Cultivo de Tejidos Vegetales |Inglés|


Plant Tissue Culture. Theory And Practice.

One of the most important biological events in the life cycle of an organism is fertilization, which involves the fusion of two gametes of opposite sex or strain resulting in the formation of a zygote. From this singlecelled zygote originates the entire multicellular and multiorganed body of a higher organism; may it be a flowering plant or a human body. In a flowering plant, for example, structures as morphologically and functionally diverse as underground roots, green photosynthesizing leaves, and beautiful flowers all arise from the single-celled zygote through millions of mitoses. The latter process is a type of cell division characterized by identical products. Theoretically, therefore, all the cells in a plant body, whether residing in the flowers, conducting tissues or root tips, should have received the same genetic material as originally present in the zygote...

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