U2 - Discografia Completa y demás

Hola a todos, en este post les traigo la discografia de U2 mas unos cds recopilatorios adicionales, todos subido a Mega. 

Albumes de estudio

Three (1979)

"Out of Control"

"Stories for Boys"



Boy (1980)

"I Will Follow" ? 3:36

"Twilight" ? 4:22

"An Cat Dubh" ? 6:21

"Into the Heart" ? 1:53

"Out of Control" ? 4:13

"Stories for Boys" ? 3:02

"The Ocean" ? 1:34

"A Day Without Me" ? 3:14

"Another Time, Another Place" ? 4:34

"The Electric Co." ? 4:48

"Shadows and Tall Trees" ? 4:36


October (1981)

"Gloria" ? 4:14

"I Fall Down" ? 3:39

"I Threw a Brick Through a Window" ? 4:54

"Rejoice" ? 3:37

"Fire" ? 3:51

"Tomorrow" ? 4:39

"October" ? 2:21

"With a Shout" ? 4:02

"Stranger in a Strange Land" ? 3:56

"Scarlet" ? 2:53

"Is That All?" ? 2:59


War (1983)

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" ? 4:40

"Seconds" ? 3:10

"New Year's Day" ? 5:35

"Like a Song..." ? 4:46

"Drowning Man" ? 4:14

"The Refugee" ? 3:40 producida por Bill Whelan

"Two Hearts Beat as One" ? 4:03

"Red Light" ? 3:46

"Surrender" ? 5:34

"40" ? 2:35


The Unforgettable Fire (1984)

«A Sort of Homecoming»-5:28

«Pride (In the Name of Love)»-3:48


«The Unforgettable Fire»-4:55


«4th of July»-2:12


«Indian Summer Sky»-4:17

«Elvis Presley and America»-6:23



Under a Blood Red Sky (1985)

"Gloria" ? 4:45 

"11 O'Clock Tick Tock" ? 4:43 

"I Will Follow" ? 3:47 

"Party Girl" ? 3:08 

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" ? 5:17 

"The Cry / The Electric Co. / Send in the Clowns" ? 5:23

"New Year's Day" ? 4:36 

"40" ? 3:43 

Wide awake in America (1986)

Bad - 7:59

A Sort of Homecoming - 4:04

The Three Sunrises - 3:46

Love Comes Tumbling - 4:41


The Joshua Tree (1987)

«Where the Streets Have No Name»-5:38

«I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For»-4:38

«With or Without You»-4:58

«Bullet the Blue Sky»-4:32

«Running to Stand Still»-4:18

«Red Hill Mining Town»-4:54

«In God's Country»-2:57

«Trip Through The Wires»-3:33

«One Tree Hill»-5:23


«Mothers of the Disappeared»-5:12


Rattle and Hum (1988)

"Helter Skelter (de The Beatles)". [Live]

"Van Diemen's Land".


"Hawkmoon 269".

"All Along The Watchtower" (de Bob Dylan). [Live]

"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". [Live]

"Freedom for my People".

"Silver and Gold". [Live]

"Pride (In the Name of Love)". [Live]

"Angel Of Harlem".

"Love Rescue Me".

"When Love Comes To Town".


"God (Part II)".

"The Star Spangled Banner".

"Bullet the Blue Sky". [Live]

"All I Want Is You".


Achtung Baby (1991)

"Zoo Station" ? 4:36

"Even Better Than the Real Thing" ? 3:41

"One" ? 4:36

"Until the End of the World" ? 4:39

"Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" ? 5:16

"So Cruel" ? 5:49

"The Fly" ? 4:29

"Mysterious Ways" ? 4:04

"Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World" ? 3:53

"Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" ? 5:31

"Acrobat" ? 4:30

"Love Is Blindness" ? 4:23


Zooropa (1993)

"Zooropa" ? 6:31

"Babyface" ? 4:01

"Numb" (Letra: The Edge/Música: U2) ? 4:20

"Lemon" ? 6:58

"Stay (Faraway, So Close!)" ? 4:58

"Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car" ? 5:20

"Some Days Are Better Than Others" ? 4:17

"The First Time" ? 3:45

"Dirty Day" (Letra: Bono y The Edge/Música: U2) ? 5:24

"The Wanderer" featuring Johnny Cash ? 4:44


The Passengers (1996)

Miss Sarajevo


Pop (1997)


«Do You Feel Loved»-5:07


«If God Will Send His Angels»-5:22

«Staring at the Sun»-4:36

«Last Night on Earth»-4:45



«The Playboy Mansion»-4:40

«If You Wear That Velvet Dress»-5:14


«Wake Up Dead Man»-4:52


All That You Can't Leave Behind (2000)

"Beautiful Day" ? 4:06

"Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get out of" ? 4:32

"Elevation" ? 3:46

"Walk On" ? 4:55

"Kite" ? 4:23

"In a Little While" ? 3:37

"Wild Honey" ? 3:45

"Peace on Earth" ? 4:46

"When I Look at the World" ? 4:15

"New York" ? 5:28

"Grace" ? 5:31


How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004)


«Miracle Drug»-3:54

«Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own»-5:08

«Love and Peace or Else»-4:48

«City of Blinding Lights»-5:47

«All Because of You»3:34

«A Man and a Woman»-4:30

«Crumbs from Your Table»-5:03

«One Step Closer»-3:48

«Original of the Species»-4:41


«Fast Cars»-3:44


No Line on the Horizon (2009)

«No Line on the Horizon»-4:12


«Moment of Surrender»-7:24

«Unknown Caller»-6:03

«I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight»-4:14

«Get on Your Boots»-3:25

«Stand Up Comedy»-3:50

«Fez ? Being Born»-5:17

«White as Snow»-4:41


«Cedars of Lebanon»-4:13


Songs of Innocence (2014)

«The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)»-4:16

«Every Breaking Wave»-4:13

«California (There Is No End to Love)»-4:00

«Song for Someone»-3:47

«Iris (Hold Me Close)»-5:20


«Raised by Wolves»-4:06

«Cedarwood Road»-4:26

«Sleep Like a Baby Tonight»-5:02

«This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now»-5:06

«The Troubles»-4:46

CDs Adicionales 

the best of 1980-1990 [2cds]
the best of 1990-2000 [2cds]
boy deluxe [2cds]
october deluxe [2cds]
the joshua tree deluxe
the unforgettable fire deluxe [2cds]
war deluxe [2cds]
u218 singles 





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