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[Angel Dust - Into The Dark Past] [Vs]

Angel Dust - Into The Dark Past (Remastered & Reissued)(2016)

Artist: Angel Dust
Album: Into The Dark Past

Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal (early), Melodic Power Metal (later)

Origin: GermanyYear: 2016
Format: MP3 320kbps


01. Into the Dark Past
02. I'll Come Back
03. Legions of Destruction
04. Gambler
05. Fighter's Return
06. Atomic Roar
07. Victims of Madness
08. Marching for Revenge
09. Thunder of War
10. Watch Out
11. Angel Dust
12. Bang your Head
13. Marching for Revenge
14. Dixie

Angel Dust - To Dust You Will Decay (Remastered & Reissued)(2016)

Artist: Angel Dust
Album: To Dust You Will Decay
Speed/Thrash Metal (early), Melodic Power Metal (later)

Origin: Germany
Year: 2016
Format: MP3 320kbps

01. 3rd Challenge
02. Mr. Inferno
03. Wings of an Angel
04. Into the Dark Past (Chapter II)
05. The King
06. To Dust You Will Decay
07. Stranger
08. The Duell
09. Hold On
10. Fight to Russia (Bonus Track)
11. Dawn of the End (Bonus Track)
12. Total Destruction (Rehearsal)
13. Creatures Of Hell (Rehearsal)
14. Crashdown (Rehearsal)

Down - Nola - 1995

Band – Down
Album –
Year –
Genre – Southern Metal
Country – United States
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS


01. Temptations Wings
02. Lifer
03. Pillars Of Eternity
04. Rehab
05. Hail The Leaf
06. Underneath Everything
07. Eyes Of The South
08. Jail
09. Losing All
10. Stone The Crow
11. Pray For The Locust
12. Swan Song
13. Bury Me In Smoke

Napalm Death - 1987 - Scum (1994 Reissue)

Artist: Napalm Death
Album: Scum
Genre: Hardcore Punk (early), Grindcore/Death Metal (later)
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1994
Format: MP3 320kbp


1.  Multinational Corporations
2.  Instinct of Survival
3.  The Kill
4.  Scum
5.  Caught... in a Dream
6.  Polluted Minds
7.  Sacrificed
8.  Siege of Power
9.  Control
10. Born on Your Knees
11. Human Garbage
12. You Suffer

At The Gates - To Drink From The Night Itself - 2018

Artist: At The Gates
Album:To Drink From The Night Itself
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 2018
Format: MP3 320kbps

1. Der Widerstand   (instrumental)
2. To Drink from the Night Itself
3. A Stare Bound in Stone
4. Palace of Lepers
5. Daggers of Black Haze
6. The Chasm
7. In Nameless Sleep
8. The Colours of the Beast
9. A Labyrinth of Tombs
10.Seas of Starvation
11.In Death They Shall Burn
12.The Mirror Black


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8 Comentarios [Angel Dust - Into The Dark Past] [Vs]
Muy buen post hermano del metal muy buenas bandas
@Atriel     gracias hermano por pasar, apoyar y comentar el Metal, suerte..  
Gracias por el aporte mi amigo  
@diegonki Gracias por todo, es un gusto, suerte..    

@NmLCygni   Pecaminoso deje de flojear que le quiero ver los cuernos     suerte en todo   \../  

Que todo me les salga bien, saludos..  
Gracias amigo por el aporte!!!! Abrazo grande!!!!  
@Instituto Gracias máster por todo, saludos, suerte..  
@Duliori_28 Gracias mi pana por todo, este fin de semana si me las echo, a si que póngalas a enfriar    
@amsterdanw Gracias, buen fin de semana hermano, suerte, saludos..   \m/  
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