MKVToolnix MKVmerg v9,4,0 (Editor archivos MKV)

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Crea, modifica e inspecciona archivos Matroska (MKV)

?MKVToolnix es un conjunto de herramientas que te ayudarán a crear, modificar e inspeccionar archivos Matroska. Hace para Matroska lo que OGMtools hace para el formato OGM.

Con estas herramientas puedes obtener información acerca de los archivos Matroska (mkvinfo), puedes extraer pistas y datos desde los archivos Matroska (mkvextract) y crear archivos Matroska (mkvmerge) desde otros archivos multimedia. Matroska es un nuevo formato de archivo multimedia con el objetivo de convertirse en el nuevo formato de contenedor para el futuro.


Versión 9.4.0 (Knurl)

mkvpropedit: bug fix: mkvpropedit will no longer say that it's writing the changes if only attachment changes are specified and none of the specified attachments can be found.
MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor bug fix: overly long chapter names don't cause the GUI's window to become overly wide anymore. Fixes #1760.
mkvmerge: DTS bug fix: if present mkvmerge will use an XLL extension's sample rate information as the sample rate to put into the track headers. Fixes #1762.
mkvmerge: new feature: added support for reading Apple ProRes video from MOV/MP4 files. Patch by Chao Chen (see AUTHORS).
mkvmerge: bug fix: when appending files mkvmerge wasn't starting clusters on video key frame anymore for the first and all following appended files. Fixes #1757.
MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool enhancement: when adding attachments the GUI will check if there are attachments or attached files with the same name as the file to add. If so the GUI will tell the user and ask for confirmation.
mkvmerge: enhancement: mkvmerge now accepts file names in square brackets for appending files, e.g. "mvkmerge -o out.mkv [ in1.avi in2.avi in3.avi ]" instead of "mkvmerge -o out.mkv in1.avi + in2.avi + in3.avi".
mkvmerge: bug fix: VP8 in Ogg: fixed dropping the first frame and the timestamp calculation. Fixes #1754.
mkvmerge: bug fix: mkvmerge does no longer emit a warning if no comment header packet is found when reading tracks from Ogg/OGM files. See #1754.
MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool enhancement: the "select a play list to add" dialog does now contain a column with the number of chapters for each play list found.
MKVToolNix GUI: job queue enhancement: dragging & dropping a valid .mtxcfg file (either a full job file or one containing only merge settings without the job properties) onto the job queue window will import the dropped .mtxcfg job into the job queue. Rest of the implementation of #1714.
MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool enhancement: dragging & dropping a job queue .mtxcfg file onto the merge tool or using one as a command line parameter to the mkvtoolnix-gui executable will import the .mtxcfg job into the job queue. Part of the implementation of #1714.
MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool bug fix: the automatic adjustments to the output file name based on the track types selected for muxing and the mechanism for keeping output file names unique had been broken since release v9.3.0. Fixes #1743.
MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool enhancement: toggling the WebM mode check box will update the output file name's extension automatically.

PESO: 27.7 Mb
IDIOMA: Multilenguaje / Español
VERSIÓN: 9.4.0
COMPARTIDO POR: [* [email protected] *]
SOPORTE PLATAFORMA: Windows /7/8/8.1/10 (32bit)-(64bit)


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