"¿Quien ha visto el viento? Ni tu ni yo..."

Machanichal wet dream - Randy Prozac [email protected]


Written & Produced by Randy Prozac
Blood From The Sun
i can smell your blood
let's have a feeding frenzy
we celebrate the sun
we cannibalize it's name
i get a feeling in me
we can't unbind our destiny
when light fades in a dream
break the fantasy
hey sister
we can feed
on the need divine
don't let go
we can beat the same heart
wait, don't run
give the feeling some time
let's play with fire
we came under the sun
there's blood all over me
they don't know
they wouldn't sleep at night
inside of me it came
then inside of me was gone
in our mark in vein
the sun appeased again
became a fire in your brain
in rays of blood
babe, it's hot
we had to find
the reason behind
don't be afraid
we need to burn the prison
made of light
we gave the sacrifice
blood from the sun
in the blinding day
as you bleed on me
red, your darkest end
and finally be gone
together we begged
sinking in fire we're devoured 
be strong and let go
then we can leave it behind
and become in-between
hey, it's me
it's what you dream, defined
death erotic
we can sleep infinite
drink your blood
i need your dreams to feed on
fed the fire
we become entwined in a seance

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