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Mejora el Acceso a Ficheros de Windows

  • Categoría: Reciclaje
  • Publicado hace más de 7 años
Total Commander v8.0 BETA 3

Datos Técnicos
Spanish Incl. | 3.4 MB | Incl. Medicina


Para los que no se conforman con el Explorador de Windows

Si alguna vez has pensado que el Explorador de Windows no es la forma más óptima y rápida para trabajar con carpetas y ficheros, si crees que es un sistema lento, tienes que usar Total Commander. Total Commander mejora notablemente el Explorador de Windows, ?duplicando? su utilidad gracias a sus dos ventanas en paralelo para realizar operaciones con ficheros. Una apariencia y disposición que recuerda al famoso ?Comandante Norton? de DOS. Además del doble panel, sus principales características son un cliente de FTP integrado en el programa, un compresor y descompresor integrado (compatible con ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE, LHA, TAR?) y un útil renombrador de archivos.

Cambios Recientes

30.09.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 3 (32/64)

    30.09.11 Fixed: Classic theme: Progress bar in copy dialog was flickering with newstyleprogress=0 (64)
    30.09.11 Fixed: Center all child windows over the parent form instead of centering them on the monitor (64)
    29.09.11 Fixed: In all dialogs, changed width of checkboxes from automatic to fixed, otherwise they cannot be mirrored properly for right to left text (64)
    29.09.11 Fixed: Lister, internal image viewer: Set page size (for PageUp/Down, cursor left/right) to the lister size minus 10 pixel overlap (64)
    29.09.11 Fixed: Lister: Do not pass the mouse wheel messages to Windows when handling them internally (64)
    29.09.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Do not refresh main window when saving file in compare tool and the main window is disabled (e.g. when starting compare from overwrite dialog) (32/64)
    29.09.11 Fixed: Main menu: Show hotkeys in menu right-aligned on Windows Vista or newer with themes enabled (32/64)
    29.09.11 Fixed: Only when cleartype is on: Switching from brief to full view caused re-draw of the volume label, free and total space without erasing the background, resulting in darker text (64)
    29.09.11 Fixed: Configuration dialog for lister and content plugins: The detect strings were not shown tab-separated -> use owner-drawn listbox (different solution than 32-bit) (64)
    29.09.11 Fixed: Open ?compare by content? dialog from ?synchronize dirs? -> drives were shown in lowercase even when DrivesShowUpcase=1 was set (32/64)
    29.09.11 Fixed: Button bar with only one button, right click on button: Menu items ?Edit linked button bar?? and ?cd path? were disabled while only ?delete? should be disabled (32/64)
    29.09.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Screen update very slow with flickering while comparing by content also in 32-bit version (32)
    28.09.11 Fixed: No preview thumbnails were shown in overwrite dialog (64)
    28.09.11 Fixed: Avoid beep when user presses ENTER in search dialog to start a search (there is one when the search ends, though) (64)
    28.09.11 Fixed: Main configuration dialog: ?Layout? was not selected in the tree on the left when opening the dialog (64)
    28.09.11 Fixed: Could not minimize the following 3 dialogs together with the main program: Synchronize dirs, Multi-rename tool, Find files (64)
    28.09.11 Fixed: Rename with Shift+F6 in right panel while command line and drive dropdown lists are off -> cursor not set on new file (64)
    28.09.11 Added: Also select range of files when Shift+Clicking on already selected file (32/64)
    28.09.11 Fixed: Ctrl+Click while nothing is selected no longer selected both the item under the cursor and the one the user clicks on (64)
    28.09.11 Fixed: Tab positions were slightly different between 64-bit and 32-bit. Reason: Lazarus seems to substract the window border from the window width value (64)
    27.09.11 Fixed: Lister: Switch between left to right and right to left alignment with Ctrl+Shift not working (64)
    27.09.11 Fixed: Let Lazarus handle mirrored controls. The following dialogs were not mirrored correctly: Change start/directory menu, Search files, Button bar dialogs, new ftp connection, change attributes (64)
    27.09.11 Fixed: Main configuration dialog: Right to left view (Arabic, Hebrew) not working correctly on all pages except for the first (64)
    27.09.11 Fixed: Search dialog not sized correctly when closed in maximized form (but no search started) and then re-opened and search started (64)
    27.09.11 Fixed: Command line didn?t appear when typing just one character, or on Alt+F8 (64)
    27.09.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Cursor shape changed to ?Drop not allowed? when the mouse was moved near the scrollbars (64)
    27.09.11 Fixed: Menu bar: Some menu items were cut off only with some themes (64)
    27.09.11 Fixed: Lister main menu no longer supported accents and non-English characters, still worked in beta 1 (64)
    27.09.11 Fixed: Showing size in bytes was incorrect for sizes >=1 Terabyte (decimal) (32/64)
    27.09.11 Fixed: Could not continue aborted copy operations by clicking on Cancel (only when copying in background) (32/64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: Minimize main window to tray didn?t work on first click, the window didn?t disappear from the task bar (64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: Change current path via edit box (by clicking behind the path): Crash after 9 clicks because the edit box was subclassed each time by mistake (64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: Lister configuration: The Display at startup option was saved, but the new value wasn?t selected when re-opening the dialog (64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: Lister: Image wasn?t centered in one direction if it was just a bit smaller than the window (64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: Set correct background color for read-only edit controls in archive file properties and system info dialog (except when using XP themes on Vista/7) (64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: Could not define external viewer for Alt+F3 if the path contained both an environment variable and a space (32/64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: Dialog box for file system, lister and content plugins didn?t support accents in name or path (64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: Create CRC checksums: Could not abort operation in background (32/64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: Main menu bar: Draw with own function when menu theme turned off ? 64bit only (64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: Main menu bar button width not correct with themes on, because internal measure function was used with Lazarus draw function (64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: No accents in multi-rename tool and attributes dialog (F2 function) (64)
    26.09.11 Fixed: No accents in dialog used to choose pre-defined searches, e.g. in NUM+?+? dialog or when choosing user-defined colors by file type (64)

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