Pixelry - Updates (Actualizable)

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Pixelry - Updates (Actualizable)

Pixelry un título Indie que narra una aventura épica ambientada en la época medieval.

Bienvenido al mundo de la caballería pixelada, donde la valentía, los reflejos y la fama logrará cumplir tu deseo de caballero, casarte con la hermosa princesa del castillo. Pixelry un título Indie que narra una aventura épica ambientada en la época medieval lleno de caballeros.

Welcome to the world of pixelated chivalry, where your courage, your reflexes and fame will encorage you to reach the dream of every self-respecting knight. Our protagonist travels to Pixelville to fulfill his greatest dream and to marry the beautiful young princess Arianna Annabelle di Grandigund Hyacinthe. To do this he must prove himself a horsemen winning the championship of "The Big 5", recognized as the unbeatable knights of the realm. According to the king, "who manages to defeat in combat will be a good suitor for his daughter!" An epic adventure set in medieval ambient and the world of chivalry, where our protagonist must acquire new and increasingly better equipment to achieve his mission.

Requisitos mínimos:



Pixelry Alpha v1.4.5

Changelog de ésta versión y anteriores:

-"Pixelry" and number of version display on the window caption.
-Main menu more efficient.
-Custom name for your Hero.
-Display of your name on your stats.
-After finishing game "Sir" is added to your name.
-Time of loading reduced.
-Changes on information display of places.
-New language system is being implemented for future languages (french, italian, portuguese, japanese...).
-New intro story sprites.
-The race is now running on 60FPS (30FPS before).
-Multiplayer "X2" on race minigame stop spawning after 600 gold.
-Sound and music from folder "Snd".
-Alpha of gold display on the town section fixed.
-People on the town walk with random speeds.
-Exit fixed
-The barman is now alive.
-The Academy is now open.
-Description of The Academy added.
-Ranking system 0.1 implemented (multiplayer ranking for future updates).
-Now game running on 60FPS (30FPS before)
-Tutorial updated.
-Shields balanced for bloking hard enemies.
-First fight fixed.
-Changed some room transitions.
-Fonts fixed on Windows 7.
-Corrected an error on ending credits.
-Fixed error on horse sound.
-New potion sound.
-New sounds added on the guard adventure.
-Falling spears and shild when you kill your enemy.
-Other minor changes.



-Shop minigame description in Spanish is fixed.
-Colours of the horse are now editable
-Corrections on the descriptions of the places are done.
-You can now press M or N to change the music or sound options in-game.
-The game remembers the screen resolution (fullscreen/Windowed).
-New fonts have been added.
-The gold sprite changes depending on your gold amount.
-Many codes have been rewrited to be more efficient.
    -The Home is now open.
    -The information of your character is now on the room "Home".
    -Heraldry designer has been added.
    -Shields work differently now, the current system is explained in the "Forge" room tutorial.
    -New life system for the game has been implemented.
    -Colour correction for enemy lifebar colour is done.
    -New: The opponents change randomly the speed of their horse.
    -Items menu works better now.
    -We count with a better rate for auras now.
    -5 Champions:
         -New AI.
         -New dramatic defeat.
         -New sound added.
-Many other non reported changes.



-Mistakes removed from intro story.
-Line break fixed on the guard description.
-Cutscene "bad guys talking 1" now fixed.
-Shadow of horse in "Race" minigame.
-Sound fixes.
-New cheat codes.
    -The blacksmith has now half a soul.
    -New upgrade menu distribution and FX.
    -New name for the "Help" minigame: "Forge".
    -New anvil sprite.
    -Sound added on error while minigame "Forge".
    -The guy on the store has now half a soul.
    -New minigame "Work".
    -Now, you can see the lifebar while using items.
    -The shield on the fight doesn't loop anymore from the upper position to the lower, and back.
    -Item menu opens now with SHIFT and can be closed with SHIFT.
    -Heraldry icons on fights works better.
    -Collisions fixed.
    -Different kind of kills.
-Many other things fixed/added and minor bug fixes.



- Full screen pressing F4.
- External Setup.
- New place on town "The Guard"
- +Suprise challengers.
- Name of the champions.
- Sound on collision in the town menu.
- Sounds added to "race".
- Tutorial screen on startup.
- New enemies on quick battles.
- Different people on the public added.
- New places for fights.
- The window can be resized now.
- "Very Hard" on the bar after finishing the game.
- Tip added when the fame gets in negative value.
- Cheat system. ( Shift + Enter )

- Word "-Duel" on the bar.
- Sound fixes on many places.
- Option engine.
- Price of horse upgrades balanced.
- Rate of "Suprise challenger" after finishing the game is now higher.
- If you get stronger "easier" battles give you less reward.
- Animation of the horse at maximun speed fixed.
- Problems with the camera on fights.
- Race gold earned is now balanced.

- Town map system.
- Race on the barn.
- Effect when using Items.
- Closing window close the game (also saves).
- Final championship.

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