VA - The Ultimate Reggae Album (6CD's)

VA - The Ultimate Reggae Album (6CD's) (2011)
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Hola gente buen dia buweno pues ayer les traje la Mega coleccion De Boleres, asi que hoy decidi postear esta nueva coleccion de Reggae, espero que sea de su agrado.


1.Beenie Man - Who Am I?
2.Shaggy - Lately (With Rayvon)
3.Shabba Ranks - Mr Loverman (With Deborahe Glasgow)
4.Sean Paul - Beware (Boss Riddim By O$$Bo$$)
5.Yellowman - Zungguzunggugunzunguzeng
6.Cutty Ranks - The Stopper
7.Wayne Marshall - Party Here
8.Top Cat - Request The Style
9.Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi
10.J C Lodge - Telephone Love


11.Bob Marley - The Sun Is Shining
12.Phillip Leo & CJ Lewis - Youn, Gifted & Black
13.Desmond Dekker - You Can Get It If You Really Want
14.Barrington Levy - Here I Come
15.Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Another One Bites The Dust
16.Winsome - Am I The Same Girl?
17.Tenor Fly - The Bright Side Of Life
18.Dennis Brown - Slow Down Woman
19.Nerious Joseph & Tenor Fly - My Girl
20.Janet Lee Davis - Baby I've Been Missing You


21.Dawn Penn - No, No , No (With Bounty Killer, Dennis Brown & Ken Boothe)
22.Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go (Smooth Summer Mix)
23.Dennis Brown - Money In My Pocket
24.Dillinger - Cocaine In My Brain
25.Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Stop That Train
26.Dr. Alimantado - The Chalice Blaze
27.Delroy Wilson - Cool Operator
28.Dennis Brown - Silver Words
29.Jacob Miller - Baby I Love You So
30.Bobby Jamaica - Party Time


31.Arrow - Hot Hot Hot
32.Barrington Levy - Too Experienced
33.Wayne Wonder - Spare Me34.
Jacques Camus - Come On
35.Clyde & The KGS - Takin' It Easy (Instrumental Mix)
36.Bobby Jamaica - Around My Way
37.Arnold Drake - Girly Girly
38.Ben Gidsjoy - The Beat Goes On
39.Clyde & The KGS - Wah Jah (Instrumenta Mix)
40.Bobby Jamaica - Wicked Tuff


41.The Dubtings - Cigar Man
42.Digby Jones - Dubweiser
43.The Dubtings - Vibe Flow
44.Jacques Camus - Kingston Dub Bus
45.Arnold Drake - Midnight Skank
46.Kinkyminky - Turn It Up (DJ Dubplate Mix)
47.Clyde & The KGS - Come Over Her Baby
48.Eustice Beckford - Streets Ahead
49.Tippa Quarn - Tribal Drum (With Cold Danny)
50.Lion Zimma - Lost Station Dub


51.Clyde & The KGS - Skanktimple (Dub Mix)
52.The Dubtings - Feelin' Irie
53.Jerry Douala - Are You Ready? (1977 Original Mix)
54.Delroy Jenkin's Sonik Soul Band - Simple Dub (Instrumental Mix)
55.The Original Roots - Play Some Music For I
56.Burnie Ranking - Fire Truck Riddim
57.Winston Nino & The Humble-ites - Jah Mash Down The Wicked
58.Leroy Eastwood - Time To Recover
59.James Darnley - Catamaran
60.Bobby Jamaica - Mister Man (7" Edit)

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A mi parecer una muy buena coleccion de Reggae.
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