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Como Descargar Nascar Rumble [ePSXe] | Android

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  • Publicado hace más de 3 años

In a championship, the player can participate in a championship, such as Metropolis, and will have three races to do in that championship. Depending on how well the player does in each race, they are rewarded with ten points for a win, eight for second, six for third, four for fourth, two for fifth, and one for sixth. A running total is kept, and final standing position is based on the total points earned in all three races. If the player finishes in first, they receive a trophy and unlock the legend race in that series.
Championships can also be played in "Cyber team" mode where there are three teams with two players on each. The team members combine their points and the standings are based on both members, so it can be a good check of strength for an expert player. There is also "co-op" mode, where two human players are on a team.
There is also a "Legend" mode, where a player can unlock a past NASCAR driver in a championship against the legend and four "regular' drivers. However, the player must finish first, and not just beat the legend. For example, if the player finishes in second, and the legend is third, the legend will not be unlocked.

Instalar El Emulador ePSXE  para jugar el Juego : https://youtu.be/CxNtl2j0KB4

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