Fight The Dragon - Updates 3DM (Actualizable)

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  Fight The Dragon - Updates 3DM (Actualizable)

Explora, combate y saquea los cadáveres en este juego de rol de acción, o crea y comparte tus propias aventuras como un verdadero amo del calabozo de los de antes. En Fight the Dragon los jugadores se embarcan en pequeñas misiones, despedazando y partiendo en mitades las hordas de enemigos que se cruzan en su camino en busca de equipamiento único y armas brillantes.

El núcleo del juego tiene mucho que ver con el estilo hack'n slash centrándose en divertir al jugador con un estilo diferente de gameplay y buenos combates para cortos periodos de juego. Las mini aventuras no duran más de 15 minutos pero no son lineales, lo que permite jugar en pequeños ratos o recrear múltiples misiones diferentes si queremos jugar durante más tiempo.

Fight The Dragon is a USER GENERATED Hack'n Slash RPG where players can team up and tackle exciting adventures made by other users in our in-game Adventure Construction Kit (ACK). 

Players can play single player, local split-screen (2 players) or online multiplayer (4 players) to complete 10-15 minute adventures in a non-linear order, which allows players to jump in for a quick fix or play multiple adventures over longer play sessions. Collect loot, level up, conquer enemies and become a master adventurer!

Fight The Dragon ships with a highly flexible in-game Adventure Construction Kit (ACK) that allows players to design, play and share their own adventures with other players on all platforms around the world. 

The ACK (as is the gameplay) is designed to be as intuitive to use via a gamepad as it is via mouse and keyboard. Creators are able to sculpt and paint environments, place props, enemies, NPCs, Traps, checkpoints and other key game elements including hooking up basic logic systems for switches/gates and traps.

As heroes complete adventures and reach milestones, they earn tickets that allow them to go ?Fight The Dragon? in the ultimate dragon battle arena. 

Every player has their own dragon to fight, and each dragon has MEGA HP, so killing your dragon will require many encounters and a lot of skill. The damage you do to your dragon is persistent between play sessions, so collect as many tickets as you can and go battle it out! Each ticket grants the player 3 lives, but be warned, there are more ways to die in the dragon arena than just the dragon, so stay alert!

Key Features

In-Game Adventure Construction Kit ? Create and share Adventures! 
Action packed Hack-and-Slash Adventuring in your own creations 
Local Drop-In Split-Screen Co-Op 
Up to 4 player online Co-Op (cross platform) 
Intense Dragon Fights with special dragon loot 
Full gamepad support


OS: Windows XP+ 
Processor: Intel i3+ or equivalent 
Memory: 1 GB RAM 
Graphics: Nvidia 8000, Radeon HD3000, Intel HD 4000+ 
DirectX: Version 9.0c 
Hard Drive: 200 MB available space 
Sound Card: Any


OS: Windows 7+ 
Processor: Intel i5+ or equivalent 
Memory: 1 GB RAM 
Graphics: NVidia 560+ or equivalent 
DirectX: Version 9.0c 
Network: Broadband Internet connection 
Hard Drive: 300 MB available space 
Sound Card: Any

Fight The Dragon  Crackeado por 3DM

156.5 MB



Fight The Dragon Alpha v2.10  Crackeado por 3DM 28/03/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Added mandatory description field in report UI so users can specify exactly what it is they are reporting (might stop some of the spam we got today for adventures we know are fine) 
Added hint to map on first play to explain how to start adventuring

Tweaked how stamina is calculated from equipped loot and ability points 
Re-implemented barrel placement logic to prevent character from getting stuck between a barrel and a prop/wall when dropping the barrel 
Added improved texture maps for some enemies 
Added improved texture maps for some loot and weapons 
Added [?] icon for missing adventure icons and a fallback that will try to re-download it again 
Added report icon to adventures on world map if you reported them 
Added UGC badge on adventure UI when the adventure was made by a user and not us 
Make toolbar icon go offscreen when toolbar is not usable 
Made UI keyboard movement keys match game movement key mappings

Added fix for world map not loading when an adventure icon was missing 
Fixed chat window not getting focus every second time you open it 
Fixed pressing A on second controller would auto add a character for split screen without opening the character selection UI 
Fixed bug on keyboard binding screen that prevented re-loading defaults after closing and re-opening the panel

159.3 MB


Fight The Dragon Alpha v2.20  Crackeado por 3DM 01/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Alpha 2.20:
? Added world map tile blocking for blocked adventures 
? We now clear blocked adventures from your local unplaced store of adventures so you wont get them when you click a new tile 
? Added ability to ban creators (already banned one) - notification of being banned is now on the creator dashboard 
? Added a new creator leaderboard (only scrollable on mouse at the moment - sorry) 
? Added new creator rank info on creator dashboard 
? Added new Neutral rating option for rating - This is NOT a "no rating" but an actual rating that effects leaderboards and adventure filters. Neutral mean "wasn't the best, but wasn't crap" 
? Added new difficulty calculations - everyone should check their adventures and re-publish 
? Added new game settings options for VSync On/Off and Cap framerate On/Off (capped to 100fps) 
? Added new range of FACADE props (doors/windows) 
? Added start of new range of interior props (shelves, tables, book cases etc) 
? Added [ and ] keys for camera zoom in and our in ACK (for those with busted scroll wheels) 
? Added descriptions and message to reporting UI to better explain what we are looking for in reports. Please read and respect the rules. 
? Added new message on the publish screen as a warning to creators that create exploitive or offensive content - that we will ban them from making adventures if they get caught. 
? Expanded creator dashboard to also show report counts per adventure and whether their adventure is blocked or not. 
? Reworked the entire jump system 
? Reworked the high climb system 
? You can now marquee select water and lava! 
? Characters are now invincible when climbing 
? Dramatically improved performance cost of fountain props 
? Traps now damage characters as a % of their HP so they scale correctly (this is before your defense amount is taken into account) 
? Added time buffer to prevent climbing right after an attack if attack moved character towards a climbable tile 
? Added more check to ensure creators can't break the published adventure rules (going to be ongoing) 
? Lots of physics optimisation when doing heavy attacks 
? Added hack workaround for broken PING wit Unity & Linux - We now have PINGS! 
? Fixed online adventure count not being correct at game start 
? Fixed being able to spawn multiple characters in your home 
? Fixed potential bug that could cause players to bypass difficulty requirement when publishing an adventure 
? Removed help from bridges about being able to resize them as thats not possible anymore 
? Fixed damage cap being at 100hp (was actually just a visual cap, damage was correct) 
? Fixed lockup/black screen when quitting an adventure and going back to the menu. 
? Potentially fixed bug that would sometimes put you in the ACK when you left an online game

161.1 MB


Fight The Dragon Alpha v2.4  Crackeado por 3DM 03/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:
Alpha 2.4:

Added more bridge styles

Linux : Added some magic that should auto detect controller mappings (if controller has been used before in big picture mode) and sets layout - fairly untested  
Breakable crate pieces now fall asleep (physics) when they settle increasing performance 
Broken crate pieces no longer block barrels when trying to drop them

Fixed the character spawn on game quit issue 
Fixed female hair being HUUUUGE 
Fixed potential player lockup when grinding against walls 
Fixed busted mesh on one of the bookshelves 
Fixed a bunch of props that were not locking correct tiles 
Fixed a bunch of online mode bugs 
Fixed a "raycast too short" issue on enemies 
Made bridge visual occluder system network aware

161.3 MB


Fight The Dragon Alpha v2.70  Crackeado por 3DM 12/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


162.7 MB


Fight The Dragon Alpha v3.00  Crackeado por 3DM 23/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Added new AUTO & MANUAL camera pitch ability 
Lifted sculpting height by 1 full tile 
Added new MUD sculpt mode 
Added new Poison sculpt mode 
More moveable barrels and a bunch more destructible vases 
Added new desert paint materials 
Added new fish and wine moveable barrels 
Added 5 more destructible vases 
Added world map data integrity check 
Added a bunch of new INTERIOR props 
Added a bunch of new EXTERIOR props 
Added GAMMA setting in Graphics settings in menu 
Added new colour code and legend to server ping times to indicate which will have more network lag

Increased per material painting from 1200 to 1350 tiles. 
Increased painting with water/lava/poison/mud from 3000 ties to 4000 
Decoupled grass from dirt, so now you can paint up to 3950 tiles of grass (using 3 grasses)
Lava now sets player on fire and does damage over time 
Added UI indicator for fire damage over time 
You can no longer keep changing your adventure rating after you set/change it at the end of an adventure, until the next play of that adventure. 
If an enemy with a key has a spawn place in water and dies, the key is automatically assigned to the player, rather than being dropped where the enemy spawned inside the water.

Fixed ability for second player in local co-op to drop in before first player, breaking everything. 
Fixed a few broken instances where objects where not destroyed properly between adventures 
Fixed music not resetting to correct volume when switching between menu/adventure/dragon arena and back

168 MB


Fight The Dragon Alpha v3.10  Crackeado por 3DM 25/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

  • on new items in your inventory[/size]
    New 1 and 2 handed weapon icons on inventory details
    New 2 handed GreatSwords (more to come in future updates)
    Added new UI scaling slider to the Graphics Settings in the menu ( let us know if there are any weird side effects please )
    Added some rugs to the interior props area (more variations on the way)
    Added additional Broken Arch prop to the variations available

    Doors that require a key now flash their key icon on top of the door to make it clearer which key is required (as well as the key flash on the UI)
    Destructible props no longer collide with Characters to stop them from occasionally propelling your character off the level
    Character names can now be 3 chars instead of minimum of 4 chars.
    Added more bad words to the profanity detection system
    Fixed broken WELL prop (now has water) and added a new mud variant

    Fixed issue when a new character created during player 2 drop in would rename player 1?s character by mistake

    169.4 MB


    Fight The Dragon Alpha v3.30  Crackeado por 3DM 06/05/2014

    Changelog de ésta versión:

    Added PREVIEW message to start of Dragon Arena
    Added controls help bar to world map screen
    Added new weapon swap sound
    Pyromancer fireballs now explode on impact and cause damage

    We now clamp the camera height when the character falls of the level
    Pyromancer fireball attack got lots of VFX and SFX love
    Improved accuracy of UI slider controls when using controllers

    Fixed camera pitch engaging on first character spawn
    Fixed new NPC dialogue text box not being accessible on controller
    Fixed not being able to close the Sign Post dialogue box with close button
    Crossbow bolts now damage the Dragon
    Fixed broken character inventory UI in the Dragon arena
    Fixed music volume not being set correctly and prevented multiple tracks from playing at once
    Fixed NPC?s with no dialogue from showing empty dialogue panel during game
    Fixed missing tabs on the Static Props toolbar in the ACK

    170.1 MB



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