Contagion - Updates (Actualizable)

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Contagion - Updates (Actualizable)

Contagion es un first person shooter cooperativo desarrollado con motor Source, en el que los jugadores están obligados a vigilar la munición que gastan y apuntar con certeza al objetivo si no quieren ser completamente sepultados por una horda de zombies despiadados.

Te enfrentarás a numerosos zombies tradicionales así como a antiguos miembros de tu equipo que también han sido transformados en comedores de cerebros, y la amistad se vuelve enemistad para dar paso a una auténtica carnicería.

Juega sólo offline o online con amigos y otros jugadores, con armas, munición y objetos generados en el escenario al azar. Los zombies son impredecibles y aparecen cuando menos te lo esperas ya que es sistema empleado se ajusta a las acciones del jugador. Empezarás como un superviviente, pero ¿Cuánto pasará hasta que seas un hambriento de carne fresca?

Contagion takes place in a fictional world where the original Roanoke Colony thrived up until now. A contagion of unknown origins has infected the locals turning them into a mindless horde of flesh eating zombies. It is up to the remaining survivors to escape, extract, or hunt one another if they are to survive the horrors they now face. Contagion isn't your average Zombie Shooter but instead takes a more realistic and different approach to the popular genre with unique characters, environments, weapons, items, and a built in system that makes every round completely unpredictable with resources, objectives, and paths ever changing.

Play alone, via lan, or online with family, friends, or other members of the community. You start out as a survivor of an unknown contagion that has turned your world upside down forcing you to scavenge for limited resources where each time you play you must seek weapons, ammo, items at a new location, where the undead may or may not be where they were before in fewer or greater numbers, and even the paths you once took may now be blocked forcing you to find another way to complete your goal. A steady hand, managing what little ammo you've found, and using your head are required to complete your goals or you'll find yourself part of the flesh eating horde yourself. Every time you play you'll find things have changed sometimes quite drastically making each play-through new for both new players and veterans alike.

With 3 unique game-modes that suggest or insist on co-op to follow a set of randomly generated objectives to escape, or secure a location and extract innocent survivors where the paths and spawns have changed promoting exploration and the need to watch each others back. Of course not everyone is a team player and while having to deal with the same obstacles as before the lack of trust and need for resources in our Hunted game-mode turns survivor against survivor while avoiding the infected... or not.

With a GROWING arsenal of over 28 firearms, explosives, melee weapons, tools, and more. We won't stop there as we provide you with what you need to fend off, fight, or hunt your way to survival! But please keep in mind that you need to manage your inventory and an item once used may be useful later on. Plan ahead before discarding anything.

Contagion is built on a heavily modified version of the Source Engine that is constantly being optimized for low and high end rigs to best immerse yourself in-game. We've pushed the Engine as far as it can go while still enjoying high frame rates, lag compensation for those with high pings, over 500 Official Servers to choose from, a unique HUD/UI, and custom shaders (optional) that all give the game the AAA feel even without the AAA budget. Contagion is also one of the very few games where you get the chance to play as the undead which we've been doing now for over 10 years.

With ammo scarce every round counts so know your weapon! Don't waste time beating or firing on an already broken body. Sure they'll eventually go down, especially as you remove limbs and organs but returning to the true tradition of Zombie Survival you want to take out an infected's brain. Hitting an ear, nose, mouth, or other traditional "Headshot" related impact will hurt but not instantly put one down. You'll need to either sneak up and silently kill with your melee, or charge up a blow or swing and damage the brain (accurately placed) beyond repair. 

If relying on a firearm knowing the effective range and accuracy of your weapon is extremely important as well as holding your ground and using your weapons scope or ironsights for maximum accuracy. A survivor crouched, with a high velocity rifle, using the weapons scope or ironsights is less likely to miss their intended target and penetrate the brain while another who's on the move and shooting from the hip will be frustrated to find out that our weapons aren't loaded with smart rounds that do all the work for you. Do be careful where you lob a grenade and take cover as you don't want to fall victim to your own weapons. If the horde before you is too large or you find you're lacking the ammo to defend yourself be sure to use the cover of local fauna or sprint out of sight of zombies so they lose your scent and hope they don't stumble into you or you into them. 

Each game-mode also includes a set of features on your in-game smartphone that help you find and complete your next objective, a gps showing you a path to your next location as well as indicators of fellow teammates and AI survivors that require your help to barricade and hold the fort till extraction arrives, or use your bluetooth as you hunt down survivors for their gear as they appear on your phone if in close proximity even allowing you to ping their phone to give off their position but this is a double edged sword so be careful.

Whether you were left behind by your team, got overwhelmed by the horde, or hunted down for what little you had in your inventory, you're now one of the undead. Use your zombie senses to move through the dark easily, spot victims, fellow player zombies, or the unlucky infected survivor and track them. Take advantage of every opportunity and sneak up on survivors grappling them and sinking your teeth deep into their throats allowing other zombies to attack and potentially infect them, that is of course if you're not interrupted by other survivors. 

Use your roar ability to call zombies close to you and create your horde to quickly break through doors and barricades, assault survivors as AI attacks also have the potential of infecting players who will either die at the hands of the undead or given time turn from the infection and joint he ranks unless they manage to reach the end and are rescued. You can also direct attacks or using your blend feature let the AI take over your character making it harder for survivors to pick you out of the horde or shambling zombies with the hope that this will let their guard down giving you a significant advantage. Unlike survivors you can also scale fences and other obstacles since you have your hands free making it easier to navigate your way to your target(s).

While the undead outnumber the living, player zombies do need to be careful not to charge head first into a sledgehammer or bullet as you can return as a semi intelligent player controlled zombie for only so long before forced into our unique spectate mode. As a spectator you can traverse the map as easily as a survivor and/or zombie but beyond creeping out players as disgusting, fluttering cockroach you're nothing more than a spectator that can be crushed, smashed, shot, or blown apart only to return as another roach waiting to see the outcome of the game. Apparently cockroaches can survive whatever apocalypse is thrown at them.

The Founder of Zombie Panic Source is the Founder and Lead Designer of Contagion which for those familiar with ZPS know means we put our community before sales and know a strong bond with our community is what makes a game truly successful. Not only are we releasing Free DLC bundles later in the year but will be releasing the Contagion SDK for our modders, new maps, weapons, features, and more as we prototype ideas both born from the team and the community. We'd like to go another 5+ years pleasantly surprising the community like we've done in the past. Some other things you should keep an eye out for is our Linux & Mac Releases, Oculus Rift Support, Already have 360, Steam Pad, and other game-pad support but always seeking out to ways to better immerse players by supporting what matters to you!


OS: Windows® 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP 32/64 
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: DirectX® 9 compatible video card with 256 MB, Shader model 2.0. ATI X800, NVidia 6600 or better 
DirectX®: 9.0c 
Hard Drive: 7 GB HDD Space 
Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible 
Hardware: Mouse & Keyboard 
Other Requirements: Broadband Internet Connection


OS: Windows® 7 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / XP 32/64 
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor 
Memory: 8 GB RAM 
Graphics: DirectX® 9 compatible video card with 512 MB, Shader model 3.0. ATI X1600, NVidia 7600 or better 
DirectX®: 9.0c 
Hard Drive: 7 GB HDD Space 
Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible 
Hardware: Mouse & Keyboard 
Other Requirements: Broadband Internet Connection

MUY IMPORTANTE: Abrir primero Steam antes de ejecutar el juego.

Contagion Incl Update 5 - REVOLT

Changelog de ésta versión:


2.54 GB


Contagion Update 6 - REVOLT 12/05/2014

Changelog de ésta versión y anterior:

May 11th Update

Added Contagion Steam Workshop and full in-game addon publishing support
Added Panic Classic and Objective game-modes 
Added Panic game-mode to pre-existing maps (look forward to seeing your published maps)
Added Riot Zombie as Player Controlled main zombie for Panic game-modes
Added Riot Zombie first-person hand textures
Added New Zombie Player HUD
Added Golf-Club Kick-starter weapon
Added Player Zombie ?Command? ability to control a horde that is following you
Added Survivor breathing sounds when sprinting
Further optimisation to hit-box code to try improve on current system
Fixed random survivor changing per round

May 12th Update

Improved zombie pathing on Barlowe Square
Fixed Achievements and Key Binds menu elements not being visible
Improved code that gets rid of used weapons when their action is complete (e.g. FirstAid Kit)
Fixed non-chosen player always being the Riot Zombie in Panic game-modes
Fixed flashlight sound repeating, when on dedicated servers
Fixed AI zombies not spawning when changing from a Panic server
Fixed broken survivors spawn system on Escape maps
Improved zombie pathing on Barlowe Square
Fixed Eugene?s materials to glow when he is seen through Zombie Vision
Fixed IED quick-dropping glitch that caused weapon HUD to order incorrectly

8 MB


Contagion Update 7 - REVOLT

Changelog de ésta versión:


2.8 MB


Contagion Update 8 - REVOLT

Changelog de ésta versión:


8.1 MB


Contagion Update 9 - REVOLT 18/05/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Added Hunted and both Panic game-modes the ability to play up to 16 players now 
Added Contagion Workshop Manager to the ContagionSDK. Removed in-game add-on publisher for favour of better software 
Added ability for mappers to set different spawn weapons for survivors 
Tweaked HUD elements to support 16 players on those servers 
Fixed riot-zombie having female legs for those who picked a female character 
Fixed issue with first-person hands movement 'lagging' when in dedicated servers 
Fixes to Barlowe Square nav-mesh, fenced areas and fixed some camping spots

Remember more updates this month and major updates every month of 2014 so keep checking in for more info! 

244.4 MB


Contagion Update 10 - REVOLT 20/05/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


8.1 MB


Contagion Update 11 - REVOLT 02/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


446.1 MB


Contagion Update 12 - REVOLT 04/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

June 4th Update ? Changelog:

Added ?you are here? maps around Barlowe to help navigation.
Added glow symbol underneath infected survivors when seen through zombie vision. 
Added additional checks to try solve invisible survivor glitch.
Improved many areas on Barlowe square and fixed lots of exploited areas.
Riot zombies in Panic gamemodes can now cause infection with claws but not with grapple bite.
Bigger penalty in Hunted for suicide and new penalty for drawing a round.
Many navmesh fixes to Barlowe Square to help with Extraction.
Fixed zombies disappearing when killed instead of seeing a corpse.
Adjustments to crossbow accuracy and power.
Adjusted GPS in Barlowe Extraction to not be so bright.
Adjusted delay after grapple that zombies can hit survivors.
Adjusted microphone drawing in Panic gamemodes scoreboard.
Adjusted 16 player scoreboard to change to 16 slot layout when number of players goes above 8.
Adjusted character breathing sounds when running out of stamina.
Fixed ability for some weapons to do large friendly fire on Normal difficulty.
Fixed ability to join a Hunted game as a survivor in the last remaining minutes.
Fixed pathing entities causing navigation issues on Barlowe.
Removed per-difficulty damage adjustment for Grenades.


Server browser is working. Only cracked servers are shown.You can host your own cracked dedicated server. You can change your dedicated server settings and modes from server.cfg
Only dedicated servers are shown in the server browser. If you host a game from the game client, try sending invites to your friends.
Port 27015 must be open in your firewall and router.

119.6 MB


Contagion Update 13 - REVOLT 17/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


8 MB


Siempre asegurate de que tus drivers estén al día para evitar cualquier problema.

ATI Drivers:

NVIDIA Drivers:

DirectX End-User Runtime:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)

Creative Labs Drivers:

Intel Drivers: 

AMD Drivers:

Saitek Drivers:


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Agregado Contagion Update 13 - REVOLT 17/06/2014
hola que tal? me lo llevado yo unos amigos y estamos jugandolo.. esta muy buen gracias por el aporte... un pregunta.. de donde vas sacando los updates?
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