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S.O.D. - Live At Budokan (1992)

Artist: Stormtroopers of Death
Album: Live At Budokan
Country - United States
Genre: Hardcore/Crossover/Thrash Metal
Year: 1992
Quality: 320kbps)


01. Intro
02. March Of The S.O.D.
03. Sargent D. And The S.O.D.
04. Kill Yourself
05. Momo
06. Pi Alpha Nu
07. Milano Mosh
08. Speak English Or Die
09. Chromatic Death
10. Fist Banging Mania
11. The Camel Boy
12. No Turning Back
13. Milk
14. Vitality
15. Fuck The Middle East
16. Douche Crew
17. Get A Real Job (M.O.D. Cover)
18. The Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix
19. Living In The City (Fear Cover)
20. Pussy Whipped
21. Stigmata (Ministry Cover)
22. Thieves (Ministry Cover)
23. Freddy Krueger
24. Territorial Pissings (Nirvana Cover)
25. United Forces

Sodom – In The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty (1988)

Artist: Sodom
Album: In The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty
Country - Germany
Genre: Black/Speed Metal (early), Thrash Metal (later)
Year: 1988
Quality: 320kbps)


In The Sign Of Evil
2.Outbreak Of Evil
3.Sepulchral Voice
5.Witching Metal
7.Burst Command Til War
Obsessed By Cruelty
10.Deathlike Silence
11.Brandish The Sceptre
12.Proselytism Real
14.Volcanic Slut
15.Obsessed By Cruelty
16.Fall Of Majesty Town
18.Pretenders To The Throne

Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh -2004 [Bonus Tracks]

Artist: Bloodbath
Album: Nightmares Made Flesh
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


1. Cancer of the Soul
2. Brave New Hell
3. Soul Evisceration
4. Outnumbering the Day
5. Feeding the Undead
6. Eaten
7. Bastard Son of God
8. Year of the Cadaver Race
9. The Ascension
10. Draped in Disease
11. Stillborn Saviour
12. Blood Vortex
13 Breeding Death [Demo Version]
14 Ominous Bloodvomit [Demo Version]  

Opera IX - The Call Of The Wood - 1995

Artist: Opera IX
Album: The Call Of The Wood
Genre: Gothic/Doom/Death Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (later)
Country: Italy
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


1. Alone in the Dark
2. Esteban's Promise
3. The Call of the Wood
4. Al Azif
5. Sepulcro


Anorexia Nervosa - Sodomizing The Archangel (1999)

Artist: Anorexia Nervosa
Origin: France
Sodomizing The Archangel
Genre: symphonic black metal
Year: 1999
Format: MP3 320kbps


1. Divine White Light Of A Cumming Decadence
2. Blood & Latex Terrortech War
3. Excreted Communion Under Khaos Zero
4. A Caress Of Flesh & Vomited Romance)

Therion Greatest Hits 1993-2010

Artist: Therion
Album- Greatest Hits
Genre- Symphonic, Gothic Metal
Origin- Sweden
Year- 1993-2010
Format- MP3 320kbps


01. Dawn Of Perishness
02. The Beauty In Black
03, Melez
04. Evocation Of Vovin
05. Enter The Voids
06. Cults Of The Shadow
07. Invocation Of Naamah
08. The Siren Of The Woods
09. Birth Of Venus Illegitima
10. Wine Of Aluqah
11. Clavicula Nox
12. The Wild Hunt
13. Morning Star
14. Enter Vril-Ya
15. Ship Of Luna
16. Deggial
17. Asgard
18. Ljusalfheim
19. The Dreams Of Sweden Bor
20. The Wondrons World Of Pun
21. The Wand Of Abaris
22. The Falling Stone
23. Sitra Ahra
24. Kings Of Edom
25. Hellequin
26. 2012

The Agonist - Five (2016)

Artist: The Agonist
Origin:  Canada
Album: Five
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Year: 2016

1. The Moment
2. The Chain
3. The Anchor and the Sail
4. The Game
5. The Ocean
6. The Hunt
7. The Raven Eyes
8. The Wake
9. The Resurrection
10. The Villain
11. The Pursuit of Emptiness
12. The Man Who Fell to Earth
13. The Trial
14. Take Me to Church (Hozier cover)  


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