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  BroForce - Updates (Actualizable)
The Brospendables

Broforce es un juego de acción en dos dimensiones en el que controlaremos a un grupo de mercenarios que debe embarcarse en una serie de misiones en las que normalmente tendrán que matar a todo el mundo y destrozar mucho el escenario.

Y es que uno de los elementos más interesantes de Broforce es la capacidad que tendremos para destruir el escenario a nuestro antojo, pudiendo volar por los aires fragmentos enteros del mismo con tan solo disparar lo suficiente sobre una superficie.

Si bien el juego está orientado principalmente a la acción, en Broforce también encontraremos ciertos elementos estratégicos que nos obligarán a medir muy cuidadosamente cada uno de nuestros movimientos, de lo contrario terminaremos con nuestros pobres mercenarios hechos papilla. 

Lo mejor de Broforce es la posibilidad de jugar todas las misiones en cooperativo local, pudiendo aliarnos con un amigo para destrozar a todos nuestros enemigos con mucha más efectividad.

Broforce es un juego muy divertido, con una estética retro genial, y que cuenta con suficientes personajes, enemigos, armas y niveles como para darnos diversión durante horas.

A ridiculously violent platform game about being awesome action heroes from the 80s and 90s while slaying satanic terrorists and aliens while unraveling an evil plot to destroy the planet while dealing with being awesome action heroes from the 80s and 90s. 

It is best played two player local bro-op (there is no online multiplayer yet). 

The brototype demonstrates the kind of combat we are working at, though it lacks the depth, the scale of content and the narrative the final game will include (and a lot else besides). 

If you would like to support the team and pre-order Broforce you can do so here (we don't have much money, so every little bit will help us make this game even better): 

The final game will feature:
All the power of the 80s and 90s at your finger tips. 
A story filled with revenge and bromance that spans the continents and outer space. 
Local bro-op play and online multiplayer bro-op as well as deathmatch arenas with leaderboards and rankings. 
A battle against terror as a huge cast of action heroes, each with distinctive attacks and special brobilities 
Vehicular action sequences, dinosaurs, aliens and epic Contra-inspired boss fights. 
Nuanced and strategic combat, explosive action and deadly stealth. 
A level editor and the ability to challenge your friends and share your custom levels. 
Design your own Bro Fort! Build a fortress to weather the terrorist onslaught, or just hang out.
For every terrorist killed in Broforce, a terrorist will die in real life.

BROFORCE is being developed at Free Lives, a small South African studio. We're aiming to have a beta demonstrating all the of the features out in 2013, while the release of the game will happen at some point after that. 

We were inspired by the games we've played growing up, Contra, Metal Slug, and the work of Derek Yu (Spelunky) and Vlambeer (Infinite Swat, Super Crate Box). We'd appreciate any feedback we can get. We're trying to make this game for everyone who loves 90s action movies (or just hilarious tactical platformer violence). We are trying to cram in as much awesome as we physically can into this game. 


OS: Windows Vista or Later 
Processor: Intel Core? Duo or faster 
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Graphics: OpenGL 3.0 compliant video card 
Hard Drive: 150 MB available space 
Additional Notes: Gamepad highly recommended.

BroForce Beta Update 10 de Marzo 2014 DESCARGA OPCIONAL

Changelog de ésta versión y de las anteriores:

-Fixed bro swapping bug (limiting players to Rambro only)
-Fixed key binding menu

52.9 MB



When evil threatens the world, the world calls on Broforce - an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force. Brace your loins with up to four players to run ?n? gun as dozens of different bros and eliminate the opposing terrorist forces that threaten our way of life. Unleash scores of unique weapons and set off incredible chain reactions of fire, napalm, and limbs in the name of freedom. 

The Broforce: Deliver your own brand of shock and awe with dozens of bros each with their own unique weaponry and special attacks designed to dispatch freedom across the world.

Bro-Op & Deathmatch: Battle terrorism with up to four players in cooperative mode or sever ties with your bros and face each other in several bombastic competitive modes.

Explosion Run: Join up with other bros to tackle these unique time attack levels under the pressure of exploding terrains and mass chaos.

Fully Destructible Everything: Destructible terrain opens up a slew of strategic options while the abundance of Exploding Red Barrels of Justice? can literally level the playing field with one shot.

Level Editor: Design your own playground of destruction with a robust level editor and become the envy of all the other bros by sharing them online. Browse through scores of custom user created levels and complete them to rate their Bro-ness.

The following features and content are planned in future updates via Early Access. Visit the Steam Community Hub, Broforce Forums, or follow Free Lives (@Free_Lives) on Twitter for news and requests for feedback on future updates. 

New Bros: Broforce is always looking for a few good bros to join the team. Free Lives will create a plethora of new bros and are always interested in hearing your ideas of powerful heroes that can bare the burden of being a bro.

New Missions: New missions will be added to the world map through development and will extend to new environments and locales.

Tweaks and Polish: Broforce is pretty rocking now but Free Lives will be iterating, tweaking, and polishing to see what works and what needs more time in the oven. Feedback welcome, bros!

Explosions 3.0: What is Broforce without better explosions? Ongoing revisions and additions to the explosions are tantamount to fulfilling Broforce's destiny.

Sound Design and Music: Continuing work to revise and add new music and sound design to celebrate freedom in your ears.

Broforce Steam Early Access Crackeado por 3DM 07/04/2014

55.5 MB


Broforce Steam Early Access Double Bro Impact Crackeado por 3DM 02/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


65.4 MB


Broforce Steam Early Access Death From Above Crackeado por ALI213 04/07/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Made GR-13 jump back correctly 
Fixed Boondock Bros avatar showing incorrectly for a second 
F12 now toggles HUD (rather than just hide it) 
Fixed Windows in City (and elsewhere) breaking after a radio tower start. 
More Agressive/Less Forgetful Mookopter 
Fixed Bombardment Flashes getting stuck during Time Bro Motion 
Improved Camera Trigger Actions 
Fix Dual Shock 3 controllers crashing on Macs (thanks Unity!) 
MANY fixes related to Macs and startup 
Fixed lack of propane momentum when stepping off propane tanks 
Improved Z ordering of background foliage 
A lot of work on the announcer voice 
Made muzzle flashes stick to guns 
5% faster mook reaction times 
Scriptable enemies in Level Editor (WORK IN PROGRESS!) 
Ellen Ripbro's plasma damages terrain more 
Broniversal Soldier has a higher rate of fire for his primary weapon 
Villagers 2.0 
Bros can stand on mook parachutes. 
Placing unused terrain pieces in your levels will no longer break the levels 
Fixed outlines on some parallax pieces

79.9 MB


Broforce The Expendables Missions 05/08/2014

The Expendabros have assembled and set their sights on the forces of ruthless arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks in the forests of Eastern Europe. Battle in a flurry of bullets and non-stop action through ten full-throttle missions set amongst the picturesque tree tops and the absurdly dangerous lumber mills teeming with enemy soldiers, excessive artillery, and inconveniently placed circular saws. Rescue your brothers in arms and play as seven different legendary soldiers ? each with their own unique weapons and special attacks ? with up to four players at once in local multiplayer co-op mode. 

The Expendabros was created by Broforce developer Free Lives and will be available for download until December 31, 2014.

99.4 MB


The Expendabros


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Lo baje 2 veces , y el rar esta da?
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