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8 CD Metal [MEGA] [320 kbps]

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Carcass - Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious

Artist: Carcass
Album: Descanting the Insalubrious
Genre: Death metal
Country: UK
Year: 1991
Format: MP3 320kbps

Pass: 555identi.li


01 Inpropagation
02 Corporal Jigsore Quandary
03 Symposium of Sickness
04 Pedigree Butchery
05 Incarnated Solvent Abuse
06 Carneous Cacoffiny
07 Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition
08 Forensic Clinicism/The Sanguine Article

Mercyful Fate - Melissa (1983) (2005,Remastered)

Artist: Mercyful Fate
Album: Melissa (1983) (2005,Remastered)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Denmark
Year: 1983
Format: 320 kbps


01. Evil
02. Curse Of The Pharaohs
03. Into The Coven
04. At The Sound Of The Demon Bell
05. Black Funeral
06. Satan's Fall
07. Melissa
08. Black Masses [B-side Of "Black Funeral" Single] [25th Anniversary Edition bonus]
09. Curse Of The Pharaohs [BBC Radio 1 Session] [25th Anniversary Edition bonus]
10. Evil [BBC Radio 1 Session] [25th Anniversary Edition bonus]
11. Satan's Fall [BBC Radio 1 Session] [25th Anniversary Edition bonus]
12. Curse Of The Pharaohs [Demo] [25th Anniversary Edition bonus]
13. Black Funeral [Demo] [25th Anniversary Edition bonus]

My Dying Bride - Turn Loose the Swans (Japan Edition) (1993)

Artist: My Dying Bride
Album: Turn Loose the Swans (Japan Edition)
Genre: Gothic Metal, Doom Metal
Year: 1993
Format: MP3 320kbps


01 - Sear Me MCMXC III
02 - Yout River
03 - The Songless Bird
04 - The Snow in My Hand
05 - The Crown of Sympathy
06 - Turn Loose the Swans
07 - Black God
08 - Your River (Live)

Kreator-1989-Extreme Aggression

Artist: Kreator
Origin: GER
Album: Extreme Aggression
Genre: Thrash Metal, Black Metal
Year: 1989
Format: MP3 320kbps


01 Extreme Aggressions
02 No Reason To Exist
03 Love Us Or Hate Us
04 Stream of Consciousness
05 Some Pain Will Last
06 Betrayer
07 Don't Trust
08 Bringer Of Torture
09 Fatal Energy

Bruce Dickinson - Judas Priest – Los Angeles 1990

Artist: Bruce Dickinson / Judas Priest
Album: Extreme Aggression
Genre: Heavy Metal
Format: MP3 320kbps

1 Bruce Dickinson     Riding With The Angels    
2 Bruce Dickinson     Born In '58    
3 Bruce Dickinson     Lickin' The Gun    
4 Bruce Dickinson     Hell On Wheels    
5 Bruce Dickinson     All The Young Dudes    
6 Bruce Dickinson     Tattooed Millioaire    
7 Bruce Dickinson     SIn City    
8 Bruce Dickinson     Wishing Well    
9 Bruce Dickinson     Black Night    
10 Judas Priest  Riding On The Wind    
11 Judas Priest   Grinder    
12 Judas Priest   Heading Out To The Highway    
13 Judas Priest   Between The Hammer And The Anvil    
14 Judas Priest   Better By You Better Than Me    
15 Judas Priest   Leather Rebel    
16 Judas Priest   Hell Bent For Leather    
17 Judas Priest  You've Got Another Thing Coming

Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast (1982)

Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: The Number of the Beast
Genre: Heavy Metal
Year: 1982
Format: MP3 320kbps


01 - Invaders
02 - Children Of The Damned
03 - The Prisoner
04 - 22 Acacia Avenue
05 - The Number Of The Beast
06 - Run To The Hills
07 - Gangland
08 - Hallowed Be Thy Name

Iron Maiden  - A Matter Of Life And Death - 2006

Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: A Matter Of Life And Death
Genre: Heavy Metal
Year: 2006
Format: MP3 320kbps


1. Different World
2. These Colours Don't Run
3. Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
4. The Pilgrim
5. The Longest Day
6. Out Of the Shadows
7. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
8. For The Greater Good of God
9. Lord Of Light
10. The Legacy

Megadeth - Rust in Peace (1990) 320kbps

Artist: Megadeth
Origin: USA
Album: Rust in Peace
Genre: Thrash Metal, Speed Metal
Year: 1990
Format: MP3 320kbps


01 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
02 Hangar 18
03 Take No Prisoners
04 Five Magics
05 Poison Was The Cure
06 Lucretia
07 Tornado Of Souls
08 Dawn Patrol
09 Rust In Peace... Polaris


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