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Forms perform an essential function in modern websites, making it possible to gather information from users and validate that information. In this course from Adobe Certified Expert Candyce Mairs, you?ll learn how to create forms to email user information and validate user data using various methods of form validation including client-side, server-side, and custom validation, CAPTCHA images, and Spry validation fields. You?ll also see how to set up a PHP testing environment and preview PHP pages in Dreamweaver. Along the way you?ll build your skills in areas like using admin consoles, commenting code, working with variables and includes, and much more.

This chapter gives you an overview of the course and introduces you to the testing environment that will be used.

Setting Up the Dynamic Website Environment
This chapter covers setting up the PHP testing environment and installing the course files. You will also learn about the Administrative console for the Apache server and the MySQL database you need to control the testing environment.

Introducing Dreamweaver

This chapter will cover Dreamweaver basics, including an overview of the interface and how to preview pages in the browser. We will set up the course site in Dreamweaver and test the interface to make sure the testing environment is working correctly.

Working with PHP
In this chapter you?ll learn the basics of server-side development using PHP, including how to create and display variables, comment your code, and use include files. We?ll also build the template page for the course.

Working with Web Forms
In this chapter you?ll learn more about HTML forms, the various types of form fields, and the specific features of and issues with each type of form field. You?ll learn how to work with form data from the user and reference that data within PHP. We?ll also take a look at a Firefox extension that can assist us when testing forms.

Using Form Validation
Form validation is a must for every web form. This chapter covers the various ways you can add form validation to your web forms and looks at the pros and cons of each method. You?ll also learn about Dreamweaver features such as behaviors and Spry Validation fields.

Creating the Action Page
Without an action page a form has no value. In this chapter you?ll learn how to create action pages for your web forms in order to get email data from a user. The entire process is discussed from both the user?s and web developer?s standpoint.

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