Last Knight: R.R Edition - Updates (Actualizable)

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  Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition - Updates (Actualizable)

Extended Edition

Includes the new rogue rider adventure mode, which is a work in progress game mode, the polished story mode and the endless modes.

Key Features

The full-fledged story mode takes you through a small but epic adventure. Play through 18 polished levels and 6 knightmares with a story that never takes itself too seriously. 
The new rogue rider adventure mode lets you make your own way through a randomly generated kingdom full of dangers and riches. Heavily inspired by rogue-like games it takes the challenge and the world generation to the next level. 
The different endless modes let you play without an end if it wouldn't be a hell of a ride where death looms always a split second away. It will keep you entertained with lots of quests and rewards in the form of unlock-able power ups, characters, mutators, first person view, bird's eye views and special endless game mode variations. 
What they say
Quote by: Alex Coccia, Greenlit Gaming: 
"Its just damn fun. That is why we play games, right?" 
Quote by: Jim Rossignol, Rock Paper Shotgun: 
"Splendid-looking cartoon jousting and knightliness game." 
Quote by: Tom Christiansen, Indie Game Mag: 
"By the end of a run-through you will be left breathless and your brain buzzing as it slows back down to reality." 
Quote by: Matt Suckley, God is a Geek: 
"The production values are top-notch, especially for a game that comes with such a low price tag." 
Quote by: Joe Jasko, Gamezebo: 
"Amazing visuals. Fun environments and power-ups. Rewarding difficulty and jousting combat system."

Acerca del juego
Last Knight is a unique genre mix that combines platforming, action-packed riding 
and ragdoll physics driven jousting! It is fast-paced action in a never ending randomly generated Unreal Engine powered fantasy world! 

The story mode put it's player in control of a squire on its way of becoming a knight. But before he can prove himself, events of epic proportions make him the last hope for the kingdom! On his heroic adventure he will have to fight the horned bucket heads and oversized hungry creatures. He will have to get through a wide range of dangerous environments as well as his own Knightmares. But beside the story there is much more. Various game modes let you adventure through always different never ending generated worlds filled with riches and dangers. On your journeys you will also find quests that will take each of the characters on different missions in the hunt for fame and glory as well as gold and chivalry. Gold can be spent on fancy power ups, while chivalry can unlock world bending mutators and different view modes like the intense first person view. Cutting-edge features like a fully dynamic randomized weather system and a collision system that can alter basically everything of the world geometry make this game even more over the top. 

A full-fledged adventure in the story mode 
Randomly generated world in the different endless modes 
Your own adventure in a generated kingdom in the Rogue Rider Adventure mode 
Wide range of different fantasy environments 
Quests and rewards system 
Beautiful graphics archived with the Unreal Engine 
Unique Power ups and other special unlock-ables 
Customization with different characters 
Dynamic weather system 
Ragdoll physics feedback 
Impacts alter and deform the world 
3rd Person, First Person and Bird's Eye view modes 
World Mutators, Body Mutators and randomly generated hats 


OS: Windows XP or higher 
Processor: 2.4GHz Dual Core or 2.6GHz Quad Core 
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Graphics: 512MB Shader Model 3.0 Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or AMD Radeon HD 3870 or 1GB Nvidia GeForce 
DirectX: Version 9.0 
Hard Drive: 600 MB available space 
Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card

Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition  ALI213

346 MB


Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition Inc. Update 1 ALI213 04/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

- Option for switching attack and jump buttons/keys 
- F12, F, Back (gamepad) and "power up" button does a freeze when you are currently dieing and flying through the air. 
- Silver and bronze medals never getting set 
- Vsnyc option mouse click area missing 
- Level 3 of the forest can be stuck when starting it after startup of the game 
- View mode and rope/insurace taking over to the Rogue Rider mode 
- Endless Journey menu overlapping old mouse click area 
- Apples not showing red blinking in Starve or Blow Up mode 
- Chivalry number of quests screen can be stuck 
- 2 Quests with resetting values (the one with 30000 distance and the one with felling trees) 
- Rare invisible collision 
- Mine explosion can kill ghosts 
Mac specific fixes: 
- Saving/loading partial not working 
- Command + Tab when in fullscreen freezing the renderer forever. 
- Lava lightshafts lights less intense 
- Graveyard tree in Endless Journey menu not going over a button

353.5 MB


Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition Inc. Update 2 ALI213 16/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

- Added lots of Easter Event stuff 
- Added Trading Cards 
- Added X as attack button (switch able) 
- Added 2560x1440 resolution 
- Fixed Gamepad Y button for Power Up 
- Fixed Headless not resetting with reset button 
- Fixed Uincorn 
- Fixed issues with lethal thunderbolts 
- Fixed felled trees quest part resetting 
- Fixed and tweaked several German spelling things 
- Tweaked thunderbolts to be easier 
- Tweaked buttons highlights 

351 MB



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