon Dance, Ace, Shadow Cloak, Headshot
Added 3 New Weapons: Double Axe, Combat Fishing Rod and Scissors!


Camera movement experience improved!
You can now rename any pirate that is in your crew! Simply click pirate name at the summary!
Chests improved! They now can drop ultimate abilities, there is 9 ultimate abilities so far!

Thank you! Expect to see tomorrow!

166.2 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.5.0.3 15/03/2014 Descarga opcional

Changelog de ésta versión:

Camera ZOOM added! Q/E keys! 
Improved Game Colors! Game looks more gamey now  
Game now has new visual effect (Depth of Field) 
UI CPU usage improved abit (optimization)!
Bug Fixes 
Fixed bug where you could not control camera when game was paused!
Nerfed Crabs!

Tommorow i will add alot of new ship items! Reading Books! Hand Weights & Grinding Wheel, for your pirates to use on their spare time.

166.3 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.5.0.4 16/03/2014 Descarga opcional

Changelog de ésta versión:


Added ability to disable blur from the game as some people reported that it caused lag. Disabling depth now will disable blur aswell.

If you save your game now while you are on a enemy ship and load game up, the pirates will now spawn on your ship. Corrupt saves cant be fixed. sorry

You need now double click load game and quit game to perform this tasks at the pause menu

Optimized UI, the chat bubles should not lag that much now!

Added tooltips to the pause menu actions

Added new stuff to the sea horizon

Tweaked camera!

Added sound when dead body collides with the object

- Tommorow i am taking day off!

- MAC build will come in 3-4 weeks!

- Linux build black screen will be investigated in 3-4 weeks!

- Why in 3-4 weeks? Well.. i will get new testing computers to test those platforms!

- Love you guys!

71 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.5.0.6 20/03/2014 Descarga opcional

Changelog de ésta versión:

New Perks

Now every pirate has a 50% chance or so to have 1 random perk. Perks have different intresting positive or negative boost attached to them.


New Ship Items

We are now going to be focusing on the ship tiles aswell! Here are some new ones.


Island Encounters

Tribal Hook
Berry Bush!

New Items and Weapons

Giant Axe
Tribal Meat


Game now asks if you want to be a female.

Bug Fixes

If screen stays for a long time black, the game will try to remove black screen.
I will have to install linux virtual machine somewhere so i can fix the linux black screen problems! This has to be problem with a shaders.. sorry guys, its hard to do multi platform.

See ya tommorow or so!

71 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.5.2.0 05/04/2014 Descarga opcional

Changelog de ésta versión:

Removed Old Man Perk 
You can now order your units to stop shooting with cannons 
Pirates should try not to fire their own boat now if there is a enemy on boat!

New Weapons 
Jade Katar 
Giant Hammer 
Red Sword 
Bee Blade 
Twin Blade 
Kamaru Blade 
Viking Sword 
Viking Blade 
Viking Spear 
Staff Sword
New Items 
Power Band 
Chinese Coin 
Chininse Kaboom 
Soldier Shield 
Soldier Stone 
Soldier Vest 
Admiral Leggings 
Hour Glass 
Monk Statue 
Thors Undies 
Viking Elixir 
New Factions 
Dynasty (asian) 
Empire (england) 
Republic (spanish) 
Order (vikings) 
Each faction resides in 1 of the corners of the game world!
New Perks 

New Ship Items 
4 Factions now have each 4 different ship building materials to define their ship style.

Next patches will focus on improving mid and end game scenarios! Factions will have more dominant role! So stay tuned for more patches! 


71.5 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.5.2.1 08/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

When starting a new game you can now change how fast hunger & morale decreases
Can adjust knokback ratios in the beggining aswell!

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug where cannon toggle broke some cannon actions.

71.5 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.5.3.0 15/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Own ship now have lifebar, if lifebar reaches 0 then the ship will sink!

Bug Fixes
Fixed 3 BUGS that cause LINUX & MAC builds not function properly!

71.3 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.6.0.0 03/05/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


Pet System
Added new PET SYSTEM, you can now capture animals that roam pixel piracy lands! All animals that you 

see in the game can be captured by animal cage. Animals that you might encounter: 

You can transport your animals wit the new MOUNT button located near other action buttons!
Teach SKILLS & Abilities to your animals from the Animal Page!
Right now you dont need to feed your animals and they dont lose morale!
Content & Features
Added SHIP REPAIR ability.
Added 1 new ranged weapon (Animal Cage)
Added 4 Abstract paintings that you can put on your ship
Added Early Version of the ITEM list Scrollbar
Bug Fixes
Fixed bug where ranged weapons would cause knokback to the attackers, causing them to sink.
Food & Morale Rates adjusted
We have been working on getting new music in the game for quite some time, and have been able to put a 

lot of the new funds to good use by hiring the impressive talent of composer Kole Hicks

[www.kolemusician.com], for now, the Main Menu theme has been changed, but expect many more songs and 

sea shanties to come!

73.6 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.6.5.0 12/05/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

PATCH (Bounty!)

 Bug Fixes
Fixed BUG where Hunger didnt decrease
Fixed BUG where xp bar would increase even after reaching max lv.
Max Lv is now 255 instead of 99, i am testing this and want to hear your results!
Shop Merchants now drop alot of gold!
Animals now poop! 2 Times faster than normal pirates.
Hobos can?t be captured anymore by the animal cages.
Added Bounty System! There is a guy in a town somewhere near the wanted posters who will give you a quest to assassinate 1 person randomly selected on a world map. Should be fun

73.6 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.7.1.1 09/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Bug Fix
Fixed bugs with wonky movement
Pathfinding improvements, pirates should walk, and not get stuck.

81.9 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.8.0 24/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


New Content
13 new epic melee weapons, defeat boss to get one or find a buried chest.
Added Shovel & Treasure Hunt skill, with those you can search for the treasure on any island

New Features
New Pirate Grouping mechanism, you can now set pirates to a different group to have better control. (groups are not saved yet, because it would break your saves, we will implement saving of groups for 1.0)

To move your crew you should take a look at the groups listed in the upper part of the screen. There you?ll have to select them by mouse clicking or also using 1-5 keys. Once you select them you?ll be able to give commands to the crew members belonging to that concrete group.
Retreat Pirate configuration added, pirate will reatreat to the ship when low on hp now.
Enemy pirates will now try to board your ship if they dont have any target on your ship!

XP gain reduced by ton when sailing.
Move speed increased a little

BugReport form has been replaced with a REAL Bug Tracker. Click ?report bug? in the main menu.
F5 to take ingame screenshot!
Users can now bind their own keys when starting the game

Bug Fixes
Sometimes knockback force would be calculated in the wrong direction
Music volume was not set right away when in-game
When sailing off from a ship battle, if crew was on the other ship, they will drown when loading a saved game
Can?t use the interact command except on treasure chests
Sometimes the left side of the ship would move down one block when loading a game
Ladder of width 1 would not let pirates up on the deck when fighting a ship
Player was not able to walk on Order ships
Crash when engaging Order ships
Fixed bug where your pirates would teleport in a water for no reason!
Fixed bug when cleaning a dead body would cause annoying sounds and bug that pirate!
Fixed visual bug when pirates would clip in a sky for moment when using grapple.

103.3 MB

Pixel Piracy v0.8.5 26/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

PATCH 0.8.5

Spiky Bushes added, carefull or you will hit the spike and take damage (have weapons with high attack range to avoid damage)!
Explosive Kegs added, they are like crates but when explode do tons of damage!
Some new loots added to the npcs
You can now encounter rats!
Game Over sound effect added

Game no longer freezes when you go to desktop!
Adjusted some balance.
Bandages are now cheaper, elixirs are abit more expensive now.
Weapon info tooltip now shows proper information about weapons stats
Grindstones upgrade chance is now based on the weapons upgrade level instead of a statick %
Max Weapon Level is now 100 instead of 6.
Each UPGRADE Star on weapon increases that weapons damage by 4%.
Bleed effect now prevents hp regen and deals 2-4 damage each tick, buy bandages to counter this.
Eating food now recovers 5 hp per each bite.
Combat is now even more smoother, pirates will not properly stop when attacking someone rather than bumping into each other.
Units that grapple on your ship and dont find target will try grapple back on their ship, they will also try to grapple back to their ship when they are low on hp!
If poop collides with enemy pirates and they are on grapple hook then their hook will break! (this is only when your poop hits enemy)

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug where pirates would not clean dead bodies off the ship.
Fixed bug where pirates head would not decimate during the battle
Fixed bug where pirates would get stuck on the edge off the ship
Fixed bug where you could sell some items for more than they are worth

103.4 MB

NUEVO! Pixel Piracy v0.9.0 05/07/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to ensure the proper functioning of the game and until we come up with a standard a definitive and stable savegame format, SAVE FILES HAVE BEEN RESET.

Added 2 new types of bushes that drop berrys with small chance when they are attacked
Added urns to some ships, they sometimes drop gold when broken!
Different Enemy ships added!

You can now walk on the destroyed ship blocks
You can nove move camera up and down!
Remade some icons that are over the pirates head
New Chest opening effect
All Crew members can now collect loot, not just your captain
Enemy SHIP generator completly remade from scratch and now support very custom creation of the ship. so far only tier 1-6 encounters work, the other ones will give you error
Improved Enemy pirate Grapplehook control.

Plunder now readded and you get more gold over dificulty
Removed Spider webs for now
Poop morale loss nerf!
Pirates dont poop that often, but the poop is now more dangerous
Gull poop rate decreased
Changed how weapon damage is calculated.
Dexterity and Agility are now +100% more effective.
Vitality now decreases movement and grapple speed, tanky builds are now slow, raise agility to even stats out if you want.
Intelligence no longer gives extra TP, Intelligence now increases Passive XP gain by 3 instead of 1.

Bug Fixes
Fixed exploit where you can kick & hire pirate again to have low salary
Fixed bug where pirates would sometimes spawn in water when in a ship combat
Fixed bug where you could capture enemy ship when sailing and there is no ships around.
Fixed bug where pirates would not eat food that is near the edges.
Fixed bug where morale difficulty settings didn?t work.

Optimized Simulator Engine, less laggy when there is big ship and alot of pirates!
Optimized Ship Renderer system and its now 100% times faster good if you have bad GPU!

103.9 MB

Pixel Piracy v1.0.0 01/08/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Bug Fixes 
Character customize screen was looking greyed out 
Player was not able to travel to locations at the very edge of the map 
Hit up or down keys on keyboard, makes WASD stop working until clicking. 
Moving Boxes? Maybe make them stay but make their name "Mimick" and have them be mythical enemies? 
Cannot interact with Chicken Nest? 
Zooming in and out, followed by moving the camera down as far as you can allows you to see underwater, where things despawn 
Counter Attack skill is not getting XP 
Light Steps skill now works again 
Doctor aura skill now works again 
Bounty targets no longer spawn on rooftops in towns 
Not all of pirate greetings were displayed 
Fishmen are no longer OP 
It was possible to get so much gold it would flip over to negative 
Throwing Medicine now works correctly 
Strange white stripe on the ship plant graphic 
Couldn't attack bounty target 
Cannons not spawning on enemy ships 
Sometimes grappling ropes would linger behind when sailing away

Added solid background to in-game settings screen 
When creating a new game, on the difficulty screen, we should make the (30% hunger/morale etc say * RECCOMENDED FOR NEW PLAYERS) 
Pirates will no longer poop if they are hungry (less than 50% hunger) 
Re-organized some skills priorities to make pirates smarter 
Pirates who are hungry, will prioritize fishing if they are holding a fishing rod 
Added like a kazillion (totally a number) new pirate dialog lines, mostly courtesy of the good people at Steam Forums 
Added new ship variations 
Main menu settings has a toggle for autosave 
Pirates will now clean the nearest poop instead of any old poop 
Flying poop now deals 5% max HP damage (as opposed to a small fixed value) 
Passive animals who drown no longer yield XP 
Light Steps will gain XP from walking 
Throwing Medicine: user will now attempt to throw it at the crewmate with the least HP 
Plunder message log has been cleaned up a little 
Cannons have a target indicator effect 
Ship to ship combat has a cannon phase for 30 seconds before boarding comes available 
Ingame tutorial texture updated 
Updated main goal of the game: Kill the 4 legendary pirates

104.2 MB

Pixel Piracy v1.0.5 03/08/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Hey there guys, we have worked in a few tweaks to the PRIORITY system of the game. 

- Pirates will now PRIORITISE COOKING over CLEANING. 

In any case we always reccomend that basic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and fishing not be mixed, not because they CAN'T but because pirates prioritise their logic based on their mood, morale, and different underlying factors, and might sometimes not behave as you would WANT them to. In any case, this is one less issue for you all to have

104.2 MB

NUEVO! Pixel Piracy v1.0.6 05/08/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Hello there everyone, Alex Poysky here with a new patch straight from Mikko's hands. Get it while it's still hot! 

Bug Fixes 
With Autosave setting off, game no longer saves when exiting to main menu

Pirates now select the closest target to attack instead of any target 
Added ladder to inaccessible Tier 3 ship's roof 
Added toggles for Vignette and Motion Blur effects 
It's now possible to unlearn skills (press the small x next to the skill in pirate menu) 
Pet capture chance is now 15% (was 5%)

We have been taking a lot of your feedback into account, and I wanted to take the chance to thank our community manager Jesus Fabre for always being on board to hear your feedback and work so well under stress! 

Rest assured friends, we are still VERY MUCH hard at work! 

103.9 MB


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Buenas. gran juego. gracias por todo el trabajo q te tomas. de casualidad has visto por ahi la version para linux de este juego ? gracias
Muy buen aporte, muchas gracias por el post y espero con ansia las futuras actualizaciones!
gran aporte, gracias   es necesario instalar todos?
Bien, solo una pregunta, cual es el que tengo que descargar para jugar? o tengo que descargar el juego base y luego    meter las actualizaciones?
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