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7 CD Metal (Rock) [MEGA] 320 kbps

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Opeth - Blackwater Park (2001)

Artist: Opeth
Album: Blackwater Park
Genre: Progressive Metal, Death Metal
Year: 2001
Format: MP3 320kbps



01 - The Leper Affinity
02 - Bleak
03 - Harvest
04 - The Drapery Falls
05 - Dirge For November
06 - The Funeral Portrait
07 - Patterns In The Ivy
08 - Blackwater Park

CD 2 Deluxe Edition
01 - Still Day Beneath the Sun
02 - Patterns in the Ivy II

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon [Remastered Japanese Edition] (1983)

Artist: Ozzy Osbourne
Album: Bark at the Moon [Remastered Japanese Edition]
Genre: Heavy Metal, Doom Metal
Year: 1983
Format: MP3 320kbps

Pass: 555identi.li


01 Bark At The Moon
02 You're No Different
03 Now You See It (Now You Don't)
04 Rock'N'Roll Rebel
05 Centre Of Eternity
06 So Tired
07 Slow Down
08 Waiting For Darkness
09 Spiders
10 One Up The 'B' Side

Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick (1991)

Artist: Morbid Angel
Album: Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick
Genre: Death Metal
Format: MP3 320kbps

: 555identi.li

1. Intro
2. Fall From Grace
3. Brainstorm
4. Rebel Lands
5. Doomsday Celebration
6. Day of Suffering
7. Blessed Are the Sick / Leading the Rats
8. Thy Kingdom Come
9. Unholy Blasphemies
10. Abominations
11. Desolate Ways
12. The Ancient Ones

Death- Human 1991

Artist: Death
Album: Human
Genre: Death metal técnico
Death metal progresivo
Country:   USA
Year: 1991
Format: MP3 320kbps

: 555identi.li

1 Flattening of Emotions
2 Suicide Machine
3 Together as One
4 Secret Face
5 Lack of Comprehension
6 See Through Dreams
7 Cosmic Sea» (Instrumental)
8 Vacant Planets

Obituary - Cause Of Death (1990)

Artist: Obituary
Album: Cause of Death
Genre: Death metal
Country:   USA
Year: 1990
Format: MP3 320

: kbps

01 Infected
02 Body Bag
03 Chopped in Half
04 Cyrcle of the Tyrants
05 Dying
06 Find the Arise
07 Cause of Death
08 Memories Remain
09 Turned Inside
10. Infected (Demo Version)
11. Memories Remain (Demo Version)
12. Chopped In Half (Demo Version)

Insaniam - Neurotic Mental Storm (2015)

Artist:: Insaniam
Album: Neurotic Mental Storm
Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Country: Spain
[email protected]

: 555identi.li

1. Enter The Insaniam
2. Intoxicated Call
3. Fall And Rise
4. Thy Eternal Calm
5. Infernal Waves Of Time
6. Blind With Rage
7. Sensory Dawn Of Release

Vallet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire (Deluxe Edition) 2008

Artist: Vallet For My Valentine
Album: Scream Aim Fire (Deluxe Edition)
Genre: Metal alternativo, Heavy metal, Rock
Country:   USA
Year: 2008
Format: MP3 320kbps



01. Scream Aim Fire
02. Eye Of The Storm
03. Hearts Burst Into Fire
04. Waking The Demon
05. Disappear
06. Deliver Us From Evil
07. Take It Out On Me
08. Say Good Night
09. End Of Days
10. Last To Know
11. Forever & Always
12. Road To No Where (Bonus Track)
13. Watching Us Die Tonight (Bonus Track)
14. One Good Reason Why (Bonus Track)
15. Ashes Of The Innocent (Bonus Track)


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