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Botánica, Producción y Usos

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Avocado (Persea americana Mill.), which has been referred to as the most nutritious of all fruits (Purseglove, 1968), has gained worldwide recognition and significant volume in international trade. Although relatively new in international commerce, this unique fruit has been appreciated and utilized for at least 9000 years in and near its centre of origin in Meso-America (Smith, 1966). Semi-domestication of the avocado dates back to pre-Columbian times, as the fruit was valued by both the Mayan and Aztec civilizations as evidenced by it appearing in their iconography (picture writing) (Storey et al., 1986; Gama-Campillo and Gomez-Pompa, 1991). It is believed that these cultures actively selected for larger fruit size and improved eating quality (Smith, 1966).
Information on the biology, production and utilization of avocado has been readily accessible
in the literature for many years in the form of articles in scientific and trade journals, as well
as advisory pamphlets, bulletins, booklets, and reports. These publications generally address specific aspects of crop biology, production, or handling and are generally specific to particular regions. There has long been a need for a comprehensive scientific-based text, international in scope, that summarizes the current knowledge of this crop.
Global sharing of information on avocado biology, production, and utilization has progressed
since the First World Avocado Congress held in South Africa in 1987 and the subsequent
three world avocado congresses held in California, Israel and Mexico. These meetings
have provided producers, horticultural scientists, extension personnel, and others involved with the avocado industry, opportunities to discuss major problems limiting crop development and possible methods to alleviate these obstacles. These international exchanges of ideas have provided the framework for the comprehensive and global treatment of avocado botany, production and utilization that is presented in this book.

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