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Teenage Dreams Collection (36 CDs)

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Teenage Dreams Vol. 01

Bernie Lawrence - Collecting Girls
Bill Quad - Oh Susie Darling
Billy Donahue - Oo Darlin'
Billy Mishel - Paradise Found
Bob Gifford - Mary Goes 'round
Bob Loye - Another Mr. Blue
Bobby Bristol - Marilyn
Bobby Gee & Celestials - Blue Jean
Charlie & Don - A Young Man's Fancy
Charlie Flener - So In Love With Him
Chriz Montez - They Say
Dick Caruso - If I
Dick Webb - Land Of Teenage Love
Eddie Reeves - Cry Baby
Freddie Dame & Bobby's Trailers - Love Is A Game
Gena Bua - I Dream Of You
Gene Bua - Blue Eyed Darling
Ginny Zee - Bobby Baby
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Jackie Dunn - Playboy
Janice Ward - Double Crossing Sweetie Pie
Jennie Smith - It's Murder For Roberta
Linda Laurie - Prince Charming
Marc Cavell & Class Mates - I See It
Melrose Baggy - Beauty
Pete Shrayder - Where's The Girl For Me
Rick Randell - Take My Name And Number
Ronnie Master - I Love You So
Sammy Salvo - A Mushroom Cloud
Teen-Age Dreams Vol1-Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol1-Front
Tommy Walters - Little Angel
Vic Diaz - So Mean To Me
Vinnie Monte - One Of The Guys
Wayne Cochran - Cindy Marie

Teenage Dreams Vol. 02

Bachelor Three - Whisper
Buddy Guitar - Much Too Young
Buddy Sheperd - I'm Hypnotized
Danny Hargrove - Don't Want Yor Cryin'
Dene Four - Hush-A-Bye
Dick Glasser - Heartaches Over You
Don Cole - Saturday Night Party Time
Don Sharp - Tree Of Love
Donnie Henderson - Off To School
Frank Lendidi - Give To Me
Gigi Parker - Lonely Girl Blue
Henry Gaddy Wilson - Nothing At Night
Holidays - Love That's True
Jay & Ray - Kathy Baby
Jimmy Boyd - Cream Puff
Johnny David - Race With The Devil
Johnny October - First Time
Jordan & Fascinations - Give Me Your Love
Kenny Dino - What Did I Do
Larry Stanton - Love Notes
Linda Laurie - All Winter Long
Lou Christie - Little Did I Know
Merrell & Exiles - Too Many Heartbreaks
Mike Allen - Miracles Do Come True
Morgan - Oh, Hey There, You
Ralph London - Someday You'll Be My Girl
Rick Randell - Dining And Dancing
Rocky Hart - Crying
Sonny James & Eligibles - Talk Of The School
Teen-Age Dreams Vol2-Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol2-Front (Small)
Terri Anders - Come Back My Love
Tom King With Ardells & Starfires - I Know
Tony Amaro - Please Stay With Me (I Confess)

Teenage Dreams Vol. 03

Art August - Lovin´ Up A Storm
Artie Garr - Beat Love
Bobby Bishop - Ann Marie
Bobby Bishop - Santa Claus (Don't Pass Me By)
Bobby Whalen - Angel Love
Dan Rogers - I´d Be Lost Without You
Dante - Say It To Me
Denny Reed - A Teenager Feels It, Too
Dolphins - Tell Tale Kisses
Dorothy Collins - It Doesn't Matter
Four Youngmen - Just For Tonight
Frank Cherval - Carnival Girl
Frank Gari - Lullaby Of Love
Jackie Dunham - Slow Down Your Life
Jamie Foster - It's Two O'clock
Jerry Keller - Be Careful How You Drive Young Joey
Jimmy Curtiss - Without You
Johnny Deerfield - Lonely Soldier Boy
Judy Brown - First Day Of School
Marc Stewart - S.W.A.K
Marlin Greene - Walking To The Dance
Marty Filler - Pretty Little Joanie
Marty Filler - Yea, Bom, Dom, De, Dubi, Dubi, Dom
Matadors - Ace Of Hearts
Paul Greenwood - Blue Ribbon For Love
Ray Artis - Art Of Love
Russ Aladdin - Once Upon A Midnight
Steve Monahan - The Leaves Of Fall
Ted Wayne - Don't Dream
Teen-Age Dreams Vol3-Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol3-Front (Small)
Tommy Leonetti - Walk, Don't Run
Vinny & Kenny - School Time
Wally Wiggins - Sweeter Than Sweet
Wayne Brooks - Will You Stay In Love

Teenage Dreams Vol. 04

Allan Lyford & The Thunderbirds - Love Me
Bachelor Three - Lover Man
Bill Ham & Vandels - Dream On
Bob Montgomery - Taste Of The Blues
Bobby Comstock - Your Big Brown Eyes
Bobby Vinton - You`ll Never Forget
Dale Ward - Young Lovers After Midnight
Danny Boyd - Come On Back
Danny Jordan - Jeannie
Dick Buscher & Cliches - Run Boy
Doris Webb - Kiss Goodbye
Eddie & Centuries - My Girl
Gary Cane - The Fight
Gary Temkin - I`m Runnin' Away
Jana D`ora - King Bee
Jerry Knight - I Wish, I Wish
Johnny Cymbal - Always Always
Johnny David - I Met A Girl
Johnny Dawn & Passions - What Can I Do
Judy Brown - Dear Santa
Larry Hovis - We Could Have Lots Of Fun
Laurels - Picture Of Love
Lee Sellars - When I Get Through With You
Mike Joseph - Sandy
Ray Allen & Upbeats - Donna
Ray Ruff - My Wish Is You
Roger Wayne & Clic - Ballad Of Sarah Lee
Stan Daniel - Confused
Steve Karmen - Watchin'  And Waitin'
Teen-Age Dreams Vol.4-Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol.4-Front (Wince)
Timothy Hay - Breakaway

Teenage Dreams Vol. 05

Alica Adams - The Ballad Of Ronnie
Bill Giant - Better Let Her Go
Billy Stewart - This Is A Fine Time
Bob Conrad - Bye Bye Baby
Clark Richard - Blue Teardrops
Dale Ward - Crying For Laura
Dean Reed - Once Again
Dick Glasser - Leave Me Alone (And Let Me Cry)
Eddie De Rae - Ridin' On Rainbow
Frank Lemming - All By Myself Alone
Herb & Jerry - Suzanne
Impacs - Two Strangers
Jim Cava - Humpty Dumpty Heart
Jimmy Jay - Fairytales Don't Ever Come True
Joe Bellomo - Gift Of The Gods
Joe Tedora - Why Does My Baby Cry
John Fred & Playboys - Mirror, Mirror (On The Wall)
Jordan Christopher - Broken Hearted Boy
Kris Jensen - Busy Signal
Larry Moon - The Tijuana Ball
Linda Powers - Turn-Ba-Lov
Ray Artis - Wella Wella
Ray Whitley - Deeper In Love
Ricky Shaw - A Fool's Memory
Rix Slaughter - Lonely Little Girl
Roger Douglass - But Suddenly
Ronnie Lee - Teach Me Tiger
Rose Du Bats - Signals From Saturn
Spark Plugs - My Sheila
Stan Robinson - My Heart Beats
Teen-Age Dreams Vol.5-Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol.5-Front (Wince)
Untouchables - Poor Boy Needs A Preacher
Winnie Monte - Hey, Look At The Winter Snow

Teenage Dreams Vol. 06

Al Anthony - Force Of Love
Allen Reynolds - Just A Friend
Bachelors - Crying Over You
Ballard Brothers - New Girl In The Neighbourhood
Bill Cothern - Some Day The Bells Will Ring
Bill Phillips - Walk With Me Baby
Billy Sills - It's A Brand New Term
Carol Connors - Big Big Love
Connie & Cones - No Time For Tears
Crockett Brothers - After You've Been So True
Dale Warren - Follow Your Heart
Danny Janssens - Mirror On The Wall
Darvin - Little Gold Locket
Eddy Lee - The Wrong Kind Of Love
Floyd Robinson - The Magic Lamp
Gena Bua - Once Upon A Time
Johnny Alladin - Why Did You Go
Johnny Delvin - Angel Of Love
Kenny Rossi - But I Do
Marty Gino - Cry Baby Sigh Ba-A-By
Marty Vine - Cheryl
Mike Masters - Whole Wide World
Narvel Felts - I Swear By Stars Above
Richie & Dee - Never Never Land
Ronnie Cochrane - Poor Boy
Ronnie James - Falling Tears
Rusty Lane - Darling Goodbye
Smoothies - Softly
Statens - Summertime Is The Time For Love
Sue Landers - It Hurts Too Much To Laugh
Tassels - The Boy For Me
Tassels - To A Soldier Boy
Teen-Age Dreams Vol6-Back (1)
Teen-Age Dreams Vol6-Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol6-Front (Wince)
Tommy Thrasher - Teenage Queen

Teenage Dreams Vol. 07

Aki Aleong - Trade Winds, Trade Winds
Art Wayne - Try And Try Again
Artie Wayne - Where Does A Rock & Roll Singer Go
Aztecs - Teenage Hall Of Fame
Barker Brothers - Tonight, Baby Tonight
Bobby Swanson - Janie's Face
Carol Connors - Listen To The Beat
Cliffie Nash - I Love You Darling
Dal La Roc - What A Fool
Donnie Dean - Movie Star
Dotty Walters - Wonder Who
Ed Read - Charm Bracelet
Grant Higgins - The Seasons Of Love
Jack Moore & Clefs - Half Angel
Jimmy Wilde - Bonnie
Lenny Davis & Megatones - Beginning (And Not The End)
Mike Franklin - All Alone
Nick Venet - Oh Baby
Quantrell Rader - Why Can't The Bells Ring For My Way
Ray Doggett - So Lonely Tonight
Ray Whitley - A Love We Can Have And Hold
Ricky Scott - Darling, Darling
Ronnie Hayden - S.O.S. (I Love You)
Russ Vestee & Downbeats - Shy Guy
Sandy Blair - The Clock Says
Steve Wilson - When Will I Learn Not To Cry
Stintson Brothers - Pleasure Of Your Love
Teen-Age Dreams Vol7-Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol7-Front (Wince)
Terry Scott - Little Angel
Tommy Jay - Going Steady Ring
Tommy Pleasant - Confused
Tony Casanova - Carmen Rita
Vilas Craig - Little Miss Brown Eyes

Teenage Dreams Vol. 08

Barons - Song Of Songs
Bobby Swanson - Ballad Of An Angel
Bobby Swanson - Thank You
Claudia Cari - Those Little Things
Darlene & Jokers - Frankie
Daryl Petty - Flaming Love
Doug, Van, Beck Trio - Sweet Lucy's Kiss
Dusty Keith - Fool Over You
Gary ''happo'' Mulvaney - Lookin'
Gary Nicholas - Tingle
Harrison J. Freese, Jr. - Just Say No
Jimmy Boyd - I Love You So
Joey Brooks - I Need Your Love
John Price - I'll Never Let Her Go
Johnny Angel & Creations - Where's My Love
Johnny Rose - Choir Girl
Jonna Gault - Man In The Moon
Kimball Coburn - Kam And Pam
Phil Sloan - If You Believe In Me
Ralna English - First Date
Ralph Jerome - And I Cried
Randy Robins - Wishing Star
Rocky Robin & R.R. - What Did You Do Last Night
Ronnie Vincent - Make Me Happy This Winter
Ronny James - Where In The World Are You
Roscoe & L Green Men - You Don't Believe Me
Serafin Sandoval & Veltones - I'll Be
Skip & Echotones - Oh-La-La
Sonny Edwards - This Time I'm Gonna Cry
Teen-Age Dreams Vol8-Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol8-Front (Wince)
Tommy Bee & Juareztones - Claudell
Vicki & Spades - Tell Me No Lies
Vilas Craig & Vi Counts - You Know How
Wade Phillips - Please Don't Lie

Teenage Dreams Vol. 09

Andy Rose - You Weren't There
Aubrey Garrett - Foolish Questions
Chapelaiers - Not Good Enough
Dave Nicholls & Coins - Bells Will Ring
Don Chaney - Don't You Know
Dow Patterson - Faded Summer Love
Eddie De Marr - You're A Gas
Gary Engel & Top Hatters - Kimmy Lee
Howie & Crystals - Golly Gee
Jackie Kallan - Summer Romances
Jimmmy Tabb & Little Boppers - Pink Scarf
Jimmy Ford - We Belong (Togetherr)
Johnnie D & Vel-Deens - Blue Moon
Johnny Halo - Errand Boy
Kenny, Frank & Ray - Why Was I Born
Lady Birds - Why Must I Be Lonely
Lanny Duncan - Why Did You Say Goodbye
Mike Clifford - I'm Afraid To Say I Love You
Mike Drummond - Little Lover
Mike Harris - Just A Memory
Ray Ruff & Checkmates - Uumm Oh Yeah
Reed Harper & Notes - Three Charms
Ric Lance & Spirals - Remember The Lonely
Rick Jarrad - Tell Me Not
Rod Price - My Star All Alone
Roger & Tourains - Joanie
Sandy & Troy & Younger Generation - Who In The World
Southlanders - Cheerleader
Steve Barri - Don't Run Away From Love
Suzy Star - Lover's Quarrel
Teen-Age Dreams Vol9-Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol9-Front (Wince)
Tommy & Eddie - I'll Always Be True
Tommy Boyce - The Gypsy Song
Walt Benton & Diplomats - Summer Love

Teenage Dreams Vol. 10

Art Tucker - Mr. Broken Heart
Bobby Smith - Dream Angel
Bruce Chambelain & Cams & Rhondells - No Love Have I
Buddy Skipper - Make-Believe Baby
Dana & Dexter - Static
Danny Harrison & Count Victors - Two Hearts On A Chain
Deuces Wild (Gary Valette - Ron Amerman) - By Golly Gee
Dino & Ex-Teens - Cathy
Echo Men - You Broke My Heart
Frank Cherval - My Own
Glenn Dunno - Some One Like You
Glenn Duno - Sitting By The Recorder Player
Glenna Dene & Rock Its - Make Life Real
Itels - Star Of Paradise
Jack Herbst - I Didn't Realize
Jimmy Duncan - Eight Wonder Of The World
Johnny Delvin - What's Come Over You
Kim Charney - Sugar Coated Lies
Kitt'n'kory - Across The Moon
Lee Estes - You And Johnny Smith
Mark Alamo & Tempters - Only In Image Of You
Marlin Greene - If It Takes A Fool
Mike Anthony - Little Linda
Moe Maharrey - A Fool In Love
Neil Rice - Throw Away Boy
Ray Artis - Dear Liz
Renee Roberts - I Need You
Rocky Alan - Only You Can Decide
Terry Philips - My Foolish Ways
Va-Teen-Age Dreams Vol 10-Back
Va-Teen-Age Dreams Vol 10-Front (Wince)

Teenage Dreams Vol. 11

Allan Roberts & Echoes - Janice
Art ''turk'' Caraman & Rhytmaires - Eternity Of Love
Bill Andress - A Love To Dream About
Brothers - My True Love
Dale Ward - Lonely Mary Ann
Don Chaney & Ivy Jives - Last Night
Donna Prima - Dion, My Dion
Ed Norris - Bonnie My Love
Freddy Darian - Another Show, Another Town
Garry Miles - Candy From A Stranger
Gary Blair - Tender Lips
Gary Zekely - Other Towns, Other Girls
Jamie Mahair - I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
Jeff Dana - A Boy Can Dream
Jimmy Thomas - I'm A Stranger
Johnny & Echoettes - I Called You Up
Johnny Madara - Heavenly
Judy Miller - That's What I Call Heartaches
Larry & Dave - I Could Cry
Norm & Ray - You Treat Me So Cruel
Ray Ruff - My Gift To You
Rick Skylar - Crying In My Cherry Soda Pop
Rusty Evans - The Night I Crashed Your Party
Sonny Sinbad - Emily
Stanley James - I Need You So
Va-Teen-Age Dreams-Vol11-Back
Va-Teen-Age Dreams-Vol11-Front (Wince)
Vinnie Monte - Trail Of Teardrops
Vito Picone [Elegants] - Song From Moulin Rouge
Wade Phillips - Today
Wayne Storm - Just Like A Fool
Web-Tones - Short Time Love Affair

Teenage Dreams Vol. 12

Al Hartley & Heartbeats - I Never Knew What Love Was Like
Bernie Terrill - Bobby Cries For You
Billy Hall - Goodbye Angel
Blane & Julians - Go On
Bob Alexander - Come Back Linda
Bobby Clark & Rhythm Knights - Little Ragged Doll
Buddy Charles - Oh Yes I Do
Danny Jordan - Just Couldn't Resist Her With Her Pocket Transistor
Donny Marchand - I Confess
Dore Alpert - Dreamland
Dudley Duncan - Gold Cup
Elites - The Boy
Jimmi Capri - An Angel Is Missing
Jimmy Sommers & Slicks - I Love You, You Love Me
Joey Weltz - The Mystery Of Love
Johnny Gamboa - Why Lover
Johnny Wallin - Mandy
Judd Hamilton - Little Lost Angel
Kimball Coburn - No Reason Why
Lewis Weber - Someone
Paul Hampton - Nothing's Impossible (If You Really Want It Bad Enough)
Ralph Jerome - I Believe You Cared
Ricky Shaw - Be Still, Be Still, My Own
Ron & Mottions - Last Night's Dream
Ronnie Lloyd - Sleep Tonight
Sandy Selsie - Gonna Get Some Records
Sherry Starlyn - All Winter Long
Sonny Sheets & Tonettes - Skippin Class
Swingin' Conners - Walkin' The Chalk
Teen-Age Dreams 12 Front
Tracy Pendarvis - Don't Wait On Love
Va - Teen-Age Dreams Vol 12-Back

Teenage Dreams Vol. 13-1

Arena Twins - Oh What A Shame
Billy Sha-Rae - To Love And Be Young
Bob Varga - (Has Anybody Seen) My Pretty Baby
Dell-Tones - A Teenager In Love
Denny & Lenny - Image
Dick Michaels - Never Thought
Dick Rogers - I'm Gonna Love You So
Dick Stewart - Without You
Frankie Staro - Nervous
Hathaway - Will You Stay In Love
Impac's With Chuck Kaniss - Forever And A Day
Jack Bartley - What Does A Dream Mean
Jerry Ray - Signed Sam
Jimmy Beaumont - Camera
Jimmy Littleton - Fountain Of Love
Johnny Mckay - Garden Of Love
Johnny Powers - You're To Blame
Jonnie Tino - Just A Friend
Kathy King - Handle With Care
Larry Hall - Kool Luv
Leonard Brothers - Strange As It Seems
Marlin Greene - I Couldn't Take It Again
Nicky Dee - She's Got The Craziest Little Wiggle
Pat Scot & Impacs - Lost Love
Paul Greenwood - Cryin' Winds
Pete Shrayder - Little Miss Sorry Eyes
Ronnie Ellis & Originals - The Right Way Of Doing Things Wrong
Skip Arne & Dukes - Angel
Teen-Age Dreams-Vol13-Back
Tim Considine - What Do Little Girls Dream Of
Tommy Clark & Shadows - That's Suzanne
Valiants -  Johnny Lonely
Vince Riccio - Paradise Found
Warren Williams - Beautiful As You

Teenage Dreams Vol. 13-2

Bachelors - Is There A Chance
Beau Jives - Dip Dip
Bobby & Billy - One Step Down
Bobby & The Velvets - I Promised
Bobby Bennett - There's Never Been A Girl
Carmelettes - Something Tells Me I'm In Love
Charles Dell - Let's Tell Him Now
Chick Carlton - Tomorrow Never Comes
Con Pierson & The Ekhoes - 6 Pretty Gals
Crestwoods - Lucky Star
David Dante - I'm Getting Married
Dick Taylor - Linda Love
Hollywood Playboys - Ding Dong, School Is Out
Jess Conrad - Hey Little Girl
Judd Hamilton - Little Angel Lost
Lenny Welch - It's Just Not That Easy
Magic Triplets - Stop The Wedding
Mike France - Leave My Past Behind
Mitchell Torok - Little Boy In Love
Paul Knight - Fortune Teller
Philho Perry - Don't Cry Baby
Quantrell Radar - I Loose More Girls That Way
Ricky North - The Angels Bring Me Dreams
Sam Hawkins - Nobody But You
Steve Stevens - Same Home Room
Sue Thompson - Tonight
Tim Considine - What Do Little Girls Dream Of
Vicki Tasso - Dear Ricky
Wade Flemons - Keep On Loving Me
Warren Stephan - Dreamer's Luck

Teenage Dreams Vol. 14

Alvie Self - Young Singer
Bob & Bandits - I'm Gonna Stop Cryin'
Bob Bellows - Goodbye Blue Eyes
Breakers - Balbao Memories
Claudia Cari - A Boy Like You
Derryl Moon - Tana
Dig Richards & R'jays - Hush-A-Bye
Harrison Freese, Jr. - You Better Let Him Go
Jay Ray Wills & 3 Keys - My Old Feelings
Jesse Lee Turner - Teen-Age Misery
Joe Babcock - A Way Of Life
Johnny Barbella - So Confused
Johnny Russell - Please Don't Tell Joe
Karen Lake - When I'm Not Teenage Any More
Kenny Miller - The Letter
Lou Jordan - Paradise For Two
Lou Josie -  Jeannie
Nicardi Brothers - The Ring
Nick Venet - My Dream
Paul Boswell - Mary Jane
Paul Greenwood - Picture Of A Girl
Ronnie Thompson - What's Wrong With Me
Roy Davis & Coachmen Five - Oh, Joan
Russ Aladdin - Me And My Lover
Rusty Evans - Ace Of Sorrow
Silvano Silvi - My True Love
Stevie Stevens - Same Home Room
Strollers - One Summer Love
Teen-Age Dreams Vol14-Cdback
Three Pals - Nitie Night
Toni Bertolet - Vitamin You
Va-Teen-Age Dreams Vol 14-Front

Teenage Dreams Vol. 15

Bachelors - Every Night
Bernie Terrill - Very Special Girl
Billy Snow - There Is A Somewhere
Bobby & Billy Kidd - Young Love Problems
Bobby Brown - Dreamer
Bobby Kriss - Runaway Heart
Bobby Mell - Dedication Time
Breakers - Long Way Home
Dal Perkins - Young Lovers
Dale Vaughan - Let Me Be Loved
Don Brandon - Our Love Is Here To Stay
Fred Simmonds - You're The One I Love
Howie Butler & Reflections - Have A Good Time
James H. Stayton - More Than You'll Ever Know
John Gabriel - Raindrops
Johnny Chester - Teeny
Kenny Price - Somebody Told Mary
Lon Dobro - All The Time
Lou Jordan - Close Your Eyes
Mike Minikel & Savoys - Pretty One
Northern Lights - All Alone
Rick & Randells - Let It Be You
Ritchie Ray - Come Back To Me
Roy Victor - You Are My Wish
Rusty Curry - Tag Along
Sandy Contella - A One Way Love
Sinx Mitchell - Love Is All I'm Asking For
Stan Cayer - Crying On My Pillow
Three G's - Barbara
Va - Teen-Age Dreams Vol 15-Back
Va - Teen-Age Dreams Vol 15-Front
Warren Williams - Abcense Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Teenage Dreams Vol. 16

Altones - Love Me, Love Me
Bill Shaw - Love Me Long
Bobby Wallin - A New Boy In Town
Bobby Yorey - That's What I'll Do
Frank Staro - Edge Of A Star
Frankie Veltrie - Little Girl Please Come Back
Jack Kirby - Cheer Up Little Angel
Jamie Bryan & The Brothers - Little One
Jean Garry - Mr. Make Believe
Jerry Mann - First She Loves Me
Jim Hunter - I Love To Be With You
Jimmy Lane & The Knights - Little Lover
Jimmy Newman - You're Making A Fool Out Of Me
John Gary - The Bells Ring
Linc Bouve - Don't Be
Loren Nichols - Got Me A Girl
Mike Lane - World Of Pretend
Nortones - Susie Jones
Paul Dino - Will You Marry Me
Phil Wilson - Susan
Publio & The Valiants - Lonely Guy
Randy Starr - You're Growing Up
Ray Steele - Sugar Coated Lies
Richard Moreland & The Pyramids - Bells In My Heart
Robert Smith - Prophecy Of Love
Sharon Vale - Star Of Love
Sue Thompson - He's Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol 16-Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol 16-Front
Tommy Frontera - To Be With You
Vickie Spencer - Hello Mr. Dream
Warren Williams - Too Proud To Cry

Teenage Dreams Vol. 17

Alan Gari - A Letter To My Love
Barry Russett - Tongue Tied
Bob Dante - A Pin To A Piano
Bobby Clark & Rhythm Knights - Love Is The Spin I'm In
Bobby Coffman - Without You
Bobby Paris - The Torch Is Out
Continentals - Man With A Broken Heart
Dallas Harms - You Mean The World To Me
Doug Connell & Hot Rods - On Our Way From School
Eddie Simon - Beach Boy
Gene & Echo Tones - She's Gone Away
George Weston - Before A Heart Breaks
Helge Nilsen & Stringers - Do You Love Me Anymore
Jane Bowman - Dearest Little Angel
Jerry Dyke - When My Heart Speaks
Jimmy Charles - Pitter Pitter Patter
Joey Brooks - Little Girl
Johnny Sablan - Imitation Heart
Larry Meadows - Phyllis
Mel Tillis - Say
Otto Brandenburg - Remember Me To Julie
Paul Hondo - Little Tina
Pete Votrian - We Have It Made
Ray Smith - Turn On The Moonlight
Rick Sheldon - Why Does My Baby Cry
Rodney Lay With Blazers - It's All Over But The Crying
Ronnie Mann - A Fool And His Love
Sammy Licano - Beggar Or King
Sierras - So Many Sleepless Nights
Spark Plugs - Tear Of Love
Va - Teen-Age Dreams Vol 17-Back
Va - Teen-Age Dreams Vol 17-Front
Willie Walker - Pen Pals

Teenage Dreams Vol. 18

Aileen Frances - Waiting For Paul To Call
Andy Andrews - Stamps
Brian Weske - Where Does The Clown Go
Buddy Howard With The Vagabond Trio -  Love That Girl
Chris Collins - I Cry On My Pillow
Dean Christie - Teenage Jezebel
Dolores Rodell - Mister Make Believe
Eddie Robbins - Janice
Frankie Staro - You I Like
Fred Bible - High School Memories
Gary Bryant - Crystal Anne
Glenn Mooney - You Lied To Me
Glin Littleton And The Fascinators - Sherry My Love
Grady Chapman - Tell Me That You Care
Jack Larson - Do Yourself A Favor
Jerry Amato - When I Met You
Jerry Landis - Only One You
John And Judy And The Newports - When You Are Lonely
Johnny Laury - I Go And Dream
Johnny Mckay - I Whisper Your Name
Les Sabres Combo - A Million Miles From Nowhere
Lucky Lee - I Play The Part Of A Fool
Nick Todd - Your Loves Got A Grip On Me
Ramona King - Oriental Garden
Rita Curtis - This Little Girl
Roni Powers - An Angel Up In Heaven
Sonny Williams - Nobody Else
Stan Cayer - Why Did I Cry
Tracy And The Travellers - North Star
Va - Teen-Age Dreams Vol 18-Back
Va - Teen-Age Dreams Vol 18-Front

Teenage Dreams Vol. 19

Al Chaney - Somebody Left The Gates Of Heaven Down
Alan Vallone - Iread In A Book
Buddy Howard - Deborah Jean
Cal Raye - My Tears Start To Fall
Davy Douglas - Hungry Heart
Dino Perrone - A Kiss & A Ring
Earl Dukes - I Crossed My Fingers
Four Jacks - A Million Tears Ago
Fred Bible - Blond Hair Green Eyes
Gallent Men - Why Am I Blue
Gary Criss - I'll Love Only You
Gene Goza - Loving Young
Honey Lane & Triumphs - You Do
Jay & Americans - I Rise I Fall
Jehry Miller - So Much In Love With You
Joey Strobel - Prayer For An Angel
Johnny Rebb - How Will It End
Linda Starr - Find A Star
Mark Douglas - He Who Cries Last
Mark London - I'll Get Along
Mel Mcdaniel - Candee
Norm Richards - Please Don't Make Me Blue
Paul Guay - Sweet Little Andrea
Robin Rocket - You Hold The Key
Roomates - Don't Be A Fool In Love
Satellites - Hey Hey Lover
Steve Martin - My Little Angel In Disguise
Tensionettes - You Made Me Cry
Tommy Sena - Let It Be Me
Tony Mercer - The Watch
Trebels - My Little Girl
Va - Teen-Age Dreams Vol 19-Back
Va - Teen-Age Dreams Vol 19-Front

Teenage Dreams Vol. 20

Alan Vallone - Just A Friend
Alan Vallone - The Hurt Goes On And On
Angels - A Lover's Poem (To Him)
Barry Greenwood - Little Angel
Bobby Royal & The R' Jays - Broken Love
Bobby Valenti - Sleepy Sleepy Baby
Bobby Vincent - How Was I To Know
Buzz Stillinger - My First Love
Chuck Roberts - Old Enough To Fall In Live
Corlettes - Tears On My Pillow
Corvettes With Bill Duzan - Janice
Cosmos - (I Feel) You're Torturing My Heart
Curtis Byrd - Turn Some Lights On
Curtis Wilson - Our Love Died Young
Dannie Dexter - Go On
Danny Hargrove - Seven Wonders Of The World
Denny & Lenny - I'll Always Love You
Freddie Bergen - I'm Searchin'
Freddy & Claire - (Right) After School
Gary Scott - Beverly
Jay Rees & The Monarks - Streak Of Lightning
Joey Tyler - All The Good Times Are Over
Johnny Rebb - There You Go
Lanny Duncan - I'm A Lover
Mark Douglas - I Don't Know How
Mickey Bowman - Little Sandy
Montels - Rondevous
Ron Murphy - This Year
Roomates - You'll Say
Sir Walter & The Dee Jays - Sentimental Reasons
Uniques - Little Angel
V20 Cd2 Back
V20 Cd2 Front

Teenage Dreams Vol. 21

Alamos - Love Boy
Andy Kim - I Loved You Once
Bob Beckham - Like A Fool
Bobby Brinkley - Guy With The Car
Chuck Payne - Ripple In The Stream
Clint Nall - I Know When You're Gone
Del Marino - Cupid's Arrow
Dick St. John - Sha Ta
Dickie Allen - Why Did It End
Donna Loren - Hands Off
Ed Bruce - See The Big Man Cry
Eddie Quinn Jr. - Did You Ever Want Someone
Eugene Pitt - Every Day Is Like A Year
Gary Warren - Broken Up
Henry Gaddy Wilson - I'll Never Be Myself Again
Ian Crawford - Lost Weekend
Jackie Wilson - Years From Now
Jay Miller - Can't You Tell Him No
Jimmy Randolph - Caravan Of Lonely Men
Larry Tamblin - My Bride To Be
Lonnie Lee - I'd Like To Leave If I May
Norma Jean - Call Me A Fool
Patsy Ann Noble - Once In A Lifetime
Paul Parker - Little Girl
Renee Roberts - Nobody Knows I'm Around
Richard Berry - Everybody's Got A Lover But Me
Roy Young - Late Last Evening
Sandy Vale - You Don't Love Me Anymore
Satintones - My Beloved
Susun Lyon - There'll Be No Goodbyes
Tani Jones - Half Past Love Time
Td 21 Back
Td 21 Front
Warren Williams - Kath-A-Leen

Teenage Dreams Vol. 22

Andy Andrews - You Can't Leave Me Now
Bernadette Carroll - I Don't Wanna Know
Bernie & Lee - Soldier Boy
Bob Chilton - I Can't Help Loving You
Bobby Swanson - Hello There Lover Doll
Dante - Leave Your Tears Behind You
Dean Evans - Hold Me Close
Dennis Bell - My One Love
Dennis Turner - Somebody To Love Me
Deviny James - Little Girl
Doug Davidson - Letter Returned (Address Unknown)
Earl Sinks - Little Susie Parker
Gary Stites - Little Tear
H.B. Barnum - It Hurts Too Much To Cry
Johnny Appalachian - Up In Smoke
Johnny O'keefe - I Thank You
Johnny Power - A Young Boy's Heart
Junior Waters - The Stars Fell
Kopie Van Teen-Age Dreams 22 - Front Cd Cover
Little Tommy - Guilding Angel
Michael Wesley - Will You Love Me
Otto Brandenburg - Just Another Page
Pair Of Kings - Ev'rytime
Ray Fleming - Something In The Wind
Richie Marsh - Goodbye
Ronnie Rice - Bitter Tears
Ronnie Savoy - And The Heavens Cried
Steve Wright - Forever & Ever
Susan Summers - My Little Johnny
Teen-Age Dreams 22 - Back Cd Cover
Teen-Age Dreams 22 - Front Cd Cover
The Royal Premiers - Who Am I Without Your Love
The Sha-Dels - Suddenly
The Velveteens - Teen Prayer
Vicki Tasso - The Sound Of The Hammer

Teenage Dreams Vol. 23

Al Alberts - Before Tomorrow Is Yesterday
Billy Vance - I Won't Take A Chance
Bix Bryant - Little Miss Muffet
Carl Dobkins Jr. - His Loss Is My Gain
Charles Christy - In The Arms Of A Girl
Connie & The Cones - No Time For Tears
Danny Dell - I'll Wait
Del Reeves - Because You Love Me
Della Rae - Hurry Up Summer
Don Ellis - A Woman's Love
Donnie Charles - Stay With Me
Earl Sinks - Superstitions
Freddie Bergen - I'm Searchin'
Gary Frye - She Left
George Weston - My Foolish Pride
Hilliard Jones - Prison Of Love
Jericho Brown - Don't Cha Know
Jimmy Randolph - Miracle After Miracle
Lewis Weber - Judy
Linda Brannon - Deep Inside Me
Linda Scott - Lopsided Love Affair
Phil John & The Lonely Ones - Why Must I Be Alone
Richie Marsh - They Say
Ritchie Cordell - Raindrops
Robin Dale - That's What They Believe
Ted Harris - One And Only One
Teen-Age Dreams Vol. 23-Farmer - Back
Teen-Age Dreams Vol. 23-Farmer - Front
Teri Allen - Can't Run To Daddy
The Pallisades - Oh Joan
The Sweet Sick Teens - Agnes (The Russian Spy)
The Valiants - Living In Paradise
Tommy Maris - Teenage Lover
Trade Martin - We'll Be Dancing On The Moon

Teenage Dreams Vol. 24

Al Hartley - Our First Date
Babs Tino - Too Late To Worry
Barry Frank - Shelly Baby
Bobby Adams - Save Those Teardrops
Bobby Webb - My Dream
Crescents - Picture Of Love
David Houston - So Young, So Unknowing
Don Schroeder - Big And Lonely World
Ed Townsend - Down Home
Eskew Reeder - Never Again
Fortune Tellers - School Prom
Harry & The Keyavas - If This Is Goodbye
Jimmy Tyler - The Dare
Johnny Fortune - Gee But I Miss You
Keith Loren - Summer Love
Ken Williams - You'll Always Be My Love
Malcolm Dodds - All For The Love Of A Woman
Marty Evans - Ev'rytime
Millie Vernon - Somebody To Love
Nuggets - Just A Friend
Randy Lee - Never, Never
Richard ''popcorn'' Wylie - Greater Than Anything
Sandy Baron - Little Miss Heartbreaker
Shelly Dane - Guarantee Of Love
Sylvia Hill - No More Heart
Teena Roma - Just For You
Teenage Dreams - V24 - (Back)
Teenage Dreams - V24 - (Cd)
Teenage Dreams - V24 - (Front)
Tommy Reed - I Don't Want A Dream
Tony Haven - What Did I Do Now
Travis Delane - Broken Hearts Everywhere
Vic Wilder - (Just Can't Help) My Love For You

Teenage Dreams Vol. 25-1

Al Hartley And The Heartbeats - I Never Knew
Bernie Terrill - Bobby Cries For You
Billy Stewart - This Is The Fine Time
Bobby Swanson - Janie's Face
Buddy Charles - Oh Yes I Do
Charles Dell - Let's Tell Him Now
Christy Allen - Little Circus Clown
Clark Richard - Blue Teardrops
Dale Ward - Crying For Laura
Danny Williams - Wild Wind
Don French - Lonely Saturday Night
Don Schroeder - Quicksand
Jimmy Boyd - I Love You So
Joey Strobel - Prayer For An Angel
Johnny David - I Met A Girl
Lanny Duncan - Why Did You  Say Goodbye
Lefty Frizzell - Heavens Plan
Little Leon Payne And The Playmates - Cindy Lou
Lou Christie - Little Did I Know
Mark Cavell And The Classmates - I See It
Merle Kilgore - Wicked City
Narvel Felts - I Swear By Stars Above
Nick Todd - Your Love's Got A Grip On Me
Skip Arne And The Dukes - Angel
Stan Cayer - Crying On My Pillow
Steve Alaimo - One Good Reason
Steve Monahan - Leaves Of Fall
Td 25 (Farmer) - Front
Td 25 (Farmer) Cd1 - Back
Untouchables - Poor Boy Needs A Preacher
Vince Castro - Too Proud To Cry
Web-Tones - Teenage Dreams

Teenage Dreams Vol. 25-2

Bachelors - Crying Over You
Barry Darvell - Lost Love
Bernie Terrill - Very Special Girl
Bill Casher - No Matter What I Do
Billy Donahue - Oo Darling
Bobby Bare - Dear Wastebasket
Brothers - My True Love
Charles Christy - In The Arms Of A Girl
Charlie Rich - Turn Around And Face Me
Danny Vincent - Carolyn
Darwin - Little Gold Locket
Dick Glasser - Heartaches Over You
Eddie Robbins - Janice
Grant Higgins - Seasons Of Love
Jana D'ora - King Bee
Jerry Cole - Land Of Dreams
Jimmy Tyler - The Dare
Johnny Walker - Beginning Of The End
Kenny Dino - What Did I Do
Merle Kilgore - A Girl Named Liz
Mickey Bowman - Little Sandy
Nick Venet - My Dream
Ray Doggett - So Lonely Tonight
Rick Randall - Take My Name And Number
Ronny Master - I Love You So
Sammy Salvo - Mushroom Cloud
Sonny Hines - Give Me Back My Heart
Sonny Sinbad - Emily
Td 25 (Farmer) Cd2 - Back
Ted Harris - Blues Of My Heart
Wayne & Dwain - Sand Castles And You

Teenage Dreams Vol. 26

Alan Rand - Nobody Knows
Betty Jayne & The Teenettes - Lonely Teenager
Billy Dolton - Winkie Doll
Billy Woods & The Emeralds - Falling Rain
Bobby Hart - Girl In The Window
Channels - My Love
Clint Eastwood - Rowdy
David Knight - Too Kissable For Words
Dean Jones - The Proud Don't Cry
Debra Lewis - You Stole Him
Do's & Dont's - I Wonder
Frank Gari - Tonight Is Our Last Night
Ginny Arnell - Tribute To You
J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers - Dreams Of A Fool
James Darren - You
Jim Eller - For Adults Only
Johnny O'keefe - Why Do They Doubt Our Love
Jon Abnor - Maybe Tomorrow
Lonnie Lee - Marilyn
Nick Cardell - How Can I Help It
Owen Charles - Never Before Been In Love
Pierre Lalonde - It's Gonna Be Cloudy
Rhode Islanders - Born To Wander
Rick Fortune - Sand In My Hair
Rix Slaughter - Cowards Die A Thousnads Times
Sonny Flaherty - Mystery Of Love
Terry Philips - Hands Of A Fool
Tony Dell - Magic Wand
Vicki Sallee - Wild Angel
Wayne Rooks - Postcard From Paris

Teenage Dreams Vol. 27

Aki Aleong - How Long
Allen Curtis - Think Of Me
Andrea Carroll - Fifteen Shades Of Pink
Anna King - In Between Tears
Bob Beckham - Your Sweet Love
Bob Kayli - Toodle Loo
Bobby Curtola - It's About Time
Bobby Sherman - I Want To Hear It From Her
Buddy & Brik - Misty Eyes
Danny Tatum - Moonlight Swim
Dante & Friends - Now I've Got You
Dean Morgan - What's Up Buttercup
Don Hosea - Since I Met You
Eddy Raven - Maria
Gary Stites - Find Yourself Another Fool
Jamie Horton - We're Through, We're Finished
Jericho Brown - Bluebird
Jim Eller - It's As Simple As That
Jimmy Curtiss - The Simple Things
Johnnie Taylor - Rome
Johnny Argo - My Dream Girl
Kenny Chandler - Leave Me If You Want To
Randy Lee - The Question
Sam Harkness - The Great Matchmaker
Sonny Edwards - Toy Balloon
Terry Philips - Fear
The Devillles - Cry Baby
The Radiants - One Day I'll Show You
Tony Bertolet - Sandman
Tony Castle - Kiss Me Goodnight

Teenage Dreams Vol. 28

01 How Long - Mark Cleary
02 She's A Devil - Bill Hein
03 My Tender Years - Don Snyder
04 How Long Does Heartbreak Last - Jimmy martin & The Montereys
05 Legend Of The Street Fighter - Ronnie Pearson
06 You're The Only Little Girl - Larry Collins
07 My One Desire - Jerry Ladner & The Traveler's
08 If Love Is What You Want - The Sharps
09 Let Me Live Again - Bobby Jenkins
10 Baby Doll - Little Angie & The Highlights
11 My Hands - Melrose baggy
12 A Losing Fool - Johnny Barbella
13 Star Above - Linda Powers
14 So Lonely - Roger Wilco
15 Unknown artist !
16 Happiness - Joey Delmar
17 Lonely Dreamer - Sammy Salvo & The Bo Dollars
18 Walkin' - The Ramrods
19 Speechless - Sonny Charles
20 True Blue - Bobby James
21 I Think Of You - Fred Hart & The Dardenelles
22 Why Should  I Need You So - Gene Avery
23 Janie - Johnny Barbella
24 Love Lost - Johnnie Jones & The Swaydes
25 To Prove Our Love is True - Jerry Davis
26 Odarling - Bob Calloway & The Cliks
27 i Have A Dream - Sunny Molina With The Pacesetters
28 Friendship Seven - Joey delmar
29 The Happiest Boy And Girl - The 3 D's
30 She's Going Away - Grant Hill

Teenage Dreams Vol. 29

Alladin - Goddess
Bobby Pedrick - If Mary Only Knew
Don Atello - Forever Please Be Mine
Eddie Stevens - Teenage Bachelor
Frank Fatara - A Tear (Has Taken Your Place)
Frankie Lucas - I've Got My Eyes On You
Gail Da Corsi - Don't Blame That Little Boy
Galens - Young Dreams
Ivan Block - She's Got Love
Jay - Little Sister
Jerry Arnold - Blue Moon
Jimmy Barden - Comin' Down The Track
Jimmy Carl - How Will It End
Larry Cartell - Jimmy's Girl
Marty Hill - Oh It Isn't Fair
Nancy Carole - The Sweep
Norman Charles - Try
Outlaws - No Certain Age For Love
Patti Brook - Heaven Is Being With You
Randy Loring - Wanda
Roland Stone - Desert Winds
Roy Stingley - 11.45
Sammy Devens - I Make Believe Its You
Sonny Marcell - Blue Midnight
Specials - Kissin' Like Lovers
Td 29 Farmer Back
Td 29 Farmer Front
Terry Miller - For Stealing Her From Me
Tommy Fogerty & The Blue Velvets - Have You Ever Been Lonely
Tommy Genova - Momma Done Told Me
Tommy Reed - Young, Dumb & Full Of Gum
Toni Fisher - Love Is Just A Word

Teenage Dreams Vol. 30

B.J. Thomas & The Triumphs - Never Tell
Bertell Dache - Love Eyes
Bobby Bare - Book Of Love
Buddy Knox - I Got You
Carlo - Ring A Ling
Charlie Rich - If I Knew What I Know Now
Dean Randolph - How About That
Dean Reed - Our Summer Romance
Dwayne Hickman - Bad Reputation
Dwayne Hickman - Don't Shoot The Man In The Moon
Frankie Laine - Miss Satan
Gene Vincent - Mister Loneliness
James Ray - A Miracle
Jimmy Griffin - A Little Like Lovin
Jimmy Griffin - Summer Holiday
Jimmy Witherspoon - A Million More Tomorrows
Johnny Nash - What Kind Of Love Is This
Johnny Rivers - Long Black Veil
Kopie Van Td 30 (Farmer) - Front
Mac Davis - I'm A Poor Loser
Michael Holliday - I Have Waited
Ray Stevens - Funny Man
Ronnie Ryan - The Things I Can't Forget
Sal Mineo - Part Of A Fool
Sandy Selsie - Gonna Get Some Records
Skeeter Davis - My Sweet Loving Man
Sue Thompson - He's Back
Td 30 (Farmer) - Back
Td 30 (Farmer) - Front
The Allisons - There's One Thing More
The Lettermen - Dreamer
The Mello-Kings - Till There Were None
The Videls - A Letter From Ann

Teenage Dreams Vol. 31

Allan Chase - Lonely Heart
Billy Sills- Only True Love (Can Survive These Times)
Billy Yoakum - Dip Dip
Bobby Lloyd - Left All Alone
Bobby Loye Jr. - I'm Startin' Tonight
Bobby Skelton - Just Two People In The World
Cathy Moore - Dream Lover
Coleman Yarbrough - The Last Laugh
Frank Cherval - Gonna Do The Fish
Frank Fafara - Golden One
Hal Davis - Without You
Hank Price Iii - Waiting
Herbert Hunter - Isn't It Wonderful To Dream
Howard Marren - Lonely Town
Johnny & The Jills - Poor Little Johnny Smith
Johnny Amico - The First Time
Johnny Devlin - Heaven's Plan
Johnny Gatewood - Pocketful Of Rainbows
Junior Lewis - Hear What I Say
Keith Colley - (And Her Name Is) Scarlet
Kenny Rossi - What's Wrong
Kopie Van Teenage Dreams (Vol.31) [Front Cover]
Laurie Davis - Red Blooded, True Blue American Boy
Pete Charles - Susan-Susan
Ronnie James - I Just Want
Rose Ann Lane - Donnie Is My Dream Boy
Russ Vestee - A Touch Of Venus
Rusty Curry - Our Love Can Wait
Sonny Hines - Look For Me
Spencer Sterling - Young In Years
Teenage Dreams (Vol.31) [Back Cover]
Teenage Dreams (Vol.31) [Front Cover]
Tommy Fogerty & The Blue Velvets - Oh My Love

Teenage Dreams Vol. 32

Barry Etris - The Young Ones  1963
Benny Joy - New York - Hey Hey  1961
Chuck Carbo - Tears, Tears And More Tears  1961
Chuck Sedacca - Busy  1962
Claire Terese - Just For You  1959
Cliff Adams - Funny Kind Of Feeling (Dot 16385) (1962)
Dallan Laroc - Beggining Of Love  1961
Danny Penny - Stop Calling Me Baby  1962
Dean Scott-I Want To Get Married(Dante 3003) - 1960
Dick Lory - Broken Hearted  1961
Donel Austin - Till I See The Sun  1962
Front 32
Gary Criss - Sweet Warm And Soft  1963
Gary Paxton - How To Be A Fool  1963
George Toon & The Tennessee Drifters - Those Fairy Tales  1961
Jimmy Isle - Blue Wedding Bells  1964
Joe Simmons - All Aboard (Do The Locomotion)  1962
Joey Paige - Such Wonderful Dreams  1963
Johnny Angel - Your Faith In Me  1963
Johnny Shane - Flipity Flop Fly  1965
Joyce Heath - I Wouldn't Dream Of It  1961
Lucky Clark - Let Me Be The Fool  1962
Michael Allen - A Boy With A Dream  1962
Norris Wilson - Baby Don't Pout  1962
Paul Watson - Love Me Forever  1963
Robert Knight - Free Me  1961
Steve Rossi - Ginny Lee  1962
The Beau-Jives - What Would You Do  1962
The Miller Brothers - Lawrence Was His Name  1963
Tommy Sands - Rainbow  1961
Vicki Sallee - Little Wishing Star  1965

Teenage Dreams Vol. 33

Allan Chase - I'm In Love With Miss Connie Francis
Back Cover
Barry Mcguire - Cindy And Johnny
Bruce Cloud - Little Spark Of Fire
Buzz & Al - For Stealing Her From Me
Dave Edwards - Wedding Of Tears
Deane Hawley - Stay At Home Blues
Debbie Woods - Like I Gotta Get Away
Donnie White - For An Eternity
Doug Morris - I'm Gonna Be With You
Ed Bruce - The Greatest Man
Front Cover
Gene Roman - Sad Sad Love
Jerry & Mel - Once Upon A Time
Jerry Fuller - Wake Up Sleeping Beauty
Jimmie Steward - Cryin' In Vain
Jordan & Wayne - Find A Little Happiness
June Jackson & The Jackaels - That Look In Your Eyes
Kris Arden - Joey Angel
Lance Manley - Broken Hearted Lover
Larry Diamond - Bye Bye Doll
Lowell Farmer - Lonely Little Girl
Prentis Slade - Looking For A Friend
Rick Tinory - Toy Man
Ronny Renaire - The Only Kind
Shayne Hunter - Luck To You Dear
Sonny Hines - Follow Your Heart
The Craftsmen - What's The Matter With Grown-Ups
The Echoes - Ecstacy
Thomas Wayne - Stop The River
Tommy Walters - Church Bells In The Park
Tuesday Weld - Are You The Boy

Teenage Dreams Vol. 34

Bobby Hart - Miles Away
Brooks Arthur - The Birthday Card
Buddy Lamp - Promised Land
Cal Richards - Let Him Get His Own Girl
Chase Webster - I Can't Walk Away
Chip Taylor - Sad Songs
Dennis Wheeler - Eighteen Candles
Dougie And The Dudes - Settle Down
Freddy Faulkner - Cigarettes And Matches
Gary Clarke - Tomorrow My Never Come
Gerald Nelson - Crusade For Love
Gia Malone - I've Got A Crush On You
Hughie Garrity & The Hollywood Playboys - Bye Bye Travellin' Man
J.B. Love - I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
Jay Daniel - Kittiwake
Joe Perkins - Runaway Slave
Junior Waters - Turn Away
Lance James - Angel
Marty Valentine - Growing Boy
Nat And Brenda - Unless I Have You
Nat Wright - I'm Glad Is Was You
Ric Castle - Tug Of War
Rick Jarrad - Why
Sharon O'brien - Mirrow,Mirrow On The Wall
Shayne Hunter - And Then There Was A Tear
The Delltones - Tell Me That You Care
The Teen Tones - Long Cold Winter Ahead
The Tri-Lites - Will To-Morrow Be Just Another Day
Van Tevor - I Want To Cry
Weldon Myick - Because I Wanted You

Teenage Dreams Vol. 35

--Jerry Wilder - Yesiree, Yesiree
Berta Colbert - Poor Bonnie
Billy Barnette - Two Brothers
Billy Duke - Best Man
Billy Sills - Billy's Love Song
Billy Storm - Who'll Keep An Eye On Jane
Bonnie Guitar - Tell Her Bye
Brooks Arthur - What Do You See In The Future
Buzz And Al - The Five Senses
Chip Taylor - Innicent Eyes
Chip Walker - Looking For A Home
Dale Mc Bride - Lovely Little One
Dale Vaughan - Valley Of Broken Hearts
Don Carroll - Handful Of Friends
Eddie Wood - Girl Of My Best Friend
Frankie Bardo - Mr. Make Believe
Freddy Douglas - You Ought To Be Ashamed
Harold Conner - I'll Be There
J.B. Love - The Only Then
Janice Weaver - The Game
Jeannie Robertson - Memories
Joe Perkins - Natalie Would
Joey Cooper - This Heart Of Mine
Larry France - Last Kiss
Lonnie Sattin - Any More Then I
Ray Johnson - Deeper Than Deep
Ronny James - Broken Heart
Sonny Hannibal - You've Got To Show Me
The Fairmonts - Lucky Guy
Tommy Boyce - Giver Me The Clue

Teenage Dreams Vol. 36

Back Cover
Billy & Lilly - Why I Love Billy (Why I Love Lilly)
Bobby Stuart & The Georgettes - Go On And Cry
Bryan Davies - Rich Boy
Daniel A. Stone - It Must Be Raining
Dave Flanery - Teenager's Dream
Diane Leigh - Let Me Do The Talking
Don Christy - As Long As You Love Me
Eddie Rambeau - Skin Divin'
Front Cover
Gene Evans - Tonight At Twelve
Gerald Sims - No Doubt About It
Jack & Jill - Just As You Are
Jan Morroe - Crazy Mixed Up Teens
Jan Sanders - Teenagers Three
Jim Solley & The Lubocs - Yes I Do
Jimmy Hannan - Another You
Joey Costa - Loved
Lonnie Belmore - Night Of Love
Mal Stover - Look But Don't Touch
Maxine Starr - Love Is
Phillip Dee & The Dutchmen - Forget About The) Girl I Left Behind
Ray Phillips - Love To Last
Ritchie Dean - Now You Tell Me
Rufus Mckay - It's A Night For Love
Sonny Knight - A Fool Like Me
Sue Winford - A Boy I Can Love
Terry Phillips - Find A Horseshoe
The Cascades - She Was Never Mine
The Fabulons - This Is The End
The Fauns - Don't Take The Stars
Tony Lawrence - I Need Somebody
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