Aces Wild - Updates (Actualizable)

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Aces Wild - Updates (Actualizable)

Aces Wild is a fast-paced, hardcore, aerial beat 'em up!
It utilizes a 'Wild Meter' which increases the power of your attacks but 
also makes enemies more aggressive! 
It's been described as a bullet hell beat 'em up and a 2d Bayonetta. 
Many say it has Dragon Ball Z combat done right. 

You play as Ace Wilder trying to defeat your brother Rex in a tournament where he and all the other entrants have colluded against you. Utilize a wide range of offensive and defensive skills to defeat hordes of enemies all at once and go for a high score! There are several playable characters and local co-op play! 

It also has a jammin' soundtrack, smooth frame by frame animation and fully voiced characters! 

Game and Art by Tyler Doak / Kicks , Culture Attack Studio 
Music by James Landino / KgZ 

Combat Mechanics
Aces Wild boats a free-form combat system that feels amazing, is fun for new players and deep for hardcore and stylish players. 

Wild System 
As you engage in combat, your Wild Meter will fill up. 
This increases the damage your attacks do but also makes enemies stronger and more aggressive. 
Attacking enemies builds Wild. Taking damage lowers Wild. 
A true fighter will learn to build Wild for an advantage, then expend it to maintain the advantage before the enemy exploits it. 

Rapid Attack 
Rapid Attacks allow you to fly through the air and perform quick combination attacks against enemies! 
It fills up your Wild Meter quickly. The faster you fly, the more Wild you build. 
Defeating an enemy with a Rapid Attack gives you more Wild. 

Crash Attack 
Crash Attacks allow you to deal insane damage and send enemies flying and bouncing off the environment! 
They get a larger damage bonus from your Wild Meter. 
Every Crash attack has different properties and they use Wild when you execute them. 
Some have special effects like letting you knock the environment and enemies into each other. 
An enemy hit with a Crash Attack will receive more damage and yield more Wild when attacked. 

Crash Charge 
By holding the Crash Attack button, you can expend Wild Meter to Charge the Crash Attack making them bigger and stronger. 
Damage from these attacks becomes ridiculous. 
You have free-form movement while Charging a Crash Attack. 

Dashing lets you travel in any direction very quickly. 
You can extend the length of a Dash by holding the button. 
Holding no direction while Dashing lets you perform a Homing Dash. 

Dodging makes you invincible and lets you avoid enemy attacks. It's the most important skill and you'll be doing it a lot! 
Performing a successful Dodge makes you invincible for a bit longer than normal letting you attack freely. 
If you Dash out of a successful Dodge, you will maintain invincibility. 

Wild Counter 
If you press and hold the Dodge button and perform a successful Dodge then press Rapid or Crash attack, 
you will execute a Wild Counter! There is a different skill for each attack type: Rapid Counter and Crash Counter. 
Wild Counters are powerful skills with varying effects. 

Panic Attack 
If you build your Wild Meter higher than the Panic Threshold you can execute a Panic Attack. 
This expends all of your Wild but restores your Health, makes you invincible and knocks enemies away from you. 
Use this if things get too scary or if your Wild gets out of hand. 
Panic attacks also increase the Panic Threshold and resets your Rank. 

Rank is a judgement of your performance in combat. 
As you attack and defeat enemies, your Rank will increase. Taking damage lowers it significantly. 
Rank is similar to Wild in that it also makes enemies stronger and more aggressive but is more extreme. 
However, Rank is much more difficult to maintain at a high level. 
Rank increases the Score you receive from attacking and defeating enemies. 
Rank also increases the rate at which you build Wild Meter. 

Each time you strike an enemy or defeat an enemy, you earn Score based on how much damage you deal. 
This is multiplied by the type of enemy and your current Rank. 
Score earned from damage is slightly exponential, so a 20-damage attack is worth more than two 10-damage attacks. 
You receive a percent bonus to your score for a Stage based on how quickly you cleared the Stage.

Certain enemies will have violet smoke emanating from them. When defeated, they will explode into BONUS NINJAS. 
Bonus Ninjas are large swarms of aggressive enemies. It is your chance to boost your score or totally ruin your Wild and Rank. 
A hidden 'Pinata Meter' increases based on your Rank when you defeat regular enemies. This will also yield Bonus Ninjas from regular enemies. The amount of Bonus Ninjas you receive is based on your Rank, Wild and strength of attack.

Requisitos mínimos:

OS: Windows XP 
Memory: 320 MB RAM 
Graphics: Pixel Shader 1.2 
DirectX: Version 10 
Hard Drive: 166 MB available space 
Additional Notes: Xbox 360 or Direct Input Controller Highly Recommended

Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action v1.0.10

Changelog de ésta versión y de las anteriores:

? Added Steam Leaderboards
? Fixed a Bug where Eagle's projectiles and final rapid attack weren't building score
? Score Grade was made a bit stricter and has more tiers
? Gene's Skyline Crash Counter was weakened from 1.1 x Crash Base to 0.89 x Crash Base
? Fixed a Bug where you could build score from Rena's umbrellas
? Getting KOed reduces Grade more
? Attempted to fix a difficult to reproduce bug where screen would stay white after transitioning to new area.
? Prepared builds for Steam release
? Altered how taking damage lowers your grade. More lenient now.
? Reduced MAX CHARGE time from 30 frames to 20 frames.
? ?? ???????????.
? Fixed another controls display bug when setting controls
? Removed hitpause and gamespeed settings from Options
? Fixed some areas so they looked good when zoomed out
? Fixed controls display when setting controls (used to show incorrect buttons)

117.9 MB

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