Luca Turilli: Goodbye Mighty Inmortal Warrior-Mega

Rhapsody of Fire ? Luca Turilli: Goodbye Mighty Inmortal Warrior 

Género: Symphonic Power Metal 
País: Italia 


CD 1: Emerald Sword Saga

01. Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain
02. Rage Of The Winter (Remake)
03. Land Of Immortals (Remake)
04. Where Dragons Fly
05. Riding The Winds Of Eternity (Edit)
06. Triumph For My Magic Steel (Alternate Version)
07. Guardians (Helloween Cover)
08. Rosa Nera
09. Godforsaken Bitch
10. Holy Thunderforce (Alternate Version)
11. Warlord?s Last Challenge
12. The Mighty Ride Of Firelord (Edit Version)
13. Rise From The Sea Of Flames
14. And The Legend Ends
15. Tears At Nightfall
16. Where Dragons Fly (Duet Version).

CD 2: Dark Secret Saga

01. Unholy Warcry (Edit version)
02. The Magic Of The Wizards Dream (English Version)
03. Thunders Mighty Roar
04. Lo Specchio D?Argento
05. Autumn Twilight
06. Guardians of Destiny (English Version)
07. Age Of The Red Moon
08. Non ho Sonno (Goblin Cover)
09. Defenders Of Gaia
10. Nekron?s Bloody Rhymes
11. Son Of Pain (Italian Version)
12. Power Of Thy Sword (ManoWar Cover)
13. A New Saga Begins
14. Labyrinth of Madness
15. Sea of Fate (Orchestal Version)
16. Inmortal New Reign
17. Flash of the blade

CD 3: Virtual Odyssey Saga

01. Demonheart (EP Version)
02. Warrior?s Pride (Duet Version)
03. Dark Comet?s reign
04. Autumns Last Whisper
05. King Of The Nordic Twilight (Edit)
06. Black Realms Majesty
07. Rondeau In C Minor
08. I?m Alive
09. Caprice En A Minor
10. Altitudes (Piano Version)
11. Knight Of Immortal Fire
12. Princess Aurora (Francaise)
13. Prophet Of The Last Eclipse (Edit)
14. Demonheart (Vocals by Andre Matos)

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3 Comentarios Luca Turilli: Goodbye Mighty Inmortal Warrior-Mega
Excelente banda, excelente guitarrista y el disco ni se diga.
Muchas gracias +5  
gracias mae por la musica
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